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Flavio Maluf Helps Explain Brazil’s Agriculture Industry

Eucatex is a company that specializes in flooring, among many other things, such as, partitions, doors, MDP and MDF panels, wood fiber sheets, paints and varnishes. The business is chaired by executive Flavio Maluf.

Eucatex was found in 1951, they Used eucalyptus as a raw material for production. in 1962 the company began to invest in land and reforestation to guarantee their supply and, and in the next few years, the environment and society started to do better.

For 19 years Eucatex develops an educational environmental Program , called “Casa da Natureza “. the business and the city of saopaulo work together to make this program happen.

One of the main objectives of the program is to express the important of preservation of the land, management of the forests and importance of eucalyptus being used aa raw material for various forest-based products. Visit their website to learn more.

When visiting the parks and trails, the participants also learn about urban tree planting and its benefits for society, and the care that must be taken with this type of afforestation, as well as the recovery planting that is done in degraded areas. Eucatex’s Environmental Education Program has received more than 27,000 visitors. Flavio Maluf’s plan is to take actions to contribute to the quality of life and local well-being. and this program has been a great start

Another thing Eucatex does is an Apiculture program. this program is for the generation of income for families in regions covered by the forest. in addition to this the forestry unit that Flavio Maluf created generates approximately one thousand jobs, and stimulates the local economy with the indirect generation of jobs in the hospitality, services and other areas.

And Finally, Eucatextriess to preserve forests by preventing fires They invest in construction of firebreaks, whose purpose is to prevent the passage of fire to vegetation area; awareness of employees and the local community; in detecting and locating fires by means of rounds; and in a line 0800 always available for the communication of possible fire.

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Stream Energy: Doing More For Dallas

The city of Houston, Texas, had a rough time when Hurricane Harvey ripped through the area, leaving roughly 56 inches of water in its wake and devastation that many couldn’t fathom. It was this hardship that caused Dallas-based direct energy seller, Stream Energy, to spring into action. Although they were not the only ones to devote time, energy, and funds to the recovery of Houston, they were one of the first to do their part.


Stream Energy is no stranger to giving back, as they have built firmly bonded relationships with both Habitat For Humanity and the Red Cross. They also encourage their entrepreneurial staff to do the same by paying them to develop strong relationships with clients and providing a plethora of products and services to those clients; Employees who can do this consistently and successfully also receive a commission for their hard work. Recently, Stream Energy created their charitable branch, Stream Cares, to which both corporate level employees and direct sellers can choose the causes they wish to support.


It seems that one of the biggest causes that employees of Stream Energy are passionate about is helping the homeless population in their city of Dallas, Texas. By working closely with the non-profit organization, Hope Supply Co., Stream Energy employees were able to pay for the entrance fees and meal costs for over 1,000 homeless children to attend the Splash for Hope event. The event was hugely successful and was the first time that many of the children in attendance had visited a waterpark. Hope Supply Co. is able to donate many supplies that children need to have a meaningful childhood, such as diapers, clothing, supplies for school, and so much more thanks to companies like Stream Energy.


Another example of the generosity the staff at Stream displays is their quick action to assist the people of North Texas who lost everything in the tornadoes that ripped through their neighborhoods the day after Christmas, 2016. The associates working for the direct energy seller took matters into their own hands and worked closely with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars for the people of North Texas, and the corporate level matched them dollar for dollar, making all the difference in thousands of peoples lives.

Malcolm CasSelle: The Great Mind Behind Wax

OPSkins is the leading centralized marketplace for sales of in-game virtual assets and the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet. Globally, most users make micro-payments making the company a prime candidate regarding market size and user demand for a decentralized protocol. The founders of OPSkins unveiled a new platform for Virtual asset Trading called WAX which is a P2P decentralized platform for virtual exchanges. Using simple blockchain-enabled widget, WAX gives solutions to fragmentation and fraud allowing users to buy and sell efficiently without clicking off their game instantaneously.

WAX is powered by Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm which utilizes “elected” nodes called Guilds; they are selected by users who vote for proposed delegates making WAX architecture democratic and decentralized. Each Guild is ranked by the number of votes it gets and weighted by whichever game it supports. Additionally, WAX Tokens find use in acquiring in-game items and smart contracts for buyers and sellers.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins. He is a co-founder and CEO of Timeline Labs; this company makes tracking of all software companies based on social signals. Earlier, he was the Senior Vice President of Digital Media SeaChange Int’l and a co-founder of PCCW based in Hong Kong, which is currently valued above USD 35 billion. He has made investments in Facebook, Zynga and bitcoin companies; he makes his funds in big data and blocks chain verticals. He graduated from MIT with a bachelor in Computer Science and earned his Masters of the same from Stanford University. Malcolm CasSelle is fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin languages.

