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Evolution of Smooth- Vegan Products.

In terms of lip balm, Evolution of Smooth’s new vegan flavors is a new balm that is on the market. Lip balm’s new products appeal to customers who have not been able to sample these products in the past. The new crystal vegan flavors are see through. Long time customers can now really benefit from the new products. The beeswax has been removed on the products. The products sold out online as soon as they were released, according to the Instagram site.  Read this interesting article.

EOS seems to sell products at the lowest possible prices. They started by being available for retail at Walgreens and Walmart…and also celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have been using them. The most popular products have been Hibiscus Peach, and Vanilla Orchid. The lip balms also have a lot of Jojoba oil. The EOS lip balms are designed to feel comfortable in your hand. The global sales of Evolution of Smooth have been very strong, and this has helped the product. Evolution of Smooth has reached $250 million company status, and has really replaced Chapstick on the market.  Learn more about the product,  check

Evolution of Smooth has kept their customer based and expanded into new markets, and this portends well for the future. They are a company to watch.  Read what their satisfied clients say, click on

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Popular flavors of the EOS lip balm Sphere

Evolution of smooth– the company’s acronym- wanted to make a product that tailored to the everyday experience. The company used consumer research from women who complained about their lip balm tubes becoming lost in their bags or rolling off surfaces. This is where EOS began to rethink the format from the ground up. They took the issues and developed a product that engaged all five senses. This had been done by paying attention to the soft round packaging, eye catching colors, the smells, and even to the sound the sphere made when it is closed.

Many people love the feel of how smooth it goes on. The EOS lip balm doesn’t leave a heavy waxy film on top of the lips but feels light and crisp. Plus! It is easy to keep track of and the flavors are of a wide range!

Sweet Mint

Sweet Mint is exactly how the name suggests. It is sweet and easy on the nose with it’s soft mint smell and taste. Most people notice a feeling of their lips being plump. If the smell of candy canes is what you enjoy this should be right up your alley with it’s light texture, smell, and taste.

Strawberry Sorbet

This lip balm has a delightful and feminine smell of strawberries. The sweet flavor is really enjoyable because it is light and sweet. It has the a delightful smell of strawberries that doesn’t make it overwhelming.  Check for more.

Honeysuckle honeydew

When first applying this flavor to your lips you get a pleasant smell of melon. The taste is very flavorful with a lick of the lips. Not only is the smell and taste absolutely refreshing but it is light on the lips with its smooth moisturizing feel. Follow EOS on

Vanilla Mint

This one is like vanilla ice cream but it’s a vanilla mint ice cream. The warmth of the smell would be perfect for those who love the smell of baked goods but also that refreshing healing sensation of mint.  Useful link here on

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