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WEN by Chaz Dean [] is a particular brand name of much popularity and following. It has an undisputed strong social media presence, as well as income stream. It is followed by many, many people through social media sites such as: Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat! Why is this particular hair care line of products so popular and effective, you may be asking for your self? Well, ask no more. Behold, I will let one person tell all!
Emily McClure: that is the name. The Wen Hair conditioner by Chaz Dean: that is the subject pitch. Seven days to try: that is the challenge.

Emily McClure has tried this particular product in a seven day period, and was uniquely surprised in a positive manner….as to what this one product has done on her and for her own hair! In fact, she loved the experience so much that she decided to write about it, and we can all read about it in full by following this link:

Emily had previously seen the commercials and heard the rumors, and been well in tune with all the ‘hype’ herself before using WEN and deciding to trust Mr. Dean’s product style line. Yet she just had to see for herself! Sometimes, folks, seeing is believing! I quote Emily’s own words:
“We’ve likely all seen the infomercials for the hair care line WEN by Chaz Dean at some point in our lives. You know the ones with all the gorgeous woman shaking their hair around, and swearing that the cleansing conditioner is basically magic in a bottle? As a die-hard hair care fanatic, I had to see…”

After using the product conditioner for herself, Emily was absolutely amazed….and would no doubt use WEN by Chaz Dean again….not to doubt in the very line. Wen products can be purchased online on Amazon.


Marc Sparks; the Successful Entrepreneur

In the entrepreneurial world, Marc Sparks is the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur! Since graduating high school, Marc has been a principal in many startups many of which ended up being fruitful. Mark believes that God gives people challenges so that they clearly understand the responsibilities that come with success. These challenges aid in keeping us humble. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

He accounts all his success to the grace of God. Marc believed that even if he had zero formal training, he was born with a keen instinct which led him to the pass of success. His passion being to build companies, he maintains a handful of portfolio companies in his private equity firm.

He has built not only a business idea but also an entrepreneurial culture. He achieved these by exposing the future entrepreneurs to the short and long-term growth goals. Marc manages by example, and he indeed sets the space for his team. He is not afraid of losing; he loves winning despite the fact that he can’t win them all.

Capitalist Marc advises people to trade unique goods. According to him, it’s so hard to attract venture capitalists if your company has nothing unique to offer. A product that can easily be replicated can not be an attractive investment and thus the need for investors to offer something new.

Marc says that if you already have sales, use that information. If your product is already on the market, you’re only looking for capital to increase your ability to reach more customers. It is, therefore, necessary that you utilize sales data as proof of demand. You need to show customers that your product is already in demand, and is something that the people are clamoring. It is one of the best ways to prove interested, and get venture capitalist thinking.

It is also important to have a clear-cut strategy for how peoples’ money will help you. It is probably the most important part. You need to show them exactly how and where their money will improve your company. The strategy is vital for proving that you have a sound business idea and strategy and that it’s something that they need to invest.

Above all, Marc Sparks believes that presentations are everything. Showing a venture capitalist, in a very detailed presentation, how their money will enable you to increase sales is pivotal.The display makes or breaks their interest in your company, so it’s the part of the presentation you need to spend the most time perfecting.

Outside business Marc has a deep passion for helping others, for instance, he has funded the homeless shelter in Texas called, The Samaritan Inn. He offers counseling programs and financial education to people. However, Marc says that he can only help to those ready to help themselves.

Marc’s passion has led to his involvement in Habitat for Humanity. He has donated towards the construction of over a dozen homes. Marc Sparks also founded a foundation, Sparky’s Kids, through which he has donated computers to the unfortunate children. He believes this will break the poverty cycles.

To deal with stress, Marc Spark is a health enthusiast. He enjoys fishing, hiking and also golf. Marc thrives on competition in both sports and business. He is also in love with traveling. Marc believes that adventurous travel is an entrepreneur’s Mecca. According to him, his inspiration and ideas come from the travel he does from other mediums.

Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Wengie, Coachella, and All Things Beauty

Breaking into internet fame with one million followers and counting, Australian based beauty blogger, Wengie, teaches girls to be beautiful- on the inside and out. What started out as a project quickly turned into a living when Wengie was working on an assignment for a previous company. She needed to learn the basics of various platforms that bloggers use. This sparked her idea to create a blog of her own- and the rest is history.

When asked how it feels to have hit that one million mark she says it just felt normal. Something she had waited for and was excited for but it just happened. She is extremely grateful to her fans and followers who have helped her achieve her internet fame and continue to make blogs that are tailored to their interests. Helping to increase inner beauty is a separate blog she has created for younger girls talking about relationships, bullying, and a variety of other topics that teens go through in today’s world.

Another leader in the fashion world isn’t a blog, a person, but a festival. Coachella coaxes celebrities and “it girls” everywhere out of hiding to display inspirations for the upcoming seasons fashion. Popularly seen at Coachella this year was bold makeup trends. Bright and bold lips, funky eyeshadows, and face jewels all graced the concert as celebrities got together for selfies, photo ops, drinks, and all around fun.

Hair is a frequently changing trend, but this year starts at Coachella boasted their long and luxurious locks. A great way to help inspire your hair to grow is to invest in a boar bristled brush in order to help stimulate the scalp and distribute oils evenly throughout the hair in order to achieve the glossy locks that the starts debuted at Coachella. It may take a little time, but with effort and care you can have the same beautiful, healthy mane that was seen all across Coachella 2016.

Looking Good and Being Authentic on YouTube

While it is nice to look good, it is also good for one to be him or herself. For one thing, a suit and tie is good for a man and a dress is good for a woman. However, even though looking good is enough, one can get bored with one’s self if he or she is generic. Also, if one just looks good, it is not enough. For some people, it is important to have style. So they look to sources of information like YouTube in order to get information on style. It is important to know the difference between style and trend.

One person that has a style is Wendy Huang, a YouTube celebrity who offers advice on make up and beauty. She is an example of someone who has style. One thing about style is that a lot of it is suited to the individual. In other words, what may look good on one person might not look good on another person. Wengie understands the difference between trends and styles and understands that style often changes at a much slower pace than trends. Wengie has style because she has taken the time to find a look that she is satisfied with.

There are many aspects that make up Wengie’s style. Her Twitter shows that her style is very unique. She not only has style in fashion, but in make up as well. She dyed her hair a different and unique color and has given it a lot of volume. This brings out a look to her that is very appealing to many of her viewers. She not only gives advice on how one could find her own style, but she also gives advice on inner beauty. She talks about her experiences on dealing with people and how to build one’s own self esteem.

One thing that Wengie and other famous YouTube users know about fashion and beauty is that it is very important for one to have a look that he or she is satisfied with. It doesn’t matter all that much what other people think about their fashion choices as long as they are satisfied with their own choices in clothing. Many YouTube celebrities understand the importance of presentation. They use this knowledge in order to bring forth great levels of success. While some people can complain that it all depends on appearance, some of the most successful YouTube users understand the industry and use it to their advantage.