Although OPSkins has been successful in mitigating fraud, the use of smart contracts guarantees safe-delivery of the assets. This is good news for the users of centralized marketplaces for virtual assets have suffered from receipt of incomplete assets or delivery issues on the seller’s end. WAX eliminates the need for intermediaries thus solving most fraud problems. Smart contracts ensure elimination of most transaction intermediaries and guarantee that goods delivered. Both blockchain and smart contracts provide market efficiencies that a centralized technology cannot provide for its users. WAX delivers a broad and global marketplace that is optimal for users.

Ronald Fowlkes Is Still Making A Difference In The World Long After His Military Career:

Ronald Fowlkes can be considered a very lucky individual. He is a successful businessman in the tactical gear industry and he has found an amazing way to give back to his community while doing something he is truly passionate about. Ronald’s son is on the St. Louis Blues’s Tripe-A team. Ronald has a lifelong passion for hockey and huge experience from past occupations in the area of physical training and equipment. Due to this, he is a perfect fit for the role of equipment man for the hockey team as well as serving as the team’s trainer for off ice workout activities.


Ronald Fowlkes is truly passionate about mentoring, giving back to society. During his day job, he works hard to provide police and military personnel with the very best tactical gear. As a former military man and police officer, these areas are very close to his heart. In Ronald’s work with the hockey team, he stresses to his mentees the importance of always maintaining equipment properly. Ronald likes to impart the life lesson on young people, that in sports, as well as in life and death situations, the proper functioning of your equipment may be a matter of winning or losing and living or dying. The other aspect of Ronald’s mentoring with the team is in regard to the group’s physical fitness. Ronald’s Marine and police career gave him the valuable insight that he imparts today as far as the importance of equipment but it also gave him a huge body of knowledge on training the human body. Ronald develops weight based workouts and several other workout strategies for the team to help them reach their physical peak and be able to give their coaches the best performance. Ronald is known as a tough coach, but he leads by example and this gives him the respect of his students. Ronald also feels that mentoring the hockey team helps him keep up his motivation to stay physically fit. It is a nice side note that his son plays for the team. Ronald is able to combine giving back to the community with his love for giving to his family.


Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for the law enforcement and commercial tactical products produced by Eagle Industries Unlimited. The company has been in business for over thirty years in Fenton, Missouri. Eagle Industries is a leader in the tactical gear business and provides only the most high-quality products. Ronald is an expert in all of the products Eagle Industries sells and he trains the company’s sales representatives in the proper use of all products. He is also expert at recommending the right product for the needs of his customers. Ronald’s 4 years in the Marines and 13 years in law enforcement were huge educational experiences for Ronald that allow him to fit in perfectly with his current role.


The Work and Volunteer Life of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and angel investor. He has a history of co-founding early-stage healthcare companies: Pipeline RX, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions. Chackerian’s primary position is Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC where his focus is in investing in early-stage health companies.

Ara Chackerian is very committed to redesigning the United States’ Healthcare system. So, he invests in companies he believes will contribute to the process of redesigning the system. Chackerian not only co-founded Pipeline RX, he also served as the company’s Executive Chairman. He served as the Chief Executive Officer for BMC Diagnostics and as the Executive Chairman of TMS Health Solutions. Chackerian served as the Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical.

Pipeline RX is a national 24/7 clinical telepharmacy conforming to Joint Commission National Standards. BMC Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic imaging services is located in Emeryville, California. BMC Diagnostics performs MRIs, ultrasounds and bone density testing for patients in the hospital and outpatients. TMS Health Solutions is a northern California-based provider of outpatient personalized psychiatry and other related services including, transcranial magnetic stimulation and psychopharmacology in the process of treating schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorder.

Ara Chackerian has twenty years of experience with taking healthcare companies from startup to flourishing businesses. At 49, he has co-founded and served as an executive at several healthcare companies. Chackerian is committed to environmental causes like Limonapa, SA – a reforestation Teak plantation in Nicaragua. He is also involved in youth development. He volunteers with JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua and Nor Luyce. Check out norluyce

JUMA Ventures operates concessions at sports and entertainment events. Youth are employed to work at those events, which exposes them to a day or an evening out and they learn how to work, earn money and they get a close look at how to support themselves financially. CREA Nicaragua is an empowerment organization dedicated to giving the people of the Limon, Nicaragua region the tools they need to get educated. Nor Luyce is mentoring program with one year for each step of the system. Ara Chackerian volunteers for these programs because he cares about the youth of the world. You can visit their Facbook page.

