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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with some other firms to create awareness concerning prostate cancer and also conduct some screenings to at least two thousand men that vail themselves in the specific areas that the companies released during the announcement. Apart from partnering with the National Football League Alumni Association, the firm will also work closely with the LabCorp firm, which will help them in conducting the free prostate specific antigen screening to identify any possible traces of the disease in the individuals that will be involved in the entire process.

Due to the high risks that men fall of contracting the disease, particularly those in their late years, a number of the NFL Head coaches will take part in the prostate prep talk campaigns, to increase the awareness on the many risks of prostate cancer to men. Among the head coaches that will take part in the process include, Harm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher. Besides, those involved in the screenings will also receive counseling from the experts in cases where they are diagnosed with disease to ensure that they do not get traumatized as a result of the diagnosis. The patients will also be referred to prestigious hospitals for further treatment just in case they show signs of the prostate cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has offered help to many people living with cancer for a vast number of years and believed that cancer affects every individual differently, and as a result, every cancer patients must give a specialized care to address their demands efficiently. The firm has always strived to use an integrative approach in treatment of cancer and seeks to use the most modern technology to address the issues of their patients. The firm’s team of experts are also dedicated towatrtowardsing the best services to their patients.

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The Benefits Of A Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school network that was founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. Its first school was opened in 2007 in a church in San Jose, California, and since then, several more schools have been started in areas that include Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nashville, Tennessee and Washington, DC. And because of its popularity and progress, over 400 parents in the Redwood City, California area campaigned to have one of these schools built there in 2015.

Personalized learning and talent development are two of the things that are offered at Rocketship schools, and parents are encouraged to be involved with their children’s educational needs by actively participating in helping them to continue to progress, and by communicating with their teachers and holding them accountable when it comes to the methods they use to teach their children based on their individual learning abilities.

The founders of Rocketship Education are thought to be the pioneers of personalized learning, and the school is classified as an innovative alternative school that serves low-income students and communities. It has 15,000 students, and its low-income population is around 85%. The non-profit school is considered to be a high performing one in underserved communities that have limited access to the best educational institutions.

There are approximately 1,000 employees at Rocketship Education schools, and they are provided with continual training that helps them to better serve their students. The employees’ opinions are valued, which is one reason why they enjoy working there. The school also has teacher appreciation days to honor the educators who go above and beyond to provide students with what they need to succeed at learning at their own rate.

Rocketship Education offers an excellent public school education, which is most likely why it expanded so quickly in the San Jose, California area, where six more schools were opened up within a 5 year period after its first school was started there. Its been in operation for 10 years, and the employees are continuing to learn how to better serve the students and communities that are involved with the successful alternative school.

Tony Petrello Applies Corporate Law To Achieve Success At Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is an oil and natural gas drilling industry that is located in Bermuda. The organization has been in the business of oil exploration in different parts of the world for many years, and in the process, it has managed to win numerous awards as a leader in the industry. Providing quality services to clients is a matter that requires aptness and inclusion of advanced technology into the operations that are undertaken by the company in the various regions where it conducts oil exploration.

While the company is in most cases approached by clients from the United States, it has managed to penetrate into other regions of the world to the point that it has been able to set itself apart as a competitive leader in the oil exploration segment. Oil and geothermal drilling is an expensive undertaking that usually requires excellent input from the associated stakeholders. Nabors Industries borrows its successful record of operation from the fact that it has been involved in the exploration activities for many decades. As a result, better methods of oil exploration have continually been adopted over the years as technology changed.

Oil and Natural gas play a significant role in manufacturing industry as they help to provide the energy that is typically required to support machinery operations. Anthony Petrello, on the other hand, is an individual who has managed to rise to the top of the oil industry as an organizational leader who understands what should be infused into the process of exploration so that satisfactory results can end up being obtained.

Tony Petrello’s career started in legal industry, and this helped him to understand legal stipulations that are associated with corporations. When he took over the management of Nabors Industries, he undertook matters in a manner that strictly adhered to the law. Tony Petrello is not only a company leader, but he is also a lawyer. In that way, he has mastered the art of maneuvering through the corporate industry by applying the right techniques.

