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The Talents And Drive Of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

The position of executive recruiter has become more difficult. As the Baby Boomers continue to retire an entirely new generation is ready to take over. The business world is controlled by the Gen-Xers yet it is the Millennial generation who will be leading the world for the next thirty years. Work does not have the same importance for the Millennials as it did for the Baby Boomers. There are a lot of individuals in their twenties and thirties who have the belief the only thing college accomplished was to put them in serious debt. New strategies are required by the executive recruiters to motivate the Millennials.


The lead recruiter for the Deutsche Bank is Julie Zuckerberg. She is a modern day recruiter and understands how Millennials must be dealt with so they can be hired. Her work and educational history is impressive and began at the City University of New York where she focused on philosophy. As an executive recruiter within the banking industry psychological and philosophical discipline is required. The reason Ms. Zuckerberg is an excellent recruiter is because she possesses both skills. Her skills did not happen instantly. She had to learn the right way to speak with people in the current workforce. She learned the desires and talents of bank employees and when she has a new position to fill this is where she looks first. Ms. Zuckerberg believes making lateral moves and promoting from the inside builds company appreciation, morals and confidence. Social media sites are important to her since she finds possible new employees from individuals who perform the same job in the industry of banking. She believes results, performance and productivity are produced quicker when trained individuals are present. She gets the employees involved in the process and they identify the probable individuals faster. This way she has details and information about the person before the interview. Whenever a position becomes available she talks to the employees because she thinks not using their information is a major miscalculation.


There are numerous strategies used by Julie Zuckerberg to find new talent in the current business world. She keeps her relationships with executive search firms, recruiters and placement offices close. She also remains active in numerous professional organizations. The employment package offered by Deutsche is excellent so this does give her an advantage when looking for the right talent. Deutsche has also built a reputation as an excellent employer which leads to employee retention. One of her biggest challenges is keeping the Millennials satisfied with an entry level position. She accomplishes this by interacting with them and making certain they remain happy and motivated. Ms. Zuckerberg is usually recruiting, even when she is off the clock. Despite this she still makes the time to enjoy the outdoors, good food and art exhibits. Two of her favorite interests are running and photography. She is an extremely well rounded individual. She also does an incredible job in the banking industry despite the higher levels of stress involved.

Popular flavors of the EOS lip balm Sphere

Evolution of smooth– the company’s acronym- wanted to make a product that tailored to the everyday experience. The company used consumer research from women who complained about their lip balm tubes becoming lost in their bags or rolling off surfaces. This is where EOS began to rethink the format from the ground up. They took the issues and developed a product that engaged all five senses. This had been done by paying attention to the soft round packaging, eye catching colors, the smells, and even to the sound the sphere made when it is closed.

Many people love the feel of how smooth it goes on. The EOS lip balm doesn’t leave a heavy waxy film on top of the lips but feels light and crisp. Plus! It is easy to keep track of and the flavors are of a wide range!

Sweet Mint

Sweet Mint is exactly how the name suggests. It is sweet and easy on the nose with it’s soft mint smell and taste. Most people notice a feeling of their lips being plump. If the smell of candy canes is what you enjoy this should be right up your alley with it’s light texture, smell, and taste.

Strawberry Sorbet

This lip balm has a delightful and feminine smell of strawberries. The sweet flavor is really enjoyable because it is light and sweet. It has the a delightful smell of strawberries that doesn’t make it overwhelming.  Check for more.

Honeysuckle honeydew

When first applying this flavor to your lips you get a pleasant smell of melon. The taste is very flavorful with a lick of the lips. Not only is the smell and taste absolutely refreshing but it is light on the lips with its smooth moisturizing feel. Follow EOS on

Vanilla Mint

This one is like vanilla ice cream but it’s a vanilla mint ice cream. The warmth of the smell would be perfect for those who love the smell of baked goods but also that refreshing healing sensation of mint.  Useful link here on

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The Beauty Tycoons of Lip Balms

Lips balms have become essentials in the beauty community. It is widely used before applying makeup or simply, just for stand alone wear. Lip balms have really made a statement. As mentioned in the article entitled, “The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick,” a lip balm called EOS lip balm began to show up everywhere.   Follow EOS lip balm at their page.

EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth.” EOS lip Balm was founded by Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, joined by Sanjiv Mehra, in order to provide an alternative to chapstick. They have never told how they did it until speaking with Fast Company. They were able to open people’s eyes to the wide range of options with their lip balm collection. Mehra pointed out that when they first started, they were more focused on coming up with products and distributing them.

Now almost a decade later, they feel that the world needs to know more about the story behind their brand and what they stand for. They found that their lip balms needed to cater more to women instead of being more of a unisex product. From there, they created lip balms to have different looks and tastes that would appeal to their targeted buyers. What woman doesn’t enjoy a great lip balm? No more searching on the drugstore shelves!  Visit for more details.

They also didn’t want to overstep the products that were already on the market. They wanted their brand to last a long time and not just be the hottest thing for a period of time and then fade away. The best thing to do was to create an emotional connection with the buyer. They now have a successful and growing empire. They are continuously striving to come up with innovative products.  Useful link here.

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Todd Lubar, Realtor and Financial Legend

Today, reverberations from the ongoing real estate crisis still echo throughout the Baltimore, Maryland area. However, there are some positive signs that the real estate industry in Baltimore is improving. Within the last year, foreclosures have declined by approximately 7 percent in the metro area, and the median home sales price climbed 6 percent to $243,000.

Maryland modified many of their rules and regulations following the mortgage crisis in 2008. They focused on making rules that consumers could easily comprehend. That may explain why foreclosures were far less in the state of Maryland as compared to other states.

Todd Lubar excels in all aspects of real estate, beginning his lustrous career in 1995. He always had a keen interest in the real estate business, as well as a compassion to help others, which lead him to a successful career in the industry. He joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, working as a loan officer. During his stint there, he became a financial expert in conservative mortgage banking.

In an article on Hackronym, throughout his 12 year career in real estate, his main objective was to assist clients that were less likely to receive loans from average institutions. This motivated him to become the founder of Legendary Financial, LLC. He has an uncanny ability to asses risks associated with loans due to his extensive experience of more than 7,000 transactions.

Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC, in 2002, which deals with residential development. He profited on over 200 homes by purchasing, updating and then selling them. In 2003 he created Charter Funding, correlated to one of the biggest mortgage firms in the country, First Magnus Financial Corporation. Part of his success can be attributed to forming a tight bond with people in all facets of the building trade.

Todd Lubar was raised in Washington D.C. and attended high school at Peddie School in New Jersey. He then went on to graduate from Syracuse University, earning a B.A. degree in speech communication. Currently, he resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his two children. During his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling and spending quality time with his family. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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