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Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries Offers Support To Hurricane Harvey Survivors

There are so many companies in the United States. Some of these companies are doing so well despite the hardships in the market. However, very few have been able to assist the communities around them. Most of these institutions are only interested in making profits without taking care of the needs of other people. When disasters take place, these large companies never bother about the people who have been affected. This shows that they are not interested in the welfare of the employees who live in the affected areas.

2017 was not a great year for people living in Texas. The individuals living in this area had to deal with Hurricane Harvey, a disaster that shocked everyone. Most parts of Houston were seriously affected by the disaster last year. So many homes were destroyed completely, and the occupants could not rescue their belongings. Most streets were left flooded, and it was difficult to access important food suppliers for living. The demand for food products and other life necessities was very high during this period, and people were suffering because they could not afford to acquire the items. Although there are very many prominent businesses in Houston and other parts of Texas, very few chose to step up and assist the affected families deal with the situation. However, the prestigious Houston Food Bank and HEB decided to step in and make things better for the families. Nabors Industries, a popular organization that is found in the area, responded very well too.

Nabors Industries is an oil company that is found in the United States. The company is led by a wealthy professional called Tony Petrello, and it has been assisting worthy causes in the society. During this disaster, Tony Petrello and his company did their best to assist the people who were looking for help. The businessman realized that most of his company employees were affected by the calamity, and this is why he chose to donate huge amounts of money. Apart from offering the affected families support, the institution gave out its employees to help the people who were looking for help.

Tony Petrello also offered some paid leave to the affected families so that they could deal with the disaster. People who know Tony Petrello understand that he is not a stranger when it comes to philanthropy. The businessman is an expert in the energy department, but he has remained to be very honest in his career life.

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A Rundown of Some of the Charity Projects Tony Petrello Has Helped With

When Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston, Texas there was a widespread feeling of despair and anxiety among the victims. When Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries heard of this, he mobilized his employees and engaged them fully in relief efforts. This is partly because his company is situated in the area and therefore the victims were acquaintances. More importantly is because Tony Petrello has always had a big heart and always moves in to help in several community projects by self-initiative or whenever he is called upon to help. Tony also did set up a fundraiser dubbed Nabors Disaster Relief Fund in which he raised more than $300,000 whose primary objective was to help in the resettling efforts of the victims.

One of the most personal causes that Tony and his wife Cynthia support is the research about childhood neurological disorders which they have devoted a huge sum of their resources to considering that there is little information about the condition currently. One of the institutions that was a beneficiary of their generosity was Texas Children’s Hospital which Mr. Petrello gave more than $7 million prompting the healthcare and research center to give him a seat on the board while at the same time giving him the go-ahead to the initiative’s fundraising efforts within the country and beyond. With the handsome donation from the Petrellos, the institution set up the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute which is the first institution in the world that offers research on childhood neurological disorders whose main objective is to test and develop new treatments.

Tony Petrello believes that education can change people’s lives and this is one of the reasons they hold it dear their heart. One of the individuals who had a great positive impact on Tony when he was a student at Yale University Professor Lang passed away a few weeks ago. Tony really looked up to him considering he was one of his mentors and when he received this sad news, Mr. Petrello decided to start a fund as a deliberate and conscious effort of trying to honor the professor’s memory. At his memorial, Tony managed to convince most of his fellow alumni who attended in their number to contribute to the fund. The alumni group managed to raise up to $150,000 which Tony decided to double by matching it with a further $150,000.

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Paul Mampilly Improves Investments for Wall Street

Paul Mampilly is one of the most successful investors in the American economic markets. He was born and raised in India. Currently, he hails from Durhan, a city in North Carolina. His relocation to the United States of America was mainly to seek high-quality education. He graduated with his degree in Finance from Montclair State University, New Jersey. For postgraduate studies, he decided to go to Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business. His specialization in finance was inspired by a historical event that happened in Dubai where his old man used to work. The financial sector underwent various challenges which affected many workers including his father.

