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Planning a Successful Event


Anyone who has planned an event knows that it can be stressful. Professionals know this as well and have offered some tricks of the trade. The main idea they keep coming back to is to be organized and stay relaxed. The rest will fall into place.


To start the planning process, begin by deciding when the event will be and what the theme will be. These two decisions will determine how the rest of the planning process goes. Make lists to keep yourself organized. Write down everything you will need to do and everything that you will need to remember.


Invitations for the event will be needed. It has become common to use electronic invites, but do not be afraid to mail out invites to guests. These set a different tone for the event and allow people to have a paper reminder of the upcoming event.


The day of the event may be a hectic day. Starting preparing early enough that you allow yourself time to get ready and be fresh for the start of the event. Set things up so they are as simple as possible to access during the event.


Set up food and drink stations around the venue. These are convenient for guests to help themselves to and takes some the of pressure off of you. Finger foods are easily prepared and go over well with guests. Offer a variety of drinks for guests. It can even be fun to create a special drink for this event. Those can be taken up a notch by serving them in special glasses.


The plates and utensils used will add to the event. They can be kept simple as well. It is amazing what a colored napkin and creatively placed silverware can do to a place setting.


For those who are unsure about planning an event, there are event planning companies out there. Twenty Three Layers is an elite company with a long list of satisfied customers. They have planned countless events and use every bit of their attention to detail to make sure each event is different and unique.

Jim Hunt’s Main Aim in Setting Up VTA Publications

Jim Hunt believes that an entrepreneur’s biggest motivation to selling services and products is the focus on the client’s problems. Jim Hunt is an experienced financial advisor and chief executive officer of VTA Publications. Jim applies his vast knowledge in the stock market by educating the public on intelligent trading tendencies through his YouTube channel. Jim has a sharpened eye in reading, predicting and translating trades. He has a large fan base of average investors who greatly benefit from his favorite informational videos that break down complex market dynamics into easily understood lessons on

Jim Hunt VTA Publications produces non-fiction works for distant learning students undertaking courses in particular genres and organizes events that host specific types of shows. Jim Hunt VTA Publications which began operating in 2012, aims to provide evolutionary information to clients in the financial and economic fields. It sources the information from famous characters in the same fields so as to maintain high quality and authenticity of materials which are made available in simple digital and print formats to clients. VTA’s seminars and events focus on the same topics on

Jim Hunt began VTA Publications after exposure to how big banking operations. He stated that the aim of starting the firm was to provide the average investor with intelligent information that would propel their business’ growth at Jim brings his ideas to life by first taking an inventory of what the consumer wants. He then extensively researches on the specifics of the problems and the solutions to skillfully create an appropriate and excellent solution. Jim Hunt attributes the articulation of his solutions to the time of day when he is most relaxed.

He explains that the mood allows the ideas to surface on its own, through the filter of the analysis he previously studied. Jim spends his day focusing on vital business issues in the morning, right after going through a daily workout routine that keeps his spirit up. He takes a light lunch to maintain high productivity during the day and ensures that he spends quality time with his family by always checking in for dinner. Jim values high discipline at the workplace, strict goals and deadlines that ensure he meets the overall goal of the business.

Bruno Fagali: A Lawyer, Whose Thirst For Learning, Pushes Him To Be A Success

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer who has been working in the field of law for an extremely extended period. After attaining some law degrees, Bruno ventured out into the world of corporate litigation and worked extremely hard to make a name for himself.

Bruno Fagali is currently employed as the business integrity manager of ‘new / sb’ a Brazilian advertising agency. At the company, Bruno Fagali supervises all the legal formalities of the company in addition to taking care of the legal matters and policies within the organization.

Bruno Fagali holds an incredibly important emphasis on educating himself and prides itself in achieving various degrees from prestigious institutions. He attained a master’s from the University of Sao Paulo in the discipline of State Law especially dealing with Anticorruption. He has done specialized courses in numerous fields of the law ranging from Administrative Law to Public Law. He has completed numerous courses dealing with litigation and electoral law.

