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How Randal Nardone Made Fortress Investment Group Successful

When Randal Nardone worked as one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group, he learned a lot about how he could run a company and the right way to do so. He also learned how to make sure he could cater to all of his clients. The way he developed the business gave him a chance for success in the future and that’s how he pushed to continue creating new opportunities for everyone in the industry. It was his idea of helping that allowed him the chance to keep giving back and keep making things easier for all the people he worked with. The company was better because of him. Many people saw it as a chance for new investments and Randal Nardone made sure they understood exactly what they were getting from Fortress Investment Group.

Now that Fortress is extremely successful, Randal Nardone still works to make sure the company is thriving. He knows a lot about finance and the positive parts of the industry. He also believes he can try new things that will continue helping other people with the issues they face. As long as Randal Nardone knows what to do to give back in different situations, he believes he can provide the right opportunities for all of his clients. The people he works with know what he means by looking at these options and that’s what allows them the chance to do things no matter what. By the time he started showing others the right way to do business, Randal Nardone felt good about giving back to everyone who needed it.

The company continues growing and Nardone sees that as his chance to provide even more services to the clients he works with. Nardone believes in the opportunities he creates for others and wants to be sure he’s doing that the right way. He also feels he has a lot of different opportunities that other people might not have. Since he’s the co-founder of the company, he can do more than most when it comes to making choices. Fortress Investment Group is better because of everything Nardone did to make it successful.

Ronald Fowlkes Is Still Making A Difference In The World Long After His Military Career:

Ronald Fowlkes can be considered a very lucky individual. He is a successful businessman in the tactical gear industry and he has found an amazing way to give back to his community while doing something he is truly passionate about. Ronald’s son is on the St. Louis Blues’s Tripe-A team. Ronald has a lifelong passion for hockey and huge experience from past occupations in the area of physical training and equipment. Due to this, he is a perfect fit for the role of equipment man for the hockey team as well as serving as the team’s trainer for off ice workout activities.


Ronald Fowlkes is truly passionate about mentoring, giving back to society. During his day job, he works hard to provide police and military personnel with the very best tactical gear. As a former military man and police officer, these areas are very close to his heart. In Ronald’s work with the hockey team, he stresses to his mentees the importance of always maintaining equipment properly. Ronald likes to impart the life lesson on young people, that in sports, as well as in life and death situations, the proper functioning of your equipment may be a matter of winning or losing and living or dying. The other aspect of Ronald’s mentoring with the team is in regard to the group’s physical fitness. Ronald’s Marine and police career gave him the valuable insight that he imparts today as far as the importance of equipment but it also gave him a huge body of knowledge on training the human body. Ronald develops weight based workouts and several other workout strategies for the team to help them reach their physical peak and be able to give their coaches the best performance. Ronald is known as a tough coach, but he leads by example and this gives him the respect of his students. Ronald also feels that mentoring the hockey team helps him keep up his motivation to stay physically fit. It is a nice side note that his son plays for the team. Ronald is able to combine giving back to the community with his love for giving to his family.


Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for the law enforcement and commercial tactical products produced by Eagle Industries Unlimited. The company has been in business for over thirty years in Fenton, Missouri. Eagle Industries is a leader in the tactical gear business and provides only the most high-quality products. Ronald is an expert in all of the products Eagle Industries sells and he trains the company’s sales representatives in the proper use of all products. He is also expert at recommending the right product for the needs of his customers. Ronald’s 4 years in the Marines and 13 years in law enforcement were huge educational experiences for Ronald that allow him to fit in perfectly with his current role.


OSI Group development under CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is one of the most successful companies in the United States. It is a company that has been in operation for more than a century. The company has been dealing with food production especially meat and eggs. The company has also been involved in the production of snack and protein foods. OSI Group does not package its item. Its only deals with supply to large chain stores. However, there are small quantities of protein foods that are packed and sold in the supermarkets. As the biggest food production company in the world, OSI Group is committed to producing good quality services to its clients. The group is also committed to preserving food safety at all times. The CEO of this group Sheldon Lavin has assured all clients that the company has the best food processing plants that have the best food production facilities to ensure that the safety of foods produced is guaranteed.

OSI Group has opened production plants in more than 65 locations all over the world. This is an achievement that is attributed to the management of Sheldon Lavin. As the head of the food production company, he has implemented measures that have made the company very successful. He has been at the forefront of making sure that only good foods are given to the public. The safety of the general public is his first priority.