For the start of his financial career, he was recruited at one of the international banks in Germany, Deutsche Bank. In addition, he served as an accountant at Royal Bank of Scotland. He also worked at Kinetics Asset Management, LLC for some time. In all these financial institutions, Paul Mampilly earned a wealth of experience which preferred him for greater opportunities. His efforts have attracted interviews at Bloomberg TV and even CNBC.

In his quest for more profitable financial investments, he published many articles and business newsletters including Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly provides his readers with skills on how to track economic trends and use the profitable seasons to invest. The mastery of these demand and supply curves determines when to invest in the stock exchange markets. He has unprecedented experiences with stock and hedge fund investments hence making him the best financial advisor for readers. But what’s more is that this ambitious man is also an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has written many business journals for True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

Back in the days when he was still in college, he belonged to Montclair State University’s finance club. This gave him the opportunity gain access to Wall Street. He remembers how technology has not yet taken root in the New York Stock Exchange Markets. The invention of computers and software applications then replaced the use of telephones at Wall Street. As of now, the company even invented e-commerce for their trading activities. Currently, the firm has even employed experienced personnel who help with the sales of their stocks.

Investors pay for initial public offerings, IPOs which enables them to purchase stocks from financial institutions. As a financial advisor, he preferred to provide investors with alternatives such as token offering which enables traders to acquire Bitcoins. This has led to increasing the sales of stocks. Paul Mampilly has hence improved the face investments for Wall Street.

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Redefining The OSI Group

Who Is Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin Is the CEO of the OSI Group.

He’s respected as a pioneer in the food processing industry because of his pst work history. The success of sheldon today is also a clear factor to support reputation. Sheldon doesn’t rely solely on his past work to make the impact he does today.

Prior to working the food processing industry, Sheldon was a successful financial profession. He was not only fully employed, he also became the founder of his own investment venture. International investment is what Sheldon invested in, and those basic skills he learned are used in business today.

What is the OSI Group?

The OSI group is the world’s largest food processing organization. The company ha an expansive history that stems from industrial era innovation and the food supply of the world. The manufacture solely works in meats though are known for other packaged goods.

This meat producer uses cooling technology and hold market shares across the globe. The agency is led by Sheldon Lavin and why the compnay’s bran sustain a stong repuation. The 16 plus countires serviced by the OSI group are eveident of the subtantial infaiructur of one sole manufacuture.

Mass Production Of Meat

The mass production of meat take into account very high safety methods. Meat is a product that’s often mixed and then left exposed. Exposed meats are subject to decay and bateriac or other factor that can cause illness. The OSI Group continues to lead the world as a meat producer.

This clear history is evident of a business that also holds to regulation for food testing and preservation.

Began In Germany In 1909

The OSI began in Germany and in 1909. These events occurdd before Sheldon Lavin was able to get involved. This era happened when the indistural revolution have finanly take way and borught tremendous advance s to society. We see it all clear and today. The reolution that OSI broght to the world in 1909 remains.

The legacy of the industrial needs still stand firm and show us much mass production is a part of our live. The OSI Group will continue to teach us this lesson and to continue to lead the meat indsutry in manufacturing.

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Julia Jackson, Jackson Family Wines & Vinification

Julia JacksonWine is one of the most sought after and popular beverage on the planet today, and it has been for quite some time. The grapes that are used to produce this tasty drink are in high demand, and they are grown all over the world. Different soils and different climates produce different tastes of wine. Jackson Family Wines has grown into a huge success over the years. This company was started back in the early 1980s. Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson had a dream, and that dream was to produce some of the best tasting wines at an economical cost. Being a family owned and operated business, Jess and Barbara’s kids have gotten into the action, and they haven’t looked back sense. Julia, the youngest daughter, didn’t always have a strong passion for vinification when she was much younger. She dabbed in modeling for a while in Los Angeles, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College.

Julia would also complete the Summer Institute of General Management program at Stanford University. While working in many of the family’s wineries, Julia started to fall in love with the winemaking industry. While living in Bordeaux, FrancJulia Jacksone, she would shadow influential personnel while entrenching herself into the culture. Julia had become so well-verses in French that she actually taught a sixth-grade French class. As of today, Jackson Family Wines have grown a cult following. The Clone 4 Pinot Noir wine is one of the brand’s favorite thanks to its fruity characteristics and spicy cinnamon notes. Julia works as a representative for the company, and she runs her very own nonprofit organization. Seeds of Empowerment celebrates the “woman warrior,” and it donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving organizations on a yearly basis.