Currently, the agency that Bruno Fagali works under handles a lot of clients having some form of connection to the Brazilian government. Right from the central bank of Brazil to the secretariat of communication, the new / sb needs to have all its legalities in place when dealing with such high profile clients. Bruno Fagali is not only tasked with ensuring that the company does not face any legal hiccups along the way, but also with helping the client with their contracts.

When new / sb decided to take a new direction with the firm, along with a complete image overhaul, the company set down a new set of transparent values that it wanted its employees and clients to follow. In light of this, Bruno Fagali has helped the company to put these new guidelines in place and ensure the smooth functioning of the entire company.

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Chris Brunch’s Take on the Integration of Fashion and Technology

Over the years, both technology and fashion have gone through a series of changes, but have still grown together. The world has experienced the technological evolution of the Boom box in the 80’s to the Walkman in the 90’s, and finally the Ipad in the dawn of the 21st century.

Fashion designers on the other hand have integrated technology in their designs to raise the standard of their designs. Through fashion, airbags used to protect cyclers have been developed, which are worn around the neck and open in the case of an accident. When not open, they allow visibility and are less bulky therefore having a great advantage over helmets. Frontline gloves were developed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, and can be used by firefighters to exchange information by use of gestures.


In fashion, materials are being recycled to make clothing such as the use of bicycles to make jackets and t-shirts or use of a radiator’s copper to make a gown. Another example where fashion and technology have been used together is in energy creation where kinetic energy generated by the body is converted to a form than can be used to run a watch. Fashion comes in handy in marketing technology. Google glasses, for instance, were worn by Diane Van Furstenberg’s models on a fashion show to market them.


About Chris Bruch


Chris Burch was born in the year1953 in Miami, USA. He is the founder and the head of Burch Creative Capital, and has been very instrumental in the creation of various luxury and technology brands. Chris has invested in over 12 companies, and is a former board member of Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum Group.

Bruch’s journey to success began in the year 1976 as an undergraduate when he and his brother invested $2000 to start Eagle’s Appeal. The company grew healthily to an immense $165 million, but was later sold to another investor. The success of Eagle’s Eye relied on Bruch’s innovation and implementation tactics. His power of branding, sales and marketing has led to his outstanding success in financial services, hospitality, technology and customer products. The success has been attributed to his great personal characters such as great imagination, creativity, scale and support. He has used his branding in retail, apparel, home furnishing and organic foods companies. It is needless to say that Chris’s hard work and determination has led to his outstanding accomplishments.

The Importance Of Proactive Online Reputation Management

These days, it is more important than ever to be proactive with online reputation management. As a matter of fact, many digital reputation agencies prefer it when clients contact them before there is any crisis. It is very important to think about online reputation at the beginning of business. That way, a plan will be in place in the case of a scandal. One other reason that the importance for online reputation management is at its greatest is that Google has been denying requests for removing defamatory content about attorneys from the search results. Therefore, one has to have another plan in place.

One thing that proactive reputation management can achieve is the creation of a positive image. If one is consistently presenting people with an image that is trustworthy and responsible, then a bad report is not going to cause as much damage. For one thing, people will be used to the trustworthy image of the individual and his brand. Therefore, people will be less likely to buy the bad report. As a result, the damages will be minimal. At the same time, proactive reputation management provides search engines with fresh content on a regular basis, says Therefore, the search results will always be rotating. Any defamatory content that shows up on the front page will be removed almost immediately.

No one can be too careful with his online image. Therefore, he has to be prepared for a possible attack to come from a user. The online world is often vicious and ruthless one. There are users that are looking for any opportunity they can find to drag someone through the mud. It is important for the user to make sure that he is protected from that. With online reputation management, all of the damages will be minimized for the individual.


How Helane Morrison Became a Compliance Officer

Compliance officer is a relatively new term in the workplace. A compliance officer does everything to ensure that a company is not penalized, does not face lawsuits and that it maintains a positive reputation. As we all know, the success of a business is greatly determined by its ability to maintain a good reputation. Therefore, a compliance officer’s role in a company cannot be underestimated. They help companies comply with the rules and standards set in their industry, locally, nationally and internationally.


Helane Morrison is one name that commonly pops up when discussions about compliance are being held. Helane Morrison is currently the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners, LLC. She also seats on the board of directors and is also the company’s chief counsel and managing director.