Sheldon Lavin joined this company from the banking sector. He, therefore, brought expertise in the financial management of the company. He joined the company in 19870s. He found the company when it was under the management of two sons of the founder. He became the third and equal partner of the company. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award
In 1955, OSI Group had won a tender to supply McDonald’s with hamburgers. This is when the star of this company started to shine. The company started to grow rapidly. As McDonald’s continued to grow, the demand for hamburgers also increased. This made this company to develop a special plant to process food just for the McDonalds. This would mark the start of development of this company. Over the years it has expanded its reach to more countries. The company which has its headquarters in Illinois have been in a continuous journey of development for many years now.

Sheldon Lavin gained full control of the company after the other members left the company. One sold his shares making him half the owner and later the other one retired. This left Sheldon Lavin as the only leader in charge of the company.


Due To Nationwide Title Clearing It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc, is the leading provider of residential property reports to the mortgage and investment industries. In recent years there have been major problems with property reports containing title defects, an issue that NTC has met head-on with its newly revamped website that now allows property reports to be accessed online. When a title defect occurs it puts a halt to the process of a property being sold until it is resolved and can also lead to wrongful foreclosures in some cases.

There are a number of causes of title defects with the most common one being when an individual or entity lays claim to a property that they don’t own. Another cause is when the wording in the document isn’t in compliance with the real estate standards that are in effect for its county. Sometimes property records are missing signatures like the spouse of a homeowner, or the documents weren’t correctly recorded and/or filed. In other cases, the property shows liens and other encumbrances that should have been removed.

Through its new website, NTC makes it quick and easy for lenders and investors to obtain accurate property records. The four most common property records that are needed and are now accessible online includes Current Owner Reports, Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status Report, and Tax Status (Plus) Reports. These documents are verified with multiple sources to ensure accuracy, including the counties the home is located in.

NTC, founded in 1992 is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company has other offices in the United States with the most important one being its new offices in Dallas, Texas. This location houses a data center and staff that backs up the Palm Harbor location. If there is an emergency or major disaster this setup allows NTC to seamlessly continue with operations until the problem is resolved. Additionally, this office helps with work overflow that sometimes occurs in Palm Harbor as the company processed property records from 3600 counties across the United States.

The management and staff at NTC believe it is important to give back to the communities in which they operate. To this end, they have partnered with a number of charitable efforts in the greater Tampa Bay area. NTC is a supporter of Feeding Tampa Bay which provides food to more than 700,000 disadvantaged people throughout West Central Florida. The staff at NTC has also been longtime volunteers for the West Central Florida Chapter of Ronald McDonald House which provides a place to stay for the families of children who are being cared for in a children’s hospital. Other charities they support include Southeastern Guide Dogs, Habitat Pinellas, and the Humane Society of Pinellas.


Longtime Michigan Business Couple Dick And Betsy DeVos Talk About $139 Million In Philanthropy

Dick DeVos has found ways to turn profits in every business he’s run thanks to his strong but kind personality. But most importantly he has taken his business leadership and applied it to causes that have been near and dear to his heart. He’s a political activist who’s been involved in the Michigan Republican Party for many years including donating to political candidates and running as one, but his generosity reaches far beyond that. Dick and his wife Betsy have donated a large part of their money to schools and universities as well as organizations like Hudson Institute and Heritage Foundation. But they’ve also included hospitals, churches, family counseling centers, art and museums and energy initiatives as part of their gifts. When Betsy was chosen to become US Secretary of Education, she and Dick revealed their lifetime philanthropy was about $139 million.


Much of Dick’s recent business activity has centered around The Windquest Group, an investment company based in Grand Rapids, MI whose portfolio includes Electratherm, Huron Ventures, The Stowe Company and a recent addition now of Coppercraft Distillery. Prior to and during the founding of this company, Dick was an executive at Amway Corporation, one of the world’s largest direct selling and international distribution companies. This company was founded by Dick’s father Richard DeVos Sr. and Dick served as a manager, vice president and eventually CEO for nearly 30 of his career. He was also on the executive board of the Orlando Magic for a few years when his father bought most of the team’s shares.


