Banyan Hill Publishing Is Aided By Ted Bauman’s Financial Expertise

When it comes to the financial and investment industries, most people get prepared for it out of college and spend many years perfecting their craft. Ted Bauman is a leading financial advisor at Banyan Hill Publishing that did nothing of the sort. Instead, after Ted completed his basic education in the United States, he moved to South Africa to earn a higher education from Cape Town University. He studied economics, which is the right path of a financial advisor, but he instead went to work for various non-profit organizations around South Africa. This was the basis of Ted’s career for more than 20 years while he traveled across the east to help the generation population through his services.

Ted Bauman didn’t become a full-fledged financial advisor until 2013 and his reasoning is because he has a desire to help others succeed where many are trying to keep them down instead. It is not necessarily easy to be a good investor, but it is much more manageable when one has the right advice to start with and build off of in the future. Society and its citizens are directly influenced by the economics and politics which are influenced by corporations and money. Because of this, many people are at a disadvantage and Ted Bauman intends to bridge the gap of information out there.

As a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is able to reach thousands of people in the financial industry with his expertise and over the years he has helped many people start their careers. With his weekly newsletters coming out, tens of thousands of people are able to keep up with the latest stocks and bonds information as well as investment strategy. The Bauman Letter is Ted’s most popular newsletter and it has also become one of the most popular on the Banyan Hill platform.

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