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Eric Lefkofsky’s Passion For Cure For Cancer Translated Into Business Reality

The world is increasingly getting more perplexing, complicated and unfathomable, and it’s a bit reassuring to know that there are people like Eric Lefkofsky who are trying to make sense of all these complexities and help people benefit from its changes. That said, Mr. Lefkofsky hopes to help battle cancer with the company he started called Tempus Labs, and right now, his company’s focus on big data is what’s driving the growth of his company today.

The Big Data Contribution

We know that in the effort to make sense of all the information available today, we need big machines. These big machines require what is called Big Data, and Mr. Eric’s Tempus Labs is no different. Tempus Labs is based in Chicago that Mr. Eric founded to offer all the methods, solutions and big data platforms to make it easy for doctors and researchers to find ways to address the big issues involving all sorts of cancer.

In a report from Release Fact, we learned that it is in Eric’s reliance in Big Data that he’s able to offer assistance to big cancer research groups, such as National Cancer Institute. Its focus on Big Data is also what’s making the company part of the top ten best health tech companies today. With Tempus Labs’ solutions for sequencing of tumors, biopsy, medical imaging and characterization of immune systems, its solutions put themselves on top of the most necessary medical procedures people are paying for.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Eric is the co-founder of Tempus, as well as its distinguished and scrappy Chief Executive Officer. His work in Tempus Labs’ growth is directed towards building a robust operating system that can find ways to battle all sorts of cancer. To put it in another way, Mr. Eric wants to find a cure for cancer, which is one of the most ambitious things that any entrepreneur would love to do.

In detail, what Mr. Eric is also trying to do is bridge the gap between tech, commerce and passionate service, and this drive to find such solutions is what’s making him develop other companies, too. These include disruptive technologies companies, like Uptake Technologies, of which he is the co-founder.

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OSI Industries Opens Up a Brand New High Production Facility in the Philippines

OSI Industries believes its job of supplying locally raised and processed meats is never over, and this last June of 2017 they built on their already dominant capabilities by opening a new plant in the Philippines. This new plant is managed by their sister company GenOSI and is going to serve a large volume of new restaurants in the Philippines and nearby countries. This new plant is able to output 23,000 metric tons in a year, and it’s bringing in nearly all the workers who served at the old plant not far away. OSI Industries Chairman Sheldon Lavin is excited about what the new plant will do for the area and states that the high production with commitment to safety will continue.

OSI Industries began in Chicago where it is still headquartered today. Its original name was Otto & Sons, a family name started by its first owner Otto Kolschowsky. Kolschowsky moved into the area at the turn of the century as he saw an opportunity to make money in the meat marketing industry, and 17 years after opening his initial shop he had a large-scale market center running. He passed the ownership on to his sons by the 1940s and into the 1950s, and it was then that they were given their biggest chance to gain profits by forming a partnership with McDonald’s. This partnership led to the bringing on of financial consultant Sheldon Lavin who helped fund the building of a high capacity plant and later took over as CEO. By the mid 1980s Otto & Sons became renamed to OSI Industries as a statement of Otto and Sons going international.

OSI Industries began primarily with its base in beef processing but its focused on adding chicken farms and increasing poultry in recent years. The company has even moved beyond meats to include vegetable entrees and sauces catered in its packages, and its food research engineers and specialists work closely with local sales merchants to create the foods they want for their supermarket or restaurant businesses. But OSI Industries also wants to add jobs to every expansion they make, and an example of this was when they bought a former Tyson Food plant in south Chicago and kept the employees who feared their jobs would be in jeopardy. OSI is currently the 10th largest meat processing company in the world according to a food magazine, and its also the main supporter for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

TMS Health Solutions Electrify

TMS Health Solutions strives every day to make a commitment to the individuals with challenging mental health issues. The medical professionals who work in TMS Health Solutions devote their experiences to the research in treating their patients.

