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The OSI Group: Global Food Services Leader And Excellent Corporate Citizen

The OSI Group is one of the world’s premier food services companies. Founded in the Chicago area in 1909 as a neighborhood meat market, the company has grown to now having over 70 food processing facilities in more than 17 countries worldwide. The company’s amazing growth began when they agreed to provide ground beef for Ray Kroc and his fledgling McDonald’s franchise in the 1950s. The OSI Group also began providing packaged meats for restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois. Today from its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the OSI Group serves clients in North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The growth of the OSI Group into a global powerhouse began when Sheldon Lavin purchased the company in the 1980s. Since that time, the company has opened production facilities throughout the Americas, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and China. The OSI Group currently provides meat, dough and vegetable products to McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and countless other American fast food companies doing business in China. After having done business in China for over 20 years, the OSI Group is now the country’s largest poultry producer.

And the company continues to increase its production capacity and broaden its customer base. The OSI Group recently purchased a former Tyson Food production facility located on the Southside of Chicago. The company has also increased its presence in Europe and the number of customers and countries it serves there. To facilitate this, the OSI Group recently purchased Flagship Europe and the Dutch company Baho Foods. Together these companies provide a wide range of meat, vegetables and dough products to consumers in more than 18 European countries.

But the OSI Group is known for more than providing tasty, nutritious, culturally-sensitive food products to consumers worldwide. The company is also praised globally as an excellent corporate citizen that gives generously to a number of worthy philanthropic causes and organizations. The OSI Group is also known for its exemplary environmentally safe food production practices. The British Safety Council recently presented the company with the Globe of Honor award. The OSI Group received this prestigious award for the excellent management of environmental risks related to their food production services. The company also won the award in 2013 and 2015.

The OSI Group also puts great emphasis on the personal growth of its employees. The company has created several excellent programs to facilitate it.

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The Uber for Botox Is Now Here

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor who founded Shape Med. It was eventually bought off by Lifetime Fitness. In a Forbes interview, Dr. McKenna explained how that happened.

He said that Lifetime Fitness first made an offer for him to become their director in Atlanta. He said that he was not interested in working on growing someone else’s brand. They then made an offer to purchase Shape Med outright. Considering the situation at that point, Dr. Mark McKenna decided that this was a great opportunity.

Dr. Mark McKenna sold Shape Med for 4.4 million dollars. He said that in his real estate business, he never took money off the table, so to speak, so this was a unique opportunity for him. Lifetime Fitness was later sold to another company for four billion dollars. They wanted Dr. McKenna to become the marketing director, but he decided not to.

After that, Dr. Mark McKenna took some time off. He had signed an agreement not to compete with them for a year and a half anyway. In addition, his baby was just born. He traveled for a bit and then got back to business.

He got an idea of starting a retail cosmetic and medical aesthetics business. The medical aesthetics business was fractured, he said. There were practitioners and surgeons, but there was no nationwide brand for Botox, and he decided to become one.

His new business will focus on user experience. It is called OVME. He is developing an app that will let users order a Botox practitioner straight to their home to get an injection.

His plan is to use freelance practitioners across the country. It is supposed to work like Uber does. People who want to make extra money can sign up to be a practitioner on OVME. They can log in when they are available and be connected to patients.

He will find practitioners through Facebook marketing, trade shows, and society meetings. He already raised four million dollars towards developing the app and starting his first two clinics.

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Greg Secker Conducts An Interview With CEOCFO Magazine


The first question asked of Greg Secker during his CEOCFO Magazine interview with Lynn Fosse was whether he was a why guy or a why not guy. Interviewer Lynn Fosse then followed up this question with if this was always his philosophy in life. Mr. Secker responded by saying that he has always been a why not guy. He likes to try things out first and then figure things out along the way.

Greg Secker added that he is a natural risk taker and believes in trying new ideas and things in life. He pointed to his Flying Trader initiative. This is when Greg Secker makes trades while flying over the Canary Wharf neighborhood of London. It proves that a smart trader can make money from any location and at any time. The Flying Trader initiative also brings attention to and raises money for Greg Secker’s charity.

Next, Lynn Fosse asked Greg Secker about his college studies. He stated that he studied agriculture and food sciences in college but ended up working in finance. Fosse asked Secker about the incredible turnaround. Secker said that while he was studying in college, he was also making and selling computers. He was also studying coding as well and eventually became quite proficient at coding in early computer programs.

Mr. Secker says that his computer skills impressed a representative from Thomas Cook Financial Services so much that he invited him to an interview and eventually offered him a position at the company. He began working at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a programmer who created coding and programs that the company’s financial traders and investors could use. It was while working as a coder for a financial company, that Greg Secker became interested in actual finances and money management.

Greg Secker was then asked what he thinks about Forex and what is his strategy in Forex trading. Mr. Secker says that as a coder he saw what made trades profitable in Forex. This gave him a unique insider view into how the Forex markets worked. As to his strategy, Greg says that you need to be very risk managed, disciplined and focused.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho; The Most Experienced and Visionary Brazilian Litigator

The Brazilian legal system is among the biggest on the globe with more than one million practicing attorneys. Despite this, the Brazilian law is confusing, and most of the citizens are not in a position to understand it individually without the help of  legal advocate. The reason for its complex nature is because most of the laws were adopted from several legal systems including the Portuguese, French, German, and Napoleonic Code. For this reason, one needs to hire the right attorney who can easily navigate the country chaotic legal system. This, however, is also not as easy as it may sound. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top rated lawyer in Brazil who has the right strategic vision and offers excellent legal advice to his clients.

