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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus

Eric Lefkofsy is a very prolific entrepreneur. He has co-founded several companies including the very popular Groupon, Uptake Technologies and the ground breaking Tempus, an operating system that’s fighting cancer with technology. The goal of Tempus is to gather a full range of RNA-seq capture and germline data after receiving two weeks to three weeks of patient samples. The information for about 50,000 patients per year is then entered into a data base. Redefining how doctors treat patients with the use of genomic data. Instead of only using information gathered as they treat individual patients, Tempus would afford physicians access to data in multiple cases of cancer that they would immediately access. Tempus’ goal is to provide doctors with the knowledge and tools to treat patients as a result of information gathered from the treatment of others, all secured in an easy access database.

Tempus performs these important tasks through the leadership exerted by the efforts of a skilled group of professional men and women.

1) Cofounder and acting chief operating officer

2) A PhD is the president who overseas scientific operations.

3) An MD is the Chief Medical Office leading clinical activities.

4) An MD is the Director of Pathology and medical lab operations.

5) An Executive Vice President and general counsel is also part of the leadership team.

6) Tempus also has a Senior Vice President of engineering.

7) Tempus also has a fulltime Chief Operating Officer.

8) Its Chairman of the Scientific Board is also an MD.

9) Tempus also uses the guidance of its Scientific Advisor.

Tempus is helping doctors and healthcare professionals make personalized, data-driven treatment decisions. Tempus uses a patient’s genetic code and highly advanced genomic sequencing aid doctors in understanding a patient’s cancer.

Tempus collects and analyzes a significant amount of genomic data with statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms. This effort has unveiled opportunities that have been used to assist a patient’s physician allowing him or her to provide more precisely targeted and personalized medicine. Thus compilation of data is used to help doctors create a better plan of care and treatment for those suffering from breast cancer and the other common cancers in the lung and pancreas, with a plan to include a greater variety of cancer types in the near future.


How Vincent Parascandola Leadership Skills Has Led To the Growth of AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the current executive vice president of AXA advisors which is a limited liability company based in the united states. As the executive vice president, some of his responsibilities entail the recruiting, retention development of fresh and experienced financial professionals. Other than these duties Vincent Parascandola is also responsible for sales and product development at AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola prides himself of an exemplary career spanning more than 25 years in his field. When he started out, he was employed by Prudential insurance an agent back in 1987. Thanks to the hard work and dedication, he put to his work, on that same year Vincent Parascandola was named as the rookie of the year. In 1990, Vincent joined another insurance firm (MONY life) where he served in the positions of regional and local management positions before moving to AXA advisors.

Before assuming the role of the divisional president. Vincent Parascandola acted as the president of Advantage Group which is a subsidiary of AXA Advisors. The purpose of Advantage Group was to attract various skilled and seasonal professionals. Earlier Vincent was the co-manager of the firms New York Metro branch. This branch had 400 plus financial professionals at its disposal.

Vincent Parascandola exceptional leadership has earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. One perfect example is GAMA’s career development awards. Parascandola is also a highly sought after speaker within the financial industry. He has spoken at many corporate and industry conferences. He is also a member of GAMA and the former president of Florida chapter.

According to Rocketreach, Vincent Parascandola obtained his bachelor of science degree from Pace University in New York. Recently he returned to this institution and delivered a remarkable commencement speech for the class of 2014. AXA Advisors are the current brokers that serve as the distribution channel for Equitable life insurance firm which happens to be one of America’s premier providers of quality life insurance together with annuity merchandise. AXA Advisors currently has more than 6,000 financial professionals that provide tailor-made strategies and products that can be used for financial protection. These professional have the experience in asset allocation and real estate planning that helps AXAs clients meet their financial needs.

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Money from George Soros makes the Political World Go Round

In order for good politics to run, those in power need some money to back them. Politics is a very expensive thing, especially when you are running in America. Time and time again candidates go in search of the money needed to take that office. Over the years, Democrats have found a very open purse that is strongly in their favor, George Soros and read full article.

George Soros became a leftist during his time attending the London School of Economics, which he put himself through by working as a waiter and rail way porter. He would graduate from school and go start the Soros Fund Management. According the, that management fund has gained him a bet worth of $25.2 billion. This money would be invested into places that would disrupt republican agendas everywhere and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

According to Business Insider, George Soros has caused such ripples among the Republicans that many are now referring to him as their boogeyman. A few examples will show you why they are saying this.