Dick and Betsy found their passion for education as parents when they noticed families struggling to send their children to private schools that they had no trouble sending their own children to. So they first decided to try reform by starting scholarships through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation and later being involved with Education Freedom Fund and Children First. They also worked with Michigan’s state government to try and get tax credits and vouchers for private schools but didn’t get the votes needed to do so. They did continue to work at finding ways to make schooling cheaper, and just 7 years ago started their own school with a special aviation curriculum called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick’s political career first hit the national spotlight when he decided to challenge then governor Jennifer Granholm for her governor’s seat. While Dick’s ideas on changing the state’s economic landscape resonated well with many voters prior to election day, his debate performance did not and he came up short at the ballot box. He did continue working with Republican activists in the coming years and 6 years later helped fight union leaders to pass a right-to-work law. One of Dick’s signature philanthropy acts was a donation to healthcare that helped him achieve the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award.


Chris Brunch’s Take on the Integration of Fashion and Technology

Over the years, both technology and fashion have gone through a series of changes, but have still grown together. The world has experienced the technological evolution of the Boom box in the 80’s to the Walkman in the 90’s, and finally the Ipad in the dawn of the 21st century.

Fashion designers on the other hand have integrated technology in their designs to raise the standard of their designs. Through fashion, airbags used to protect cyclers have been developed, which are worn around the neck and open in the case of an accident. When not open, they allow visibility and are less bulky therefore having a great advantage over helmets. Frontline gloves were developed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, and can be used by firefighters to exchange information by use of gestures.


In fashion, materials are being recycled to make clothing such as the use of bicycles to make jackets and t-shirts or use of a radiator’s copper to make a gown. Another example where fashion and technology have been used together is in energy creation where kinetic energy generated by the body is converted to a form than can be used to run a watch. Fashion comes in handy in marketing technology. Google glasses, for instance, were worn by Diane Van Furstenberg’s models on a fashion show to market them.


About Chris Bruch


Chris Burch was born in the year1953 in Miami, USA. He is the founder and the head of Burch Creative Capital, and has been very instrumental in the creation of various luxury and technology brands. Chris has invested in over 12 companies, and is a former board member of Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum Group.

Bruch’s journey to success began in the year 1976 as an undergraduate when he and his brother invested $2000 to start Eagle’s Appeal. The company grew healthily to an immense $165 million, but was later sold to another investor. The success of Eagle’s Eye relied on Bruch’s innovation and implementation tactics. His power of branding, sales and marketing has led to his outstanding success in financial services, hospitality, technology and customer products. The success has been attributed to his great personal characters such as great imagination, creativity, scale and support. He has used his branding in retail, apparel, home furnishing and organic foods companies. It is needless to say that Chris’s hard work and determination has led to his outstanding accomplishments.

Mike Baur Uses His Banking Expertise To Help Launch His Own Company

The digital world is a common phrase that many people use to describe the way technology is used to handle many tasks that are done today. The vast majority of business operations currently involve technology that either stores, enters, or transmits information regarding business operations. The days of paper operations being the dominant method utilized for business operations are over in many business sectors.


One of the ways that the digital world is making an impact on almost everyone is on the internet. The world has become a smaller world in terms of people being able to communicate with one another in relation to the internet. With the internet, location

is no longer an issue for people regarding business or personal communication. The internet allows people to do a wide variety of things that were not possible before the internet became a core aspect of daily life. Both professionally and personally, millions of people around the world use the internet.


As people have made the digital world a part of everyday life, many people starting new companies have decided to embrace the digital world by starting digital companies. There are differences between companies that are truly digital and companies that utilize digital technology in overall business operations. Digital companies depend on technology as the primary source of business operations. Therefore, technology is not only at the core of operations, technology is the basis of business operations.


For people who want to start digital companies. There must be an understanding of what is needed to start a truly digital company. Many people who want to start digital companies seek out professional assistance to help with the various aspects that need to be considered related to digital operations.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a company located in Switzerland that helps people start digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory was started by Mike Baur and two partners. The company has a structured three month program that provides services, mentoring, and coaching to people who want to start a digital company.


Mike Baur is one of the key leaders of the Swiss Startup Factory. He has over 20 years of experience in the private banking industry. With this experience, Mike Baur is able to provide a level of expertise to the services that the Swiss Startup Factory offers to its clients that is hard to match.

Read more about his interview on Founder Stories.

Cotemar, a Market Leader in The Gas and Oil industry

Cotemar is a prominent Mexican firm that has invested heavily in the energy sector. With a humble beginning in 1979, this firm has grown tremendously and expanded its operations. Currently, it is one of the leading market providers of offshore services in the gas and oil industry. This company provides amazing services to the well-known Petroleos Mexicanos gas and oil business. Cotemar as a corporation offers distinct services in two major areas including food and accommodation services as well as specialized vessels at the Campeche Bay. This company was the very first to buy personnel transportation, maintenance vessels and specialized dive. In 1981, Cotemar introduced specialized vessels designed for the transportation of materials and personnel to its fleet. This was a great achievement that made the firm strengthen its position as a market leader.