Tony Petrello initially worked at Backer and Mackenzie Law Firm for about 12 years before proceeding to join Nabors Industries in the capacity of chief operating officer. His initial position at Nabors industries enabled him to understand how all activities are undertaken, and as a result, he efficiently managed to take over the full leadership of the company in the position of the president back in 1992.

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Redefining The OSI Group

Who Is Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin Is the CEO of the OSI Group.

He’s respected as a pioneer in the food processing industry because of his pst work history. The success of sheldon today is also a clear factor to support reputation. Sheldon doesn’t rely solely on his past work to make the impact he does today.

Prior to working the food processing industry, Sheldon was a successful financial profession. He was not only fully employed, he also became the founder of his own investment venture. International investment is what Sheldon invested in, and those basic skills he learned are used in business today.

What is the OSI Group?

The OSI group is the world’s largest food processing organization. The company ha an expansive history that stems from industrial era innovation and the food supply of the world. The manufacture solely works in meats though are known for other packaged goods.

This meat producer uses cooling technology and hold market shares across the globe. The agency is led by Sheldon Lavin and why the compnay’s bran sustain a stong repuation. The 16 plus countires serviced by the OSI group are eveident of the subtantial infaiructur of one sole manufacuture.

Mass Production Of Meat

The mass production of meat take into account very high safety methods. Meat is a product that’s often mixed and then left exposed. Exposed meats are subject to decay and bateriac or other factor that can cause illness. The OSI Group continues to lead the world as a meat producer.

This clear history is evident of a business that also holds to regulation for food testing and preservation.

Began In Germany In 1909

The OSI began in Germany and in 1909. These events occurdd before Sheldon Lavin was able to get involved. This era happened when the indistural revolution have finanly take way and borught tremendous advance s to society. We see it all clear and today. The reolution that OSI broght to the world in 1909 remains.

The legacy of the industrial needs still stand firm and show us much mass production is a part of our live. The OSI Group will continue to teach us this lesson and to continue to lead the meat indsutry in manufacturing.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Latest Brainchild: Tempus

Healthcare costs in the United States are incredibly high, we all (hopefully) are aware of that fact. Yet, seeing the actual numbers on paper is truly staggering. According to a recent Forbes article,the latest costs come in at over $900 billion. The article cited that aging and population growth were a great driver in this number skyrocketing. However, the main cause was just plain higher charges and patient care becoming more expensive.

It seems like a no-brainer that if the medical community and insurance companies worked together those costs could be brought down. That isn’t likely to happen. In fact, the article even cited that it is the actual pricing structure of getting health care that is directly responsible for the nearly unbelievable cost of healthcare in United States.

So, we are left with the healthcare system and the insurance companies at odds, and the loser is the American people. It seems that in order to bring about change we will need a huge disruptor in the healthcare field.

One such disruptor is Tempus, a company that merges healthcare and technology in order to build the largest library of clinical and molecular data that the world has ever seen. In addition to that library, they are using the latest technology to build a universally accessible operations system so that the collected data is immediately accessible to physicians across the globe. Tempus will specifically focus on cancer patients and will utilize a machine learning system that will enable physicians to create highly specialized cancer care treatment plans for each individual patient based on collected big data.

Tempus is the brainchild of Eric Lefkofsky. He is a leader in the technology sector in America and is based out of Chicago. Lefkofsky founded Tempus after noticing that cancer data was being collected for each patient but that there was no centralized system that housed that data and made it available to other physicians.

Outside of the technology sector, Lefkofsky has the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. One of the major goals of the Foundation is to propel highly innovative medical research. Through the launch of Tempus, Lefkofsky is bringing the innovation to life.

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The versatile Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that was co-founded by Kate Hudson in conjunction with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The genesis of Fabletics is in October 2013 when it started offering fresh and new services to the clients. Fabletics deals in various types of wear that fits with the customers’ taste, fashion, and preference. The available is quite representative of the clothing come in all shapes and sizes. They offer sales on clothes such as leggings. They provide active wear for all ages and in a variety of sizes. Fabletics expanded to Europe and France in July 2014 and the services that were given were quite exquisite. The excellent service the company provides has earned it the massive reputation that spans all the years that it has been around. Fabletics provides different types of activewear ranging from the clothes for leisure activities or even athletics. Fabletics covered Canada in September 2014. They could ship to different destinations in the world including Australia. Fabletics can be found in the Netherlands and Spain. Fabletics is a company that has been tried and tested. Fabletics has local dealers who transact locally in the various retailers.