George Soros, after seeing the destructive presidency of George W. Bush, in 2004 decided that he would come to John Kerry’s aid. Soros than donated $27 million to the cause of the Democrats. While this did indeed greatly boost John Kerry, Kerry ultimately fell short and what George Soros knows.

Soros understand that time heals most things. In this case, time would give him another chance to put a Democrat in the White House. In 2008, Soros decided to back the Illinois Senator, Barrack Hussein Obama. Soros originally was going to back his longtime friend, but for various reasons, felt that Obama would push a more liberal agenda than Clinton. Unfortunately, Soros found this to be untrue after Obama got elected. Soros soured on him. Soros left the political scene for the next eight years to the satisfaction of Republicans. However, when Trump looked like he was going to gain the nomination, Soros returned out of hiding and backed his friend Hillary Clinton to the sum of $25 million and learn more about George Soros.

Soros saw that not only was Clinton in trouble, but so was the entire Democratic Party. He then gave them several million dollars to help boost the election of Democrat senators.

Though the Democrats failed to defeat the Republicans in 2016, Soros decided to make the fight harder on the streets. Soros organized peace rallies in the streets in support of women’s rights and more information click here.

He also donated to the super Pac called Planned Parenthood Votes which specifically gives money to candidates who support abortions rights. He gave to Immigrant Voters Win which lobbies Congress to give Immigrants more voting rights. In addition, he backed a super Pac which seeks to destroy lying Republicans on the campaign trail by fact researching.

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OSI Group Is Still Expanding

The world leading food processing company, OSI Group is not slowing down anytime soon. Despite its widespread operations, it is still purchasing more food companies. One of the newly purchased food company is the Tyson Food, based in Chicago, at $7.4 million. All this is due to the need of creating a wider market and attend to the needs of all their customers. As a result of this growth, the new facilities have enabled the OSI Group to produce more quality products, and increase their daily production.

Europe is not spared either by OSI’s appetite for growth. This is seen through the purchase of the Baho Foods-a Dutch food company.As a result of this purchase, the OSI’s presence in Europe means a wider global market and a successful business. Baho Foods is a manufacturer of snacks and deli meats, with subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands, which is a promising venture for OSI Group.

There are two key players that have made OSI Group the force to reckon with in the food industry. These are David MacDonald, the President, and Sheldon Lavin, the CEO. Under their stewardship, the OSI Group has developed an appetite for growth. It has spread its tentacles to over 16 countries. With the coming of Sheldon, there has been an impetus to succeed. He has tirelessly pushed for its growth. Consequently, he has achieved this through the application of the right strategies. As a result, the strategies have helped OSI Group reach out to its clients and the suppliers. This partnership plays a vital role in helping it identify what the customers want and offer them more choices. This has propelled OSI to be the trendsetter, as the largest privately held company and also the world’s largest protein food processing company.

OSI boasts of extensive years in operation, which has contributed to the high number of loyal customers, and its popularity.What started as a butcher shop in 1909 in Chicago, has now become one of the largest companies with over 25 locations. For decades, it has processed products like meats, beef patties, vegetables, and pizzas. Due to the quality of these products, it has won the name the main supplier to popular brands like subway, MacDonald’s, KFC among other chains of restaurants. This has facilitated its rapid growth in revenue collection of over $ 6.1 billion. Moreover, this is an indication that these leading food chain brands trust OSI to deliver quality products.


Julia Jackson’s Life and Work With the Kendall-Jackson Family Vineyards

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a proprietor at Kendall-Jackson Family Wines, and she is the middle daughter of Founder Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. She currently works within the marketing department, but she also assists the international sales team. Julia is highly trained in the wine arts. She once harvested grapes in Bordeaux, France, and she can recall spending her youth out in the fields with her father during California heat waves.In 2010, Julia graduated from Scripps College with a B.A. in Studio Art. She then attended the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management. She holds a certificate from the Stanford Business School.

The Wide World of Kendall-Jackson Family Vineyards

Kendall-Jackson is well-known in the United States for their excellent Sonoma County wines, but the company also has vineyards in locations around the worlJulia Jacksond. Julia trained at many of them, and this diversity has assisted her in becoming a master of the winemaking process.Julia trained at the Château Lassègue in France during her youth. Other Kendall-Jackson Family Wineries include Capensis in South Africa and Arcanum in Italy. Australia and Chile also have Kendall-Jackson Family Vineyards, and Julia spent considerable time at many of them. Julia also spent time training as a professional sommelier.