Clinical Depression can cause isolation in many patients. They can cut themselves off from the outside world, may become confused and even suicidal. Individuals with depression may suffer from a tremendous amount of pain and won’t want to get out of bed. A person with depression may tend to hide their feelings by telling people that they’re doing fine. Their family and friends may not even realize there’s a problem.

TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Therapy is a new and innovative therapy that has begun to unravel throughout the psychology world. Magnetic stimulation is a procedure that requires electromagnets to be set in place in the area of the brain that stabilizes mood sensitivity. Magnetic pulses are delivered to stimulate the nerves. The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes every day. It’s been approved by the FDA and produces no serious side effects other than a headache and slight discomfort from the electro pulses. Most individuals don’t have these side effects after the first time or two. TMS Therapy treatment generally lasts about four to eight weeks depending on the patient’s response to the electromagnets. Individuals who have TMS Therapy can resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure. TMS Therapy is not to be confused with electroconvulsive therapy, known as “shock therapy”, this type of therapy is mainly used in seizure patients to relax the muscles. Its side effects are confusion and memory loss and do require a longer recovery time with primary care physicians. TMS Therapy is a safer procedure and doesn’t require a recovery time. Patients are able to resume normal daily activities.

TMS Therapy differs from taking antidepressants. It’s a procedure that pertains mainly to the scalp, therefore, no medication is needed for the procedure. Another upside to TMS Therapy is the fact that it doesn’t enter the bloodstream like taking medications will do. This procedure is done simply to the effect of an MRI and will not work with magnets in the household, please don’t try this at home. It’s a procedure that needs to be completed by medical professionals. Not everyone will benefit from TMS Therapy, it’s always important to consult the primary physician before starting the procedure.

The Work and Volunteer Life of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and angel investor. He has a history of co-founding early-stage healthcare companies: Pipeline RX, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions. Chackerian’s primary position is Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC where his focus is in investing in early-stage health companies.

Ara Chackerian is very committed to redesigning the United States’ Healthcare system. So, he invests in companies he believes will contribute to the process of redesigning the system. Chackerian not only co-founded Pipeline RX, he also served as the company’s Executive Chairman. He served as the Chief Executive Officer for BMC Diagnostics and as the Executive Chairman of TMS Health Solutions. Chackerian served as the Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical.

Pipeline RX is a national 24/7 clinical telepharmacy conforming to Joint Commission National Standards. BMC Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic imaging services is located in Emeryville, California. BMC Diagnostics performs MRIs, ultrasounds and bone density testing for patients in the hospital and outpatients. TMS Health Solutions is a northern California-based provider of outpatient personalized psychiatry and other related services including, transcranial magnetic stimulation and psychopharmacology in the process of treating schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorder.

Ara Chackerian has twenty years of experience with taking healthcare companies from startup to flourishing businesses. At 49, he has co-founded and served as an executive at several healthcare companies. Chackerian is committed to environmental causes like Limonapa, SA – a reforestation Teak plantation in Nicaragua. He is also involved in youth development. He volunteers with JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua and Nor Luyce. Check out norluyce

JUMA Ventures operates concessions at sports and entertainment events. Youth are employed to work at those events, which exposes them to a day or an evening out and they learn how to work, earn money and they get a close look at how to support themselves financially. CREA Nicaragua is an empowerment organization dedicated to giving the people of the Limon, Nicaragua region the tools they need to get educated. Nor Luyce is mentoring program with one year for each step of the system. Ara Chackerian volunteers for these programs because he cares about the youth of the world. You can visit their Facbook page.

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The Role of TMS Health Solutions in Handling Cases of Depression

TMS Health Solutions Company delivers the services in the circle of psychiatry advice. The main feature that defines the operations of the institution is the system that handles medication on the matters of depression. Additionally, the organization analyzes the mental fitness of the people that are affected by the cases of depression in the community. TMS Health Solutions, through its excellent leadership, has set in place the qualified individuals who rea concern in drafting the objectives of the organization and making sure they are achieved within the right time frame. All the workers that are serving in the institution are well fit in various field and put all the efforts to set the goals of the TMS Health Solutions at the right niche. The number of the patients that are visiting the TMS Health Solutions are referred from other institution after not receiving any response to the treatment. The effort that has been put by the organization has been lauded in the society. The inadequate response to the treatment by the patients is termed as Treatment-Resistant Depression. The dedication set by the leadership of the company has made it appear at the peak point in the Northern California on matters of treating patients with cases of depression.

