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Jeunesse Global Product Nutritional Products

Jeunesse Global is a company that not only relies on cosmetic technology to make its amazing products but also engages in network marketing, a strategy that has helped in the worldwide distribution of their products. The company was founded in 2009 by a duo: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

The company focuses on the production of nutritional products and skin care/cosmetics. Of all their lines, Luminesce is the chief anti-aging cosmetic that has put the company in the spotlight. In fact, most of their clients claim that it is one of the most effective skin care product you will find in the market. The main ingredient featured in this product is APT-200, which allows it to achieve the luminosity you are looking for. It also helps in making the skin firmer, getting rid of the sagging parts. It removes wrinkles and any fine lines, creating a smooth, radiant, and younger looking skin.

For those looking to recapture their energy and stay young, Jeunesse also offers Zen Bodi. This project promotes wellness in the healthiest way, with one of the benefits that people enjoy being weight loss. This plan features three different food plans alongside other activities that will help in appetite management, fat burning through increased metabolism, and muscle growth.

To participate in the Zen Project 8, you will start with the Zen Transform Package, followed by Zen Awaken Package and later Zen Commit Package. For this project to be effective in giving you long lasting weight loss outcomes, you need to get all the three packages and stick to the required consumption steps.

If you prefer to use Zen Bodi nutritional products, you will get Zen Prime, which is ideal for overall body cleansing. It features natural ingredients that will help you get rid of toxicities and enhance metabolism, which helps to burn and remove fats from the body. Zen Shape, on the other hand, features an African Mango seed extract, which has been scientifically found to enhance the weight loss process. This will help you gain that tiny waist and maintain the right calorie count.

Feel Forever Young with Jeunesse

Have you heard of Jeunesse?

The song “Forever Young” was originally written by Bob Dylan and contains some pretty heartfelt lyrics. “May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung – and may you stay forever young.” These words of wisdom have resonated with many, and they can be applied to the very heart of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who founded Jeunesse.

These two have become quite the dream team in terms of providing an incredible product for those who seek to appear – well – forever young. With Jeunesse, customers of any age, ethnic background, and income have been able to enjoy a more youthful appearance.

According to Business Wire, Jeunesse launched an affordable and ultra-exciting product around this time last year. However, it’s still an innovative product considering many are still implementing it into their daily regimen. The cosmetics market has been enjoying Jeunesse’s NV, which is a line of micro-mist foundations. These spray foundation products can provide customers with a gorgeous and seemingly airbrushed look, which is similar in appearance to the look of celebrities.

With its easy-to-use system, these micro-mist foundations are simple to grasp. First, apply the NV primer. This primer is helpful because it fills in pores to create a perfect canvas to apply the finishing touches. After the primer is applied, the next step is to spray the NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation, which is available in nine shades. Its airbrush spray nozzle helps to apply a perfect airbrush finish to the face. The foundation included in this line will blur any skin imperfections to further enhance your appearance in the most flattering way possible. You can say “bye-bye” to those pesky wrinkles and dark circles once and for all.

The fountain of youth has not yet been discovered, but it would seem as though it were with the help of Jeunesse and their incredible products. For anyone who seeks nearly immediate results, the Instantly Ageless line is right up your alley. In nearly two minutes, Instantly Ageless can reduce under-eye bags, wrinkles, and pores with a lasting impact of up to nine whole hours.

As you apply the Jeunesse’s products, you can hum the tune of “Forever Young” to yourself. You’ll feel and look as though you are!

Lime Crime Makes it Easy to Transition to Fall


Now that fall is here, you might be looking for ways to change up your look. All summer long, you might have had fun rocking bronzer and swiping bright, beautiful shades of lipstick across your lips. Now that the temperatures are cooling down, however, it might be time to try something different.


Luckily, Lime Crime makes it easy for you to transition into fall. First of all, you might want to start looking for a new lipstick shade. The perfect lipstick makes it easy for you to dress up your leggings and boots but also looks great with costumes and dressier outfits. Lime Crime has both metallic and matte colors, so regardless of what you are looking for, you’ll find it. You can even check out the Halloween section on Lime Crime’s website, where you can find fun Halloween shades of lipstick and more. Lime Crime also has shades like “Pumpkin Spice” and “Wicked.” “Pumpkin Spice” is a lovely orange-type shade that looks fabulous with just about any fall outfit, while “Wicked” is bold, dark and quite perfect for making a dramatic statement with your lips.