Charitable Work

In 2014, Julia founded a non-profit program called Seeds of Empowerment. Every year, Julia’s foundation grants $100,000 to females that strive for societal and eco-friendly change. Seeds of Empowerment seeks to help women affect changes that lead to new opportunities for underprivileged populations.Seeds of Empowerment is part of the Cambria Estate Vineyard and Winery. Women own and operate Cambria, and Julia is one its Founders. The Kendall-Jackson wineries also support over forty different non-profit organizations such as the United Way, the Red Cross, and the Sonoma County Justice Center.

Rick Smith’s Visionary Leadership Solidifies Securus’ Leading Position In Facility Solutions

Rick Smith is the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, a technology company that provides communications and public safety solutions to the prison industry. The company was established in 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas with a presence in Allen and Carrollton in Texas and Georgia. The company has a strong commitment to connecting inmates to their families and associates.The firm’s technology solutions enhance public safety as well as crime prevention in the communities where facilities operate. They also improve the efficiency of correctional facility management. The systems empower authorities with information that helps them prevent and solve crimes. Securus boasts of an experienced team of experts including engineers, designers and technology specialists. The company recently completed the acquisition of payments and lifestyle devices technology company JPay.The move enables Securus to boost its platforms with improved payment platforms, communications and edutainment in facilities.

JPay has a presence in over thirty facilities. Speaking during the announcement, Rick Smith mentioned that the deal took some time to go through the requisite processes. It enables the firm to provide cutting-edge solutions that align with contemporary facilities.The acquisition makes Securus the leading provider of revolutionary payment and communications platforms. The company has a strong focus on inmate welfare. The solutions are favorably priced and secure. Rick Smith takes over the operations of JPay as a wholly owned subsidiary of Securus. He points out that the company has made huge investments in technology to stay ahead of the curve.The firm has made nine strategic acquisitions to put it well ahead of the competitors. The technology platforms allow state agencies to obtain information relating to past and present crimes. Rick Smith reiterated that thousands of communications with customers prove that the systems deliver well and beyond public safety.

The feedback received indicates that the society, inmates, their families and associates, as well as facility managers, are safer than ever before.Rick Smith graduated from the State University of New York. He then proceeded to the University of Rochester where he obtained a master’s degree in business administration. He also attended Brockport State College. Rick Smith has extensive experience in the communications technology space. He has served on the board of various companies such as Integra Telecom and Eschelon Telecom where he has also previously served as President and COO among others.He has served as the CEO of Securus since 2008. He rose to the Chairman position in 2009. Additionally, he has previously held various positions at Global Crossing, a tier-one communications carrier based in Bermuda. He started as a Financial Controller and rose through the ranks to the Vice President of Financial Management title. Rick Smith is poised to solidify the leadership position that Securus Technologies has established in the correctional facilities industry.

NFL Teams Up With Cancer Treatment Centers of America for Prostate Screenings

The National Football League has teamed up with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp to offer free prostate cancer screenings to at-risk men throughout the United States during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and beyond. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, affecting one in every seven men (and one in every five African-American men). The first defense (a topic NFL players and fans know a little something about), is proper and early screening.

From September 1 to October 15, the groups will give away 2,000 free screenings to men over 40 who meet eligibility requirements. After that, men can still sign up a screening for the reduced fee of $25.

The goal is also to increase visibility and awareness of the disease, which experts expect 161,360 men to be newly diagnosed with in 2017 alone. A campaign called Prostate Pep Talk was also launched, featuring legendary NFL coaches like Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil, and Herm Edwards. They filmed Public Service Announcements to raise awareness of the disease and encourage men to get screened.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. They are a national network of five hospitals serving patients fighting cancer. Their goal is to offer modern, integrative approaches to care, utilizing advancements in genomic testing, radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and more.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America serves patients from all around the world in their hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa. With some of the highest patient satisfaction surveys in the industry, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are also regarded as one of the most admired hospital systems in the country and strive to abide by a patient-centered approach.