About Ricardo

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a remarkable litigator and well-known for handling high profile and intricate litigation involving prominent politicians and organizations. LACCA approves and recommends Ricardo as one of the best lawyers owing to his commitment, effectiveness, and agility. As a result, this earned Ricardo a nomination by Who’s Who Legal as a top contender in Brazil’s commercial litigation discipline. Other than that, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is considered the brainchild of the Mass Action Model that is implemented all over Brazil.

Additionally, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has also done numerous speeches and interviews where he helped many to understand the complex Brazilian law. Ricardo also believes in working with the system and continuously updating the legislation therein to fit the changing needs of the ever-growing economy. Some of the cases that Mr. Tosto has handled in the past include administrative law, bankruptcy, acquisition reviews, business restructuring, civil law, commercial law, credit recovery, and election law and credit recovery among many others. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho co-founded Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, one of the leading law firms in Brazil and has been a mentor to most of his current law firm partners.

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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Gives Their Investors High Quality Service

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 by Al Christy Jr. For the past 15 years, this financial company has given their customers excellent service. Equities supplies their customers with home based loans and help with all financial problems that arise. Equities First Holdings also supplies customers with bond based loans. Despite this company being a small operation, the company will pay out loans to anyone regardless of his economic status.

The staff of Equities First Holdings has an average of 25 years of financial experience. The main office, in Indiana, employs between 11 and 50 people. In EFH’s fist year alone, the staff has managed 700 financial transactions. In 15 years, EFH has grown and has branches in five counties around the world. EFH is looking to expand their business in more counties. Today. Equities First Holdings serves the investment needs of large corporations in addition to individual investors.

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Tony Petrello Applies Corporate Law To Achieve Success At Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is an oil and natural gas drilling industry that is located in Bermuda. The organization has been in the business of oil exploration in different parts of the world for many years, and in the process, it has managed to win numerous awards as a leader in the industry. Providing quality services to clients is a matter that requires aptness and inclusion of advanced technology into the operations that are undertaken by the company in the various regions where it conducts oil exploration.

While the company is in most cases approached by clients from the United States, it has managed to penetrate into other regions of the world to the point that it has been able to set itself apart as a competitive leader in the oil exploration segment. Oil and geothermal drilling is an expensive undertaking that usually requires excellent input from the associated stakeholders. Nabors Industries borrows its successful record of operation from the fact that it has been involved in the exploration activities for many decades. As a result, better methods of oil exploration have continually been adopted over the years as technology changed.

Oil and Natural gas play a significant role in manufacturing industry as they help to provide the energy that is typically required to support machinery operations. Anthony Petrello, on the other hand, is an individual who has managed to rise to the top of the oil industry as an organizational leader who understands what should be infused into the process of exploration so that satisfactory results can end up being obtained.

Tony Petrello’s career started in legal industry, and this helped him to understand legal stipulations that are associated with corporations. When he took over the management of Nabors Industries, he undertook matters in a manner that strictly adhered to the law. Tony Petrello is not only a company leader, but he is also a lawyer. In that way, he has mastered the art of maneuvering through the corporate industry by applying the right techniques.

Tony Petrello initially worked at Backer and Mackenzie Law Firm for about 12 years before proceeding to join Nabors Industries in the capacity of chief operating officer. His initial position at Nabors industries enabled him to understand how all activities are undertaken, and as a result, he efficiently managed to take over the full leadership of the company in the position of the president back in 1992.

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Talk Fusion Leverages Strategic Collaboration to Broaden Reach

HuffPost recently rebranded. It changed its name and updated its mission statement in a renewed effort to include more people in conversations. One of the iconic supporters of the new move is the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. He has joined the contributor’s stable on the new HuffPost with two articles already posted. The rebranding efforts align with Bob Reina’s strategy of continuous innovation to achieve success.



Speaking during the news release, the Talk Fusion founder restated his primary objective. He prepares people to overcome evolving barriers through awareness, leadership, and philanthropy. He has been contributing numerous articles covering entrepreneurship, digital marketing, leadership and personal development to the online publisher for over a year. He has extensive experience in direct sales and technology-based business communication. He brings a unique perspective to the news platform that will positively impact a broader audience.



Bob Reina is also a sought-after motivational speaker. He is excited at the opportunity to extend his message to over 200 million new readers at the news publisher. Similarly, he continues to share informative and insightful articles with thousands of Talk Fusion customers and associates.



The collaboration with HuffPost offers multiple mutual benefits to both parties. Talk Fusion provides revolutionary digital marketing and technology solutions that enable businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition.



Similarly, by leveraging cutting-edge video marketing solutions, companies can grow sales and enhance customer loyalty. Video adds a powerful punch to business communications. It makes them more engaging, impressive and convincing.



Bob Reina founded the firm in 2007. He has overseen the company’s rapid growth to become the leading provider of video email marketing and visual communications solutions. The company is committed to supporting community development initiatives including family, friends and animal shelters globally. The firm enjoys the support of independent associates in over 140 countries around the world.



They employ direct selling strategies to market the firm’s pioneering products. Some of the offerings include video chat, live meetings, video email and lead capture solution among numerous others. The video solutions are optimized to provide compelling experiences on any device or platform with real-time analytics. Check out the online portal at for a no-obligation chance to try the products before you buy.