Fabletics has a deep knowledge of the various wears and they have huge leverage on reaching out and then getting the feedback fast. Fabletics has online interfaces that offer reviews from customers. The type of reviews given determines the outcome of the whole process. An excellent mastery of the manipulation of the people is an asset that Fabletics touts. Fabletics has master5d the art of crowdsourcing where the products of the company are accessed online by different people and then the member leave a review of the product in many ways. The good reviews are as a result of efficient reviews that are received from the pool of customers The reviews done by an individual may determine the extent up to which the acquiring of the products reviewed will be taken care of and the customer reliability and loyalty is determined.

The reviews by customers and retention capacity Fabletics helps to market and sell the other related goods. That will improve the level of the business as the framework is always in place at any time. The more serious and heavy the review of the products online translates into more democratic space to source other similar services at a more or less the same price though in a more convenient way. The number of followers that are found on the particular account will eventually determine the probability of the business is viable or not because the end result is based on the kind of reviews that are found there. The trust vested in the reviews allows more purchases by the clients because the client has most of the information at hand.

Genuine reviews enable a business to grow financially. This is because many prospective customers will rely heavily on the available data and the drawing their purchasing from the availability of the commodity and the existence of discounts. The reviews submitted to the give the status of Fabletics are vital to the lifespan and impact the company has on many people.

Talk Fusion Leverages Strategic Collaboration to Broaden Reach

HuffPost recently rebranded. It changed its name and updated its mission statement in a renewed effort to include more people in conversations. One of the iconic supporters of the new move is the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. He has joined the contributor’s stable on the new HuffPost with two articles already posted. The rebranding efforts align with Bob Reina’s strategy of continuous innovation to achieve success.



Speaking during the news release, the Talk Fusion founder restated his primary objective. He prepares people to overcome evolving barriers through awareness, leadership, and philanthropy. He has been contributing numerous articles covering entrepreneurship, digital marketing, leadership and personal development to the online publisher for over a year. He has extensive experience in direct sales and technology-based business communication. He brings a unique perspective to the news platform that will positively impact a broader audience.



Bob Reina is also a sought-after motivational speaker. He is excited at the opportunity to extend his message to over 200 million new readers at the news publisher. Similarly, he continues to share informative and insightful articles with thousands of Talk Fusion customers and associates.



The collaboration with HuffPost offers multiple mutual benefits to both parties. Talk Fusion provides revolutionary digital marketing and technology solutions that enable businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition.



Similarly, by leveraging cutting-edge video marketing solutions, companies can grow sales and enhance customer loyalty. Video adds a powerful punch to business communications. It makes them more engaging, impressive and convincing.



Bob Reina founded the firm in 2007. He has overseen the company’s rapid growth to become the leading provider of video email marketing and visual communications solutions. The company is committed to supporting community development initiatives including family, friends and animal shelters globally. The firm enjoys the support of independent associates in over 140 countries around the world.



They employ direct selling strategies to market the firm’s pioneering products. Some of the offerings include video chat, live meetings, video email and lead capture solution among numerous others. The video solutions are optimized to provide compelling experiences on any device or platform with real-time analytics. Check out the online portal at for a no-obligation chance to try the products before you buy.


The Rise of OSI to Become a Major Player in the Global Food Processing Industry

The OSI is a premier company trusted by the world’s leading retail stores for the provision of healthy value-added food products. The OSI Group is a leading player in the food processing industry both in America and on the global platform. OSI is a privately owned company that primarily focuses on food processing, value addition and the same time does custom food product development for its clients globally. Unlike other food companies, the OSI is fully involved in the production of the food they sell from sourcing to the distribution of its products through the company’s highly sophisticated global chain management system.

