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What’s New & What To Expect With Cosmetic-Giant Lime Crime

LimeCrime has become an American-staple in a sense. This company has done an amazing job of introducing newer and more exciting cosmetics. The market for cosmetics is rather booming, and it has been booming for quite some time. Though the industry is thriving, many of the top brands haven’t been introducing any new products. Complacency is something that you don’t want to fall victim to in any business. LimeCrime has been the fuel of the cosmetics industry for the past few years, and it looks to be getting stronger with time. Since its inception, the company has added many unique products to its already packed lineup.

The all-new Venus XL eyeshadow palette is one of its latest and greatest creations. As its motto states, “this is the ultimate grunge-shadow palette.” This hot product is very innovative as it only requires one swipe for complete coverage. Its bronzed-neutral hues are a sight to behold and consumers can choose between 18 of the most gorgeous shadows. This includes Eden (rusty rose), Nu Classic (bronzed brown), Passion (bright raspberry), Flora (deep coral), Scallop (soft-warm pink), Goddess (dusty rose), Celestial (gold sparkle), Inspire (metallic berry), Triumph (muted cranberry) and many others. In addition to that, there are four amazing finishes that come in matte sparkle, in matte butter, in metallic and in glow.

LimeCrime is revolutionary to a certain degree, and it doesn’t mind being 100 percent vegan. This offers the user some extra reassurance, especially if you just so happen to be sensitive to makeup products. The company has never tested any of its products on animals thanks to being animal cruelty-free. These two attributes alone has helped to solidify the company as one of the best and as one of the most promising brands for growth.

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