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Sheldon Lavin’s Tremendous Contribution At OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the visionary chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC, a multinational meat processing company. OSI Group became operational in 1909, under the name Otto & Sons. The company was then a small butcher shop, based in Illinois that served a few hundred people in the region. During this time, Otto & Sons needed investment counsel and as fate would have it, they found Sheldon as their investment manager. He helped the company achieve their financial goals and continued working alongside them until they decided he was more beneficial to them as a partner than an external advisor.

Sheldon had long worked in the finance investments sector for many years. He is a prolific counsellor when it comes to finance. His intellectual capability and his experience in finance has helped him transform OSI Group from a regional company to number 58 in the Forbes largest privately owned entities in the country.

Before joining the company, Sheldon had a dream of always establishing his own firm. When the opportunity came by, he was ready to take OSI Group into greater heights. He has since spearheaded various alliances and partnerships which have brought great success to the company. One of his greatest achievements in the company was to establish partnership with McDonald, the acquisition of Baho Food and attaining the Flagship Europe. All these led to the expansion of OSI Group to Europe, Taiwan, China and several other countries in the world.

Sheldon Lavin has attributed his success to smart leadership. His leadership entails building and nurturing his employees’ talents and being a good listener. In various interviews, Sheldon has revealed that his office door is always open to anyone with suggestions, opinions and even critics. He also believes in creating a rapport with his employees, which he reveals is a ticket to customer satisfaction.

Running a multinational company has never altered Sheldon from finding time for charity. In fact, he encourages his employees to give back to the community regardless of what they have. He is well known for his generous contribution in Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Risj University Medical Centre

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Mr. Richard A. Smith became the CEO and President of the successful company known as Securus technologies since the year June twenty-third, two thousand and eight. Before he was promoted to this leadership position, he served as the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. from April two thousand to August two thousand and three. Richard was the Chief Executive Officer of the company and Chief Information Officer of the company. From April nineteen ninety-seven to October nineteen ninety-eight, he was employed to serve as the Vice President of the Financial Management at the Frontier Corp.Smith has been the Chairman of Securus Technologies, Inc. since January fifth, two thousand and nine and has been the director of the company since June twenty-third, two thousand and eight. Smith was also the Director of Eschelon Telecom Inc.

Educational Background of Rick Smith

Rick Smith is a studied fellow who has :

  1. An Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology University.
  1. A Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering which he attained from the University State of New York at Buffalo.
  1. A Masters in Mathematics from the University State of New York at Brockport.

4.A Masters in Business Administration which he got after graduating from the  University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Rick has a broad experience thus making him the right person to lead the company to achieve its goals. He has brought enabled the company to grow and achieve great success. He is an undisputed leader when it comes to the corrections industry because of the quality products and services that he has provided. Having worked in several departments of finance, operations information technology, and telecommunications, he has an excellent and unique leadership skills which have proven to be very useful.SECURUS Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas.The company has provided services to over one million thousand inmates and two thousand six hundred correction facilities and law enforcement agencies in Normal America. Securus Technology is highly recognized as a significant prison company that has managed to implement the use of video calls by inmates who want to communicate with their visitors.The company was successful as the new method of communication helped to save prisons a lot of money and reduce risk chances. Securus is coming up with a more advanced technology for use in the prisons known as biometrics. Biometrics will enable the correctional officer to identify prisoners and effectively manage their numbers easily.

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Gregory J Aziz – National Steel Car CEO

To own an Omega watch has been the dream of many for nearly a century. Thanks to his persistent efforts in the face of the media’s greatest persecution, James Aziz, also known as Gregory James Aziz, can now say that he owns such a product; in fact, he proudly endorses his name as a brand.

Car Sales Advice – Tips and Tricks for Those Who Wish to Enter This Line of Work

The future happiness of many depends upon your ability to sell your product in a flawless and timely manner, mentally “closing the sale” from the moment they walk into your store.

