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Freedom Financial Assesses the Breach of Equifax

It was recently discovered that Equifax, one of the three United States credit monitoring bureaus, was affected by a major breach. In this breach, which is suspected to have affected 143 million Americans, nearly half of the United States population, personal information, such as social security numbers, addresses, as well as birth dates, have possibly been exposed by hackers. In the wake of this major security breach, Andrew Housser released a list of steps that you can take in order to safeguard yourself from exposure due to the breach.

In order to discover whether you have been affected by the recent breach of Equifax, it is encouraged that you visit the Equifax website. In visiting the Equifax website, you will be able to gain a complete understanding of the entire situation involving the breach, as well as the extent to which you have been affected. Registering for free credit monitoring, which will be available until November 21st, is highly recommended, as it will keep you abreast of your personal credit situation during these uncertain times. In contacting Equifax through their website, you may also receive a copy of your personal credit report, putting a freeze on it if you choose to do so. In putting a freeze on your credit report, any person attempting to falsely gain credit on your name should be unsuccessful, as it will be flagged. Utilizing the services of an online financial provider can offer solutions for dealing with issues regarding the recent breach.

Freedom Financial Network was started in 2002 by co-CEOs, Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh, and quickly rose to the forefront in the world of online financial services. Today, it operates with over 1,800 teammates and has helped to resolve of seven billion dollars of debt. The team hopes of continue helping to resolve debt for its customers, increasing the number of teammates in the process.

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Alleviate Back to School Stress with Freedom Plus

Preparing to go back to school is not an event: it’s a process. The parents are excited that the child is going back to school, but they are also aware and possibly anxious of the financial implications of the change. The child is also excited to meet with the classmates, but they are also anxious about the early mornings, and assignments.
So how can one prepare for back to school with less anxiety?

1. Come up with an all-inclusive budget

Going back to school involves a lot of expenses. These might include shopping for new clothes, school supplies, and other items the child might need while in school.
The first step should be getting the school list from the child. It will help one to identify the items the school has specified that the child must have when reporting back to school.
Note down the things that the child might need when going back to school including the clothes. It is crucial to be making the child understand the need to write down only the essential items. It will aid in cutting down the cost for the shopping.

2. Balanced diet meals

During vacation, the parent is responsible for what the child takes. They probably do not know the importance of taking a balanced diet. Take time to educate the child on how to pack their lunch box in a way that their meal is balanced.

3. Always Attend the Orientations

The parent orientation helps to network with other parents. It will also communicate to the child about the value of education. It will also be an excellent opportunity to connect with the teacher.

Finances are the major challenge when preparing for school. FreedomPlus is a company that offers loans for personal loans. With little regard to a person’s credit score, they can help one get a loan in 48 hours.

FreedomPlus is an accredited lender offering loans ranging from $10,000- $35, 000. It has featured on Major publications such as Business Week and Wall Street Journal.

In conclusion, FreedomPlus has helped many parents improve their socioeconomic standards. This is instrumental in decreasing the back to school anxiety.