You won’t want to stop with your lipstick, however. Instead, consider checking out some of Lime Crime’s eyeshadows, such as the Venus Palettes and the Superfoils. The Venus Palettes provide you with all of the shades that you need to try out a few different looks, while the Superfoils come in bold contrasting colors that you can mix, match and blend. Try “Lucid/Dream” for a fun fall look that you might not have tried yet.

Lime Crime doesn’t just have great products for fall, either. You can enjoy their makeup all year long, and you’re sure to love the fact that Lime Crime’s products are all both vegan and cruelty-free. It’s a brand that you can count on for all of your favorite looks all year long and that you can feel good about using and supporting.  Get real images of what Lime Crime products will look like for you on Instagram.

The Innovation of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an innovative businesswoman who is most known for her innovation in creating a new product line that was designed to specifically bring out the beauty on the inside as well as on the outside for any man or woman that has a passion for applying makeup to the face. Ms. Deere is the innovator behind an online brand that is known as Lime Crime. Doe Deere created this business in 2008 and is mostly known for her current presence on many social media sites such as Instagram that showcase the many products that are featured within her business.

Ms. Deere officially created Lime Crime as a side business to another business that sold clothes that she hand sewed herself and sold onto sites such as eBay. The clothes that Ms. Deere created were so bright and had bright patterns that Mr. Deere needed a makeup that would not be washed away by the bright colors of her clothes. The first product that Ms. Deere had officially presented to the waiting public was a lipstick which soon took off and was joined by other products that were not only bright, but were also made to be applied to the eyes as well as to the cheeks.

The name of Lime Crime originated when Doe Deere was deciding a name for her company that would embody what her company sold to the public. Lime Crime is a unique business name that has since then gotten then attention of millions of makeup consumers all over the world. The color of lime was specifically chosen by Doe Deere to showcase that lime is her favorite color to use as she believes it accentuates the beautiful features in anyone that uses the products. Lime Crime, over the past several years has acquired a large fan base that even call themselves unicorns. Learn more:

She attributes her success to not only her hard workers, but also to her own drive in growing this company over the past eight years. She made the business decision to make sure that her company was an internet brand name for the purpose of making sure that the consumers knew that she was a businesswoman who was completely dedicated to those that bought her products. As an internet-based company, Ms. Deere has not only remained humble, but has also kept the customers happy with the many products that are continuously being improved.

As one of the leaders in the internet-brand makeup industry, she made the conscious decision to make all of her products vegan products. Not only does this attract more and more customers to the site, but this business decision also does not involved animal cruelty with the process of her making her makeup. Doe Deere is excited where he company is headed into the future and hopes that she can one day even create a traditional makeup store that sells all of her designed products to a set place within a community or communities all over the world.

Learn more:

Doe Deere Finds Her Work Has Been Copied By Another Artist


The rise of the net has made it easier than ever for people today to copy ideas they see. Such was the recent case for artist Doe Deere. Deere, one of the nation’s leading makeup gurus, put an out an image on Instagram. The image was designed to help introduce the work of a fellow artist to her own many fans. As Doe learned, this image was also seen by another artist. Richard Price, one of the nation’s most respected contemporary artists, took up her image, toyed with it, then created a print of his own from the image she had used. His print was sold in a New York City art fair for a six figure sum. Deere learned that she was not credited by Price, much to her shock, despite being the obvious source of his inspiration for the print that he sold to a customer at the fair.

Her Own Perspective

Deere is very much her own person. She is also very much an artist herself, with an entirely unique viewpoint that is all about being able to show off her love of color and her devotion to all things related to color that are unique and modern. As the founder of Lime Crime, an online retailer devoted to bringing quality products to people, she knows the importance of demonstrating a devotion to many kinds of quality. Her own motto is very much about quality and originality as well as being able to show off an inner artistic sensibility that demands expression. She feels thins inside that she wants to help let out. She also aims to show that it is possible to take the world of artistry and translate that into workable and wearable fashion that can take someone from the boardroom to the ball.

Being Herself

It is this kind of devotion that lets her be who she is each day. She knows that her fans look to her to help them determine what kind of makeup might work at any given moment. She also knows that they rely on her to help them find quality makeup products that will look good on anyone’s skin the entire day. Her own devotion to the process of finding and creating such items is where she has been able to help draw in legions of fans who admire her work and love buying her entirely unique makeup products.

Lime Crime Engages With Millions Through Instagram


Doe Deere, who is Lime Crime’s Founder and CEO was also a pioneer of the internet cosmetic career representative who introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. Her unique presentation of this brand shows various shades of lipstick colors on actual lips rather than presenting colors that are crushed up or swiped on a blank sheet of paper.