His Advice on Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance and An Auto Insurance Quote You Can Count On

Get car insurance quotes quickly and easily when you choose to look up numerous providers online: The process is faster and easier than ever. All you need is an internet computer.

Greg’s Tips on Promoting Your Business Through Social Media

In today’s day and age, there are literally countless social media platforms and tools or tactics that you can employ to make the clients come to you: With just a few clicks, likes, subscribers, tweets or anything else, you can have a great chunk of the global business network eating out of your hands. All it takes is patience, persistence and knowing the right people: These are the best business success practices, and they’re the most basic; they have never failed. Choose what your business style and its specific goals and needs are in order to determine the best platform.

Greg is a Man of Faith.

  1. He stands on every word of God.

This man is no less than an inspiration. He continues to inspire.

  1. He does not play around with the words of the Bible.

He does not curse. He does not blaspheme. He has changed over the years.

  1. He attends church regularly.

He believes in something greater. He serves his church community.

  1. He no longer serves liberal agendas but acts only in causes that inspire and uplift the soul.

He’s no longer “any CEO”. This man now leads by example, with a firm commitment to excellence in all that he does. He is not overspoken on his beliefs either.


Matthew Autterson Brings New Attention to Medicine Trials

Ever since Matthew Autterson first started working, he has done different things to help people who are in difficult situations. One of the biggest things that he has done for the people who he is helping is made sure that the business that he works with is doing things that will make them successful. While CNS Bioscience is much different from some of the other companies that he worked with in the past, he still does what he can to try and help people so that they can get the best experience in their own business. He is confident in his skills and knows a lot about how the finances at big companies work so he is able to do that with CNS Bioscience.

Before he worked in the medical trial industry, Matthew Autterson was doing other things in finances. He tried to make sure that he was helping people and that they were getting the most positive experiences possible. Matthew Autterson knew a lot about finances and knew how to help people out with the issues that they had. He wanted to show others what they were able to get and what would make things better for them but he often worried about the way that things would work.

Since the time that Matthew Autterson has been working on the different parts of his career, he has tried to make sure that he can help people with their issues. The ideas that he has are ones that are influential and are ones that can help people have a more positive experience while they are using medical and clinical trials. Matthew Autterson knows the right way to manage these people and the others who are all working together. He also knows that things will get better for people when they use his company as the medical trial one.

For Matthew Autterson to continue to do all of this, he has to make sure that he is studying information about the industry and about the people who are in the industry. He has tried his hardest to make things easier on everyone and that has allowed him the chance to improve CNS Bioscience. He has always done his best to help people and will continue to do this no matter what is going on. Matthew Autterson hopes that things will become better while he is in the position on the board of the company.


Eric Pulier’s Trek from Childhood to Dream Job

Eric Pulier knows a thing or two about succeeding as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur in the over-crowded field of technology. Pulier has had a life long fascination with technology and he has utilized his passion in order to create some of the most fascinating companies within industry. Pulier’s work with the XPrize Foundation has been riveting to watch, as well as his work with the mobile communications company vAtomic Systems. Pulier’s success as CEO has in no way changed who he is as a person, and that is who we are getting to know today.

Eric Pulier comes from New Jersey. As a child he was immediately fascinated with all things computers. Growing up in the ’80s, Pulier didn’t have the same access to computers that we do today. He had to make do with what was available and this led to him learning how to program largely at school. By the fourth grade Pulier was as comfortable with a computer’s programming language as he was with English. By the time Pulier would graduate high school he was already running his first company within the industry, albeit at a much smaller scale.

To find Eric Pulier success as entrepreneur you have to know what your passions are and you have to know that you can make them work for you. For Pulier these two options were one in the same. Pulier would head to Harvard after graduating high school where he would go on to lead the team of editors at the school paper, the Harvard Crimson. Pulier would establish himself as someone willing to go into all topics, addressing things like terrorism before they were a hot topic like they are today.