Later in 1985, Cotemar successfully expanded to provide its clients with accommodation and restaurant services. Subsequently in 1989, the firm raised the number of specialized personnel fleet with an aim to upgrade its business. In 1996, Cotemar managed to grow its market presence. It achieved this objective by extensively expanding its services by personnel and transporting materials in addition to accommodation and food services. Furthermore, Cotemar began providing maintenance and construction services on 5 rigs and 3 specialized vessels at the same time.

Rise to Success

Six years later in 2002, Cotemar partnered with Pemex to acquire the first large ship thus raising its production to the peak in 2004. In 2012, this company collaborated with COSCO to officially launch the two semi-submersible rig construction. Later, a specialized crane and maintenance vessels to transport both liquid and solid materials was added to the firm’s assets. In 2016, Cotemar began onshore oil extraction operations following the launch of the two semi-submersible rigs. Presently, this firm uses specialized vessels designed to provide safety and quality services that not only meet client’s needs but also exceed their expectations. These services are provided through three key units namely Cotemar construction, maintenance and engineering and modernization, Cotemar specialized maritime ship services and Cotemar food and accommodation services.


Under Cotemar maintenance, engineering and construction, the firm seeks to modernize its customers processing centers and offshore rigs right from installation to the start of operation. The food and accommodation service unit provides rigs operated by the firm. Lastly, Cotemar specialized marine ship services aim at transporting personnel, materials and nourishment. Additionally, Cotemar has firefighting and towing vessels. Guided by ethical values, innovation, humility and integrity, employees working for Cotemar have made a great contribution in the success of the firm.

Devco Knows How To Take Down A New Building And Let A Casino Rise

Devco is a company that offers loans and loan services to cities in New Jersey, and it has provided a lot of options for cities that have old developments that are not of any use to the city anymore. The are many more people who can get jobs if there is a large hotel or casino built, and Devco pays for it with their loans. The loans have been reported by the Press of Atlantic City, and the loans have been shown to do a lot of work for the cities that will produce results.
Every result involves the building of one or two properties that DEVCO can help the city plan. The city is told how the plans will work, and the city is given calculations about how much money they will make when they have built a new building. They will learn a lot from the people who help them with these items, and they will get instant results from the people who plan for Devco. The city can go ahead to be sure that they have gotten the chance to build the right thing, and they learn a lot in the process.

Someone who is trying to be sure that they have the best building projects going in their city needs to remember that they have Devco’s help when they get their loan. They can make some tax money back using the buildings, and they can use that money to pay back their loans. The city stays in the clear, and the city looks completely different. It makes it very easy for the city to help its people, and it gives the city the resources that are needed to care for the people who have been living in places that are just not developed the right way.


Benefits Of Reputation Management For Your Business

Are you searching for information about Reputation Defender and Review systems? Want to set up a reliable system for monitoring and managing your online reputation?
With the increased use of Internet and social media, it has become extremely important to keep track of what people are saying about you or your business.

In the online world, not everyone is nice and friendly, and things do not always go smoothly, so you need to protect yourself from attack or threat.

It is important that every person, professional or business organization should have an efficient system in place that handles their online reputation management. This means, it is critical to have the ability to monitor and control how you are perceived online. These days, people tend to believe what they are shown online or what they read, and if the information or review is negative it can have a severe impact on the company’s reputation.

Most consumers only buy from reputable businesses and having good reviews is a way to convince them your business is trustworthy. If your business or personal profile is not positive, people will not want to do business with you.

It may take years to establish a positive image or reputation for your company and website, but one misstep can ruin the entire business.

Past problems, or unforeseen circumstances can haunt you indefinitely on the Internet unless you take appropriate measures to remove them from view. Keep in mind that it is absolutely your responsibility to maintain control of your online reputation at all times. By having control of what is being distributed about you online, you can be sure that Internet users will only see positive content about you or your business.

A good online reputation monitoring and management firm can assist you in addressing reputation issues so you can run a successful business. When it comes to choosing a good company to monitor and address reputation issues for you or your company, be sure to research thoroughly before signing up with a firm. Look for a company that has an established history of providing excellent service.