The factor that has made the team of leaders at the TMS Health Solutions is to overcome the challenges faced by the people affected by the incidents of depression in the community. The measures that have been set in place by the institution assures the patients the perfect ways to overcome depression. The changes that have been established by the firm was from the earlier term of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to TMS Health Solutions. The move indicates the commitment that integrated into the system to serve in the therapy field and treating the cases of depression. The company has boosted its services by setting up the small branches in other parts of the United States who are controlled by the head office. The concept behind the success of the TMS Health Solutions is the excellent coordination of the information among its departments. Furthermore, the firm has embraced the modern means of technology in serving its clients. The company has found therapy as an option for the people who do not respond to antidepressants. Most of the people who have been treated with TMS therapy have testified.

TMS Health Solutions Company has utilized the modern technology in coming up with the solution for the people affected by depression.

PSI Pay: The U.K.’s Leading FinTech Company

PSI pay a financial payment solutions company has been in operation since 2007. The company has emphasized transparency efficiency and clarity and are driven by a professional team of industry experts with extensive experience in the banking and payment industry.

They were licensed as a payment institution in the year 2007 and were authorized as an electronic money institution in 2011 they are currently monitored authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority to issue electronic money throughout the European Union.

The business philosophy of PSI pay is the empowerment of their partners to do their best ability everything it is that they do whether it be sales marketing distribution or management of their payment programs. With a specialization in the management of activities involving MasterCard, they are able to offer any level of support needed by their partners depending on the required regulatory level.

PSI pay is dedicated to innovation within the payment industry of financial services and just announced a partnership in 2016 with the company Kerv wearables and are now in the process of developing the world first contactless payment ring which will be available worldwide. This partnership will allow the use of the contactless payment ring in over 38 million locations across the globe. In addition to contactless payments users of the product may also be able to use their virtual card to make virtual purchases. Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI pay, stated in an interview that they are incredibly pleased to have been able to work with Kerv. They are excited to have been able to create a unique new payment device that is not only more convenient but has more features in regards to transport data sharing and control.

PSI pay the United Kingdom’s leading regulated financial technology company was happy to announce that 2015 was its best fiscal year on record. They have been able to complete a strategic overall as well as develop new and improved robust supplier relationships as well as of more significant investment in technological abilities with a particular specialization in the security of the technology. For the year of 2015, the volume of business was increased by 29% with income revenues of bio astounding 45%. Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI pay, stated that this has been due to a concerted team effort and demonstrated the quality of the staff they have. With the primary drivers for the growth being there professional promotional campaigns in the successful launch of affiliate programs in addition to their expansion into new countries of operation.

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TMS Health Solutions Is Working To Treat Clinical Depression With Its TMS Therapy And Other Effective Treatments

TMS Health Solutions looks to treat patients with mental health conditions; including those who suffer from clinical depression. Its team is full of highly-qualified healthcare professionals who have immersed themselves in the mental health field and who use a broad range of successful therapies including TMS Therapy. Many people who suffer from mental health conditions have a hard time seeking the help they need, but the team at TMS Health Solutions makes it easy by operating a patient-centered care center.

TMS Health Solutions was launched in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes who was looking for a way to put together a group practice that offered its patients care that was focused primarily on their needs. TMS continually educates itself and its staff on newer paradigm-changing therapies and treatments that can have the desired effect on their patients. Generally speaking, what TMS has been able to accomplish is nothing short of remodeling the way that group psychiatric care works and functions in today’s world. The hope of Bermudes and the people he works with is to be able to make psychiatric treatments, like TMS Therapy, available to anyone who needs them, including those who suffer alone with clinical depression.