After graduating college, Magna Cum Laude we might add, Pulier would decide to move to California in order to pursue his dream. Pulier would immediately establish his first company in 1992. By the next year Pulier was a success and since then he has founded or funded at least 12 different companies along the way. Pulier’s work continues even 20 years after he first started.

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Marc Sparks and the God Factor

When it comes to inspiration, Marc Sparks, a venture capitalist that knows how to get the sale. His work was not the typical path for a venture capitalist. Most of them start out with a degree in finance or business. They then follow with an MBA in one of the two, or a law degree. After graduation, they will normally work for a financial institution which they interned in during college. That’s not what Marc Sparks did. Immediately after graduating from high school, he started working as a venture capitalist. Learn more:


His focus has always been on service to others. He believes in God, and this is the most important part for him. He used that motivation successfully for thirty years. His mentorship grew into a company that helped to get startup companies started. Even though many of those companies failed, many succeeded. Sparks never gave up trying to help the people that came to him for a role model. Learn more:


The networking that he fostered was amazing considering how simple his plan was from the start. It worked very well. He created a place that people could meet, have meetings and provide presentations for the purpose of starting a new company. There are other tips too, that he passes on to the participant.


– Create a business plan.

– Network

– Test out the business plan in a presentation.


It doesn’t stop there though. After that, the next step is to present the plan to the perspective investors. That meeting is held at the company that Sparks created. It is a peaceful location where the participants can be comfortable. In that location, they are able to better able to feel comfortable. Branching out can happen as well, of course, but the location is always available.


There are some basic steps as well. They fall along the line of tips really. The first one is based on what works for a presentation. The advice is to not use fancy presentations for the meeting. The idea is that media presentations typically fail. They can experience trouble in function with electrical, media or any other aspect.


Keep the presentation precise as well. You don’t want to bore the participants with things that might seem important to you, which are boring to them. Nobody wants to sit through a long presentation. So the idea is to only touch on the highlights of the important facts. It can be highly effective.


Marc Sparks has done this for years now. Thirty, to be exact, and will pursue this for future entrepreneurs as well. It is a service that is still focused on a mission. Sometimes that can be the most effective way to reach someone. It helps motivate for sure. Learn more:


Five Tips For Your Corporate Event

The amount of work that goes into planning a corporate event can seem overwhelming, but planning an event does not have to be a stressful task. You can easily plan a great event without pulling your hair out. Use the following tips from Camille Styles to plan your corporate event.


Stay Organized With Lists: Stay organized by creating a list for every aspect of your event. You need a to-do list, guest list and shopping list, and do not forget to make a list of possible venues and entertainment.


Choose a Theme: It is easier to shop for food, supplies and decorations when you base your event around a theme. You can host a Luau, Fiesta or Masquerade Ball for your corporate function.


Appetizers Instead of Dinner: Serving appetizers instead of a sit-down dinner gives your guests the opportunity to sample different flavors, mingle with other guests and network for your company. Your appetizers can range from cherry tomatoes with basil to bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella.


Provide a Self-Serve Bar: Provide a self-serve bar so your guests can mix their own drinks. Your bar should include a decanter, glasses and different types of liquor and mixers. You can also set up a table of sparkling water and champagne by the entrance for your guests.


Simple Table Settings: It is best to keep your table settings simple but festive so you do not overwhelm your guests. You can use decorative ribbon to tie flatware or napkins, or you can create handwritten place cards with kraft paper.


If you are still feeling overwhelmed, you can always enlist in the help of corporate event planners in NYC. One company that is popular among hosts is Twenty Three Layers.


Twenty Three Layers has experience in planning weddings, fundraisers and corporate functions. The services include venue selection, catering and hiring entertainment. You can also hire the company for decorating, lighting and photography for your event. Their experience, dedication and services make them one of the best event planning companies in NYC.


Your corporate function will go smoothly if you keep the above tips in mind and hire a professional event planner.