Julia Jackson, Jackson Family Wines & Vinification

Julia JacksonWine is one of the most sought after and popular beverage on the planet today, and it has been for quite some time. The grapes that are used to produce this tasty drink are in high demand, and they are grown all over the world. Different soils and different climates produce different tastes of wine. Jackson Family Wines has grown into a huge success over the years. This company was started back in the early 1980s. Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson had a dream, and that dream was to produce some of the best tasting wines at an economical cost. Being a family owned and operated business, Jess and Barbara’s kids have gotten into the action, and they haven’t looked back sense. Julia, the youngest daughter, didn’t always have a strong passion for vinification when she was much younger. She dabbed in modeling for a while in Los Angeles, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College.

Julia would also complete the Summer Institute of General Management program at Stanford University. While working in many of the family’s wineries, Julia started to fall in love with the winemaking industry. While living in Bordeaux, FrancJulia Jacksone, she would shadow influential personnel while entrenching herself into the culture. Julia had become so well-verses in French that she actually taught a sixth-grade French class. As of today, Jackson Family Wines have grown a cult following. The Clone 4 Pinot Noir wine is one of the brand’s favorite thanks to its fruity characteristics and spicy cinnamon notes. Julia works as a representative for the company, and she runs her very own nonprofit organization. Seeds of Empowerment celebrates the “woman warrior,” and it donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving organizations on a yearly basis.

Freedom Financial Assesses the Breach of Equifax

It was recently discovered that Equifax, one of the three United States credit monitoring bureaus, was affected by a major breach. In this breach, which is suspected to have affected 143 million Americans, nearly half of the United States population, personal information, such as social security numbers, addresses, as well as birth dates, have possibly been exposed by hackers. In the wake of this major security breach, Andrew Housser released a list of steps that you can take in order to safeguard yourself from exposure due to the breach.

In order to discover whether you have been affected by the recent breach of Equifax, it is encouraged that you visit the Equifax website. In visiting the Equifax website, you will be able to gain a complete understanding of the entire situation involving the breach, as well as the extent to which you have been affected. Registering for free credit monitoring, which will be available until November 21st, is highly recommended, as it will keep you abreast of your personal credit situation during these uncertain times. In contacting Equifax through their website, you may also receive a copy of your personal credit report, putting a freeze on it if you choose to do so. In putting a freeze on your credit report, any person attempting to falsely gain credit on your name should be unsuccessful, as it will be flagged. Utilizing the services of an online financial provider can offer solutions for dealing with issues regarding the recent breach.

Freedom Financial Network was started in 2002 by co-CEOs, Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh, and quickly rose to the forefront in the world of online financial services. Today, it operates with over 1,800 teammates and has helped to resolve of seven billion dollars of debt. The team hopes of continue helping to resolve debt for its customers, increasing the number of teammates in the process.

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The Life and Work of Rick Smith Securus

Securus Technologies Technologies refers to a prison technology firm and is a profit making organization. The fact that the company has been successful in its endeavors has its basis on the availability of effective leadership. Rick Smith serves as the Company’s Chief Executive as well as the President.It is through his effective leadership and ability to put in place appropriate procedures to facilitate the business success in line with offering technological services to promote the protection of the community. Currently, the concentration of the firm is in conjunction with a technology of the civil together with the criminal justice. Looking at it in a more broad perspective, Rick Smith enhances the management of a firm dealing with the provision of remedies related the solution of crime and its prevention. It applies to both the inmates and the free persons.

Notably, Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008 and had served in various capacities over time. He has been receiving elevations all along before reaching the leading position of the company.The success has its roots behind the vast expertise that he acquired from his previous work in other organizations. They include Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he served in different capacities. The positions held during his course of duty here include that of the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, the CEO, and then the President.Earlier on, he became the Frontier Corp’s Vice President in line with financial management. It is remarkable that Rick Smith served in the institution for twenty years. As a way of setting his resume, he occupied several capacities of work at the institution.

While in the career, he has worked in different posts including that of a chief information officer, controller, and Frontier Information Technologies’ president. In addition to having been the vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations, he became the chair of Securus Board in 2008. As well, he worked as a board member at the Eschelon Telecom.Rick Smith is a holder of an associate degree in Electrical Engineering which he attained from Rochester Institute of Technology. As well, he has an MBA from the University. The Brockport’s State University of New York is the institution where he acquired his Masters’ degree in the area of Mathematics. This adds up to his acquirement of a professional level courtesy of Buffalo’s State University of New York.It is through the utilization of Securus Technologies that Rick is devoted to availing a technology to improve and aid the prison activities’ performance. It is remarkable that the technology offers the inmates the permission to access updates concerning the advancement outside their restriction. Securus Limited also sets up regulations to ensure that the technology is not abused.

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