This clever internet CEO has applied this technique for eight years and still continues to use this unique and creative strategy to continue giving her consumers and fans an exciting and engaging social media experience throughout the world. Promoting her creative and fun brand through Instagram is one way that Doe gives this cosmetic the opportunity to excel at it’s finest by allowing make-up lovers to enjoy an intriguing shopping experience across the globe.Many companies use social media site to primarily promote their product, but our goal is to actually engage with our audience by creating a connection with the community.

With that being said, many of our followers post a range of photos showing their creativity and style with various lip shades and beautiful nail art. Not only does this highlight each individual’s creativity but it also gives others inspiration to share their uniqueness with the world. The company hopes that this type of engagement on this universal platform will inspire all of their fans across the world to be fearless when it comes to showing of their latest hair and makeup trends and hopefully this will inspire us as well. We use the photos of our Instagram followers on so that we can show our audience how the the products look on our customers in real life. These hosted photos definitely helps our shoppers evaluate which products are best for them.For instance, when browsing for a particular product line, they are able to view the many different colors that product line has to offer on actual untouched photos.

It is very crucial that our customers are able to see what these products look life in real life because it gives them a better sense of how the product the product may look on them and Instagram grants us the ability to do so. Lime Crime is an independent establishment located in Los Angeles, California that has a different outlook on makeup.

We believe that make-up is not only used for imperfections but as a platform for originality and inspiration. Lime Crime has always been devoted and continues to remain dedicated to provided the best and latest trend-setting products to its consumers.

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Doe Deere Fashion Rule Breaker!

Doe Deere is a phenomenon hailed by the misfits of the fashion world as a unicorn queen. Her love of beauty and fashion led her to create one of the most successful beauty companies in today’s history, the infamous “Lime Crime” Cosmetics. A company founded on the rules of self-expression and freedom. A cosmetic company that honors imperfections and has a line full of fully pigmented, vibrant line of cruelty-free products with a worldwide following.

Born in Russia and raised in the Empire State, New York City, she believes in inspiring people through success and positive reinforcement. She believes in uplifting people and driving them to success with an “out of the box” approach. At the end of the day she embodies authenticity and empowers others to do the same. It is the reason that she is successful as a young entrepreneur.

As a rule breaker she does so in beauty and fashion as well. Her favorite looks are often in your face, colorful and fun. She swears by wearing bold eyes and bold lips together. It’s one of the rules she breaks daily. She embodies the aura of a unicorn with her attire. She believes in layering patterns and colors. She is never afraid of being too bold or garish. She has perfected these looks, as all of her ensembles come together to form a perfect rainbow aesthetic.

She is never worried about her toes getting cold with open toe shoes. She throws on her favorite patterned socks or tights and rocks the look to perfection. Her hair is always colorful. Nothing about Doe is ever neutral. Most fashion guru’s warn against wearing bright colors with brightly colored hair. Doe doesn’t care to listen because it’s all about happiness and fun. Who wants to live in a world made up of so many fashion rules? Her only feedback is to make sure you pay attention to how the colors interact with each other to pull off the look.

She swears that she will never dress her age and dresses in what makes her feel comfortable and happy. She thinks you should do the same too. It doesn’t matter your age, wear what brings you joy! As for “occasion-specific” clothing, she doesn’t agree with that either. Doe Deere states “Just because you have an evening gown in your closet, it doesn’t mean it has to be put away into storage until you have a fancy dinner to wear it to. Heck, it can work just perfect for a day of grocery shopping if you put a sweater over it.”

It’s incredibly easy to see why she has a cult-like following! She spreads joy wherever she goes.

The Evolution of Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery entails restructuring or altering the natural look of the body. Many people undergo plastic surgery to look younger, more beautiful or just to revitalize their bodily features. Most clients visit these practitioners for nose reshaping, eyelid operation, lip jobs and face-lifts. This practice has existed for a long time. The modern form of it however emerged after the Second World War whereby soldiers whose faces were disfigured during the war underwent reconstruction.

Plastic Surgery in Texas

Texas is renowned for having the best plastic surgeons who have built a name for themselves in the field. Many qualified practitioners carry out their practices in the city. They offer breast, face and body procedures. Some of them have cut a niche for themselves in the field. One of these is Doctor Jennifer Walden whose treatment center has a long waiting list and executes an assortment of procedures including labiaplasty.

Clients often access information about the specialists and their clinics through online journals and magazines, social media and referrals by friends and family members.