TMS Health Solutions has made it so its TMS Therapy is covered by a majority of the health insurance plans that exist, and the organization is known to focus in on each patient and give them options as well as to advocate for them to make sure they are receiving the care they need. This means that many patients who don’t have health insurance have been able to obtain the financial resources they needed in times of crisis to get the care that could change their life through TMS Health Solutions. By partnering with a patient’s therapist, psychiatrist, or other care provider, the healthcare organization has, time and time again, been able to work with patients to get them on the right kind of treatment plan.

One of TMS Health Solutions major focuses is on clinical depression, which is also referred to as Major Depressive Disorder. This very serious condition effects a significant part of the population of the United States and the world at-large and causes people to suffer from anxiety and feelings that the world would be better off without them. A little than less than half of the people who suffer from clinical depression have not been able to find a solution from medications, and this is a part of what makes TMS Therapy the revolutionary treatment that could be the answer for countless people with no hope.

Get The Benefits Of Growing Your Finances In A Secure Account

Becoming a part of a reliable financial network is a great opportunity to ensure that your money is working for you. NexBank is backed with over $40 million dollars in assets and are proudly expanding the personal growth of their financial institution. They are spearheaded by John Holt, president and CEO and he is adamant about bringing other leadership professionals to his team. Their stock holders are confident about their expansion and backs them up 100%. Your money has the opportunity to experience maximum growth while sitting in a savings account and earning 1.9% interest. They ensure that their customers are their number one priority.

NexBank Customer Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Anytime access

– Transfer money in between accounts

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– Commercial accounts

and more…

There are other local financial institutions that charge lengthy fees that cause you to end up paying out a large portion of your hard earned money. Celebrity endorsed financial institutions always trickle down the cost of hiring a celebrity to their customers in fees. Avoid these fees by becoming a member of the highly popular NexBank financial institution. Their growth is due to their high level of customer service and not celebrity advertisements.

Are you experiencing huge student loan debt? NexBank offers their customers over 1,600+ college savings programs that are used by hundreds of students and their parents. These features are available through a partnership with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. They are proud to assist their customers in college tuition and expenses. You can also learn more about their first-time homeowner program offered through NexBank and Dallas, based Habitat For Humanity. Get lower interest rates and monthly mortgage payments by visiting the exclusive NexBank website today.

How To Choose A Reliable Financial Institution

When choosing a bank or other financial institution, it’s imperative to consider reputation and types of service offered. Nexbank is one of the leading financial institutions in the industry and comes highly recommended.

NexBank Capital is a reputable financial institution in Dallas, Texas, that provided a wide variety of financial products and services. Nexbank announced the completion of their $54 million deal, involving its subordinated notes and certain high net worth investors.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable or reputable bank in the Dallas, Texas, area you need to consider Nexbank. Whether you want to leave your current bank or you are moving and want to start with a new bank, it’s extremely important to do your research before choosing one.

Choosing a bank is not something to be handled lightly. Many people like to choose a single financial institution for all of their banking needs, so it is advisable to do your research and consider your needs before selecting a financial institution.

For checking, consider getting an account with no monthly fee. Some financial institutions, as an incentive for customers to keep their retirement and savings accounts in the same place, allow customers to avoid monthly fee if they maintain a minimum balance across all the accounts.

If you want a bank for personal accounts only, your needs may be different than a person who wants a bank for business as well. Also, you may want to take into consideration whether or not you will need a car loan or mortgage.

By determining what services or financial products you know you need, it will become easy to narrow down your choices. Also, make sure to gather information from several financial institutions so that you can review it at your convenience, and always look for a bank that is insured.

Nexbank is a highly regarded bank is a great choice for residents of Dallas and surrounding areas. Nexbank has been providing excellent services and numerous customer rave about the top notch service they receive from the team of professionals at this bank.