Helane Morrison was born in Brooklyn, where she also studied. She received her undergraduate degree in Journalism, from the Northwestern University. She further joined the Berkeley based University of California’s Laws School and had her Juris Doctor. When she was taking her law degree she was involved in writing of the California Law Review, as it chief editor.


Upon graduating from college, Morrison was employed as a law clerk for Harry A. Blackmun who was the Justice for the US court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit. One year later, she changed employers and started working as a law clerk for Hon. Richard A. Posner the US Supreme Court’s Justice at the time. She worked there for one year.


In the year 1996, Morrison got an opportunity to work for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a law firm that is based in Francisco. After a decade of working there and dedicating herself to bringing the best results, she was promoted and made partner. As a partner she now managed her own practice. She was involved in the investigation of internal issues, she also worked as a litigator and would offer defense services for private securities.


Later, Morrison left the law firm and was appointed by the Securities Exchange Commission. She was to represent their San Francisco branch as the head of enforcement. She would represent SEC to the media, other government agencies, in business and in legal matters. Three years later she was promoted to be the district administrator and regional director of SEC. she worked 8 more years before she was tapped by Hall Capital Partners.


Hair Hacks That Make Life Much Simpler and Stylish


Doing our hair is something that can take a lot of time in order to make sure it looks good. Often times, we spend so much time on it because we don’t know that there are ways to cut the amount of time in half. Luckily, beauty blogger Wengie has some hacks on how to quickly do hair and make it look cute!


In Wengie’s hair hack video, she teaches us a super easy way to curl hair! Using a curling iron takes a lot of time and patience. We have to wait till the iron heats up and then curl each individual strand. Curling irons are also big and bulky to carry around. There’s an easy way. According to Wengie, it’s easy to curl hair with a utensil! Simply heat up a utensil such as a fork with a hair dryer until it’s warm and then wave hair around it. The bigger and rounder the utensil, the bigger the curls.


A quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to hair is by adding a small braid. Sometimes though, it’s hard to find a small clear elastic. Rubber bands and pony tail holders look stupid. Luckily, Wengie has found an easy way. She teaches us that just a simple bobby pin can keep the braid in place. Simply stick the bobby pin vertically up through the braid using the rounded end to stop it from coming undone. It’s easy to hide the bobby pin by wrapping the hair at the bottom around it! It looks like hair is magically being held in place.


Wengie also teaches us how to hide our regrowth line or roots! The first way is by using a cute headband that can be placed over the roots. The second way is by parting hair in a zigzag. This gets rid of the roots and it actually makes hair look like it has an ombre effect.


Finally Wengie teaches us a way to save on time. If we’re running behind and still need to do hair and makeup, there’s an easy way to do both. Pop the hair dryer into drawer to hold up so that you can do makeup at the same time.

The Sunny Plumber Will Fix All of Your Properties Pipelines and Interconnected Plumbing Components

There are several different reasons why a home or business owner should pay attention to the conditions of their building’s plumbing. A plumbing system within the premises of a building can have a significant impact on the overall value of the building. Unfortunately, many building owners are unaware of how to check whether the conditions of their home or business’s plumbing system(s) are in optimal functioning condition or not. There are certainly certain things that they can do to check for their plumbing systems’ conditions, however, it is highly recommended for them to acquire the services of a professional plumber.

The Sunny Plumber has been providing optimal plumbing services within the area of Tucson for quite some time. Their services have been recommended by many of its past customers and they have a great rating. When seeking to hire a plumber, it is highly imperative for clients to do their due diligence in efficient researching. By conducting an adequate amount of research on one’s necessities of acquiring plumbing services, one can have assurance of knowing that their home or business’s plumbing system(s) will be tended to with care and professionalism.


A home or any other type of building’s plumbing system is a set of interconnected pipelines and components that need to be maintained on a regular basis. If they are not maintained on a regular basis, then it is highly likely that there are some existing issues within the premises of the pipelines. Today is the day for you to make the decision of acquiring the services of a plumbing company that has been relied upon by many customers. Their pricing is fair and the work they provide is of high quality. Contact the representatives of The Sunny Plumber to receive a quick quote today!

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