The OSI has been termed to be one of Americas top 100 companies across all industries and is in the same league with successful tech companies such as Apple Inc. OSI has grown to become a global corporation that has an excess of 65 facilities across 17 different countries. Other than that, OSI takes pride in creating employment opportunities that cut boundaries as the jobs they create aren’t limited to the food industry alone. As of now, the company has an excess of 20,000 salaried personnel across these 17 countries. It should be noted that all its facilities though in different locations, focus on the same goal of making customized food products for OSI’s clients. Its growth is also visible with the recent acquisition of Baho Food and the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant.

OSI group provides unrivaled consistency and responsiveness aimed at meeting the various diverse and tailored needs of its broad client base. The company does tailor processing of foods ranging from meat, vegetables, fruits and other protein-based foods. When it comes to the processing of these foods, the OSI group focuses on the specific requirements of the firm’s clients. Unlike other companies, OSI’s mission is to always deliver a delight for every client they serve, and this explains why a lot of focus is put in understanding the detailed requirements of their clients.

Some of the products the company provides comprise of fried foods that include, chicken fried steak, fritters, tofu and taquitos. The company’s business aspect aside, OSI has continually put a lot of focus on environmental conservation throughout its operations. Thanks to the efforts and policies the company has put in place to ensure that their activities are in line with ecological preservation and sustainability, the company has gained mainstream recognition.


High-Quality Interior Decor With Richard Mishaan Design

In 1991, Richard Mishaan, a New York based interior designer, established a company that is now known for classic designs. Richard Mishaan Design focuses on high-end, quality products that range in restaurant interior design, hospitality, retail design and residential design. His focus has been highly regarded and his name tops the list of the best interior designers in the world.

Profile of operation

Mishaan understands the value of taking care of his clients. His classic designs have played a key role in establishing his portfolio at work. Mishaan has chaired some of the world’s largest interior designer projects. He has been instrumental in taking super-spirited styles when it comes to interior creation. Mishaan has made it in this business. He has been keen on understanding the values of client retention. He has also been able to internalize some of the best projects that cannot be matched by ordinary designers. What sets him apart is his passion for creating high-quality designs.

Service delivery

Mishaan specializes in the development of co-existing colours and space creation. He has mastered the art of sticking to the theme of the background. Perhaps, that is why Mishaan has been applauded for his works as an interior designer. His clients are of a high calibre. Mishaan deals with opulence and character development to bring out some of the best themes in a design. He has always featured some of the best styles that most clients have appreciated. Mishaan understands that clients are different and that these needs come in different budgets. Although his styles are extremely demanding, he has room for average budgets as well. Mishaan has a broad spectrum of service delivery dockets that feature high-end designs. That is why he is praised for his input in interior design.


Mishaan adores style and interior design. That is why he has been featured in multiple publications as a designer and creator of the world’s leading designs. He focuses on what can bring life into the selected theme.

How does Freedom Debt Relief Compare?

People are having a very crucial question since since there several debt consolidation companies were established last decade. Their ultimate question is whether these companies are genuine and if they represent a real solution to financial problems. Though not all consolidators are created equally, Freedom Debt Relief would seem to be a company that provides individuals with legitimate access to a practical solution. The problem for most people who run into debt is that it can be overwhelming. Freedom Debt Relief could make debt more manageable, and this is a huge first step.

Organization is key

When you are looking to pull yourself out of a debt hole, it pays to have an organized approach. All too often, consumers think that they can just stumble into a solution. They don’t realize that many lenders set up the system so that they’ll be trapped for years to come. If you have a plan, you’ll be able to work toward an attainable goal. Freedom Debt Relief is not merely a fly-by-night company designed to offer hopes and dreams. Instead of ripping off customers, Freedom Debt Relief is in the business of providing organized plans to people who legitimately want to work their way out of debt.

When debt piles up, consumers end up wasting a pile of money on all sorts of different things. They waste money on late charges, over the limit fees, and other default fees. Freedom Debt Relief is one of the debt settlement companies that provides a legitimate answer for people who find themselves in this position. Consumers wondering if it is legit should rest easy knowing that customers are walking away satisfied every day.

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