Dr. Walden in Brief

She is the foremost female plastic surgeon in Texas and one of the most sought after in the US. Dr. Walden has had an outstanding career as the owner and lead consultant at Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center where she leads a team of highly qualified aestheticians. She is widely experienced having practiced in the field for over 12 years.

Dr. Walden graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA degree in biology. Later, she received her masters from the medical branch of the same university before embarking on her profession. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and holds practicing licenses from the states of Texas, New York and Florida.

As a reward for her outstanding career, she has received wide recognition such as being named one of the best American beauty surgeons by Harper Bazaar Magazine. She has also been featured on the cover of American Airlines after being picked by her peers. She is also acknowledged as a Texas Super Doctor.

Doe Deere Offers Fashion Freedom

Each day, people must decide what to wear. The right outfit can help someone fit in well and also help them show off their best features to others. An excellent outfit can also help someone feel more self confident as they go about their day. When looking for the right kind of outfit, many people around the world aim for a specific look. They want to look fashionable and contemporary and yet also find clothing and makeup that helps flatter their complexion and bring out their best features. The right kind of clothing, hair and makeup choices can do just that.

In article that was printed in Bustle Magazine, fashion lover and makeup pioneer Doe Deere talks to readers and those who love fashion about the kind of ways that they can use contemporary fashion trends to their own ends. In the article, Deere points out that we have all become accustomed to following certain fashion rules. Many of us have been told over and over again that we need to avoid pairing loud patterns together or avoid dressing in a way that might be perceived as too young in a way. She knows that such rules have been in place for many years and have been followed by legions of fans. She also knows that such rules can be highly confining and help people avoid expressing their own inner fashion sense. This is why she advocates breaking such rules if the don’t work for any person.

Deere has spent much of her career doing her best to break such rules and showing her fans how to look good in the process. Her focus has been primarily on the use of makeup. She is the founder of Lime Crime, one of the most admired of all cosmetics companies on the web. With her work in this field, she has been heavily involved in creating makeup that is ideal for anyone’s need and desire for color. Her work in the field of makeup has focused closely on creating makeup that is based on the use of bright and lively colors as well as the use of makeup that is high quality. On her site, she has helped show how it is possible to use such colors in order to create looks that work well in many kinds of circumstances.

She knows that her followers need to be able to coordinate the use of their makeup with the use of other kind of accessories such as purses and shoes as well as a basic look. Following her lead, many of her fans have learned how to use makeup that can work well with both dark colors and bright colors alike. They have also learned how to use makeup to create looks that are at once charming and playful but also quite sophisticated. This kind of devotion to detail has allowed her to attract many new fans across the globe. It has also allowed her to meet the requirements of her existing fans.

Watch Doe Deere speak at PHAMExpo:


Some people have had problem with their own looks. This feeling is changeable after discovering the secret of using lime crime products. Admiring every celebrity and seeing them walking in a saloon and coming out different can give someone a jealousy desire to be a celebrity. Well that is the hardest bit, because make ups give bring freedom to look the real. The Lime Crime make ups have been tested to ensure they are safe to market standards. The Lime Crime company as has been operational since 2008. The initial idea started with its founder Doe Deere. From starting an eBay shop as a fashion line, the company has come a long way be among the largest cosmetic producers.

The company is based in Los Angeles, serving millions of its customers with cosmetic and make up products. It has a several wide range of products that have a huge fan in the beauty world. The products are tested to ensure they conform to the market and set regulatory standards. Their products have a different taste to their users. With majority of the consumers being feminine, nothing matters more than being presentable and looking good.

Lime Crime products range from hair, lips, nails and eyes products. This festive season is the time of fun. Spicing it with a different look will make it merrier especially from lime and crime products. The major challenge with new entry market products is the risks they may bring along to the users. Especially if untested. The rust to save more with cheap is dangerous. It may spoil the season mood.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Company. She personally tests the products to ensure they rhyme with the taste of the customer. It not only grants the products a more secure place in the market but also is designed to the latest market trends. Door is a thriving entrepreneur who has started grown her own idea to prosperity. She acknowledges that treating her employee well have motivated them and made them more productive. She is a leader who believes in team work.

She is a strong supporter of women enterprises. With the positive aim of encouraging women to realize their dreams, she has brought lime and crime to success. She is impressed with the business shift from the convectional way of doing business to online marketing. It also made it easy for everyone to start a business and make profit. Deere has served in several position including in the insurance industry before setting up the r own company. The desire to push higher and realizing her dreams is her greatest motivator.