Betsy De Vos’ impact on education.

Betsy De Vos is Donald Trump’s secretary for education. she was born into a wealthy family in the year 1958. Betsy was raised in Holland at the Christian Reformed Church, a Dutch dominated society near the shores of Lake Michigan. she attended a Christian School, Calvin Colege in the Grand Rapids. Betsy was married to Dick De Vos, a former gubernatorial aspirant who’s family is the co-founder of Amway.


Before rescinding of a federal policy by president Trump, Betsy had a meeting with representatives of the gay and transgender employees. This aimed at warning them of what was about to happen. The federal policy allowed transgender students in schools to use toilets that matched their gender. an aide assured the employee in Betsy’s presence that she was resistant to the move as it had been reported according to those briefed in a meeting on Wednesday. Betsy, however, did not publicly show that there had been a disagreement within the Trump led administration or that she had objected the move. she was present when the announcement of the bill was made.


However, people who have known Betsy for a long time as a schools charter and school vouchers advocate, as well as the chairperson of the Republican Party in Michigan, warn against the idea that she is a meek team player. They say that she might look gracious in public even when faced with setbacks. to the contrary, she earned a name as a relentless and effective political fighter in her home state. This is through the use of her family’s fortune to deal with enemies and reward those that supported her. She also used the wealth to work behind scenes to make things move in her favor and remove the lawmakers who opposed her from their seats of duty.


A former state Attorney general and Republican say that back in Michigan, Betsy has instilled fear in many people. this is not because of her wealth but because of her determination to achieve once her mind is set on a goal. Her lack of public schools’ connections has been noted by those opposing her. Since she as well as her husband and children attended a public school, it is hard for her to relate to problems average families face to attain education.


for over Thirty years, Betsy has fought to direct tax revenue to charter schools from public schools. charter schools rely on revenue from the government yet they are privately operated outside the structure of public schools. according to opponents, Charter schools are a way of undermining Public education by denying it access to resources. supporters of Betsy say that funding a Chater school is a way of encouraging competitiveness in the public education for improvement. As a result of her efforts, Detroit has the largest number of Charter schools in the country. A number of these schools produce poor results but still, the demand is exceeded by the supply. At the same time, Detroit has the worst conditions of public schools, these conditions are continuously deteriorating. Learn more: