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The Exalted EOS

Have you watched great products fail? Or perhaps a business? It is very difficult to start up a company or business and keep it successful. Both the product and marketing have to be enough to captivate consumers and make them interested enough to try this new product or experience. This is why EOS, Evolution of smooth, lip balm has taken over the beauty product aisle and our purses! established a new product, advertised to the consumers likely to try it, and continues to create different and quality items.

Evolution of smooth lip balm was created by doing the opposite of what so many lip balm companies have created. First, EOS lip balms were created with natural and organic products. This is almost unheard of in the lip balm world! These petrolatum free spheres also took a whole new approach to making natural smelling and flavored products. These clean and refreshing orbs are different and their shape was the perfect way to advertise their uniqueness.

On top of using a new look, EOS creates advertised to the crowd most likely to enjoy their products. Knowing most women use lip balm through out the day, the company took the product to their attention. They placed the new lip balm where women would find them and even based their commercials on a more feminine perspective. On top of making sure women noticed the new option of lip balm, the company looked to advertise the younger generation. Millennials are well known for trying unique products and favoring organic or naturals items. When using these as selling points, millennials were sure to try out the new EOS lip balm!

After building a great product and selling it to the right people, the EOS company continued to build itself! Make sure to check out their continued line of new products on Target!


Cotemar, a Market Leader in The Gas and Oil industry

Cotemar is a prominent Mexican firm that has invested heavily in the energy sector. With a humble beginning in 1979, this firm has grown tremendously and expanded its operations. Currently, it is one of the leading market providers of offshore services in the gas and oil industry. This company provides amazing services to the well-known Petroleos Mexicanos gas and oil business. Cotemar as a corporation offers distinct services in two major areas including food and accommodation services as well as specialized vessels at the Campeche Bay. This company was the very first to buy personnel transportation, maintenance vessels and specialized dive. In 1981, Cotemar introduced specialized vessels designed for the transportation of materials and personnel to its fleet. This was a great achievement that made the firm strengthen its position as a market leader.

Later in 1985, Cotemar successfully expanded to provide its clients with accommodation and restaurant services. Subsequently in 1989, the firm raised the number of specialized personnel fleet with an aim to upgrade its business. In 1996, Cotemar managed to grow its market presence. It achieved this objective by extensively expanding its services by personnel and transporting materials in addition to accommodation and food services. Furthermore, Cotemar began providing maintenance and construction services on 5 rigs and 3 specialized vessels at the same time.

Rise to Success

Six years later in 2002, Cotemar partnered with Pemex to acquire the first large ship thus raising its production to the peak in 2004. In 2012, this company collaborated with COSCO to officially launch the two semi-submersible rig construction. Later, a specialized crane and maintenance vessels to transport both liquid and solid materials was added to the firm’s assets. In 2016, Cotemar began onshore oil extraction operations following the launch of the two semi-submersible rigs. Presently, this firm uses specialized vessels designed to provide safety and quality services that not only meet client’s needs but also exceed their expectations. These services are provided through three key units namely Cotemar construction, maintenance and engineering and modernization, Cotemar specialized maritime ship services and Cotemar food and accommodation services.


Under Cotemar maintenance, engineering and construction, the firm seeks to modernize its customers processing centers and offshore rigs right from installation to the start of operation. The food and accommodation service unit provides rigs operated by the firm. Lastly, Cotemar specialized marine ship services aim at transporting personnel, materials and nourishment. Additionally, Cotemar has firefighting and towing vessels. Guided by ethical values, innovation, humility and integrity, employees working for Cotemar have made a great contribution in the success of the firm.

Doe Deere: The Force Behind LimeCrime


If you love bright lipstick and bold style, you’re probably already familiar with Doe Deere and her brand LimeCrime. Deere has successfully created an online empire and dominated an industry that told her she couldn’t make it as an online beauty retailer. By walking to the beat of her own drummer and living her truth, Doe Deere has become one of the most recognized names and faces in beauty.


A Passion for Animals


One of the defining features of LimeCrime cosmetics is that all of the products are cruelty-free, meaning they don’t use any animal products. Additionally, no animal testing is ever done in order to get products to the market. Instead, Doe Deere tests all the products herself before allowing them to be sold under the LimeCrime name. What’s more, Deere donates a portion of all proceeds to a no-kill shelter in New York, putting her money where her mouth is.


Beauty as Self-Expression


Part of the LimeCrime message is that beauty products aren’t for covering up imperfections or putting on a fake persona. Instead, Doe Deere is out to spread the word that makeup is a form of self-expression and can be used to show your true self, not to cover up who you really are. Instead of “true” beauty being natural or makeup-free, showing who you are on the inside is Deere’s idea of being yourself. It’s a message of makeup as empowerment, and it’s taking the world by storm.


Authenticity Comes Standard


From her beginnings in DIY fashion to her heights as a cosmetic guru, Deere has never lost touch of her inner calling. She knows who she is, and she injects it into everything she creates. Unlike other commercial brand owners, she sits with the chemists and product developers, speaks to customers, and on set for product photography shoots. She’s hands on the entire way, and she does this intentionally. She’s invested in making sure that everything with LimeCrime’s name is true to her customers. She wears every product for a day or more, just to make sure it “feels” right. Her involvement and commitment to authenticity is what makes her brand so attractive to those who value genuine self-expression and a personal touch.


From product creation to sales and marketing, Doe Deere infuses a little bit of her essence into everything she produces. Her authenticity, commitment to charity, and unwavering sense of self has made her an icon and role model to many. Time will tell what’s in store for LimeCrime, but if history repeats itself, Doe Deere’s loyal fan base will likely be ready and waiting for whatever she releases next.


Handy Takes On Home Service Competitors Like A Champ

Handy is now one of the biggest names in the home service industry, since they connect qualified home cleaning and home repair professionals with clients all over the country. Handy ( now operates in 28 markets. The company was founded in 2012. They are now one of the biggest names in their industry, but it was not always easy for Handy. The company went through some serious changes, as outlined in an article from

Stellar Leadership Helps Handy Take Up A Huge Part Of Their Market

The founders of have tried several different strategies in order to find the right stride for the home services market. One of the founders backed an idea that the other founder did not agree with. The idea brought them to the top of their industry, but it certainly had its downfalls. The idea was to make all of the application process for joining Handy’s platform as a service provider done online instead of with an actual human being. This saved the company money, but it slowed their growth significantly. Both partners were right when it came to their points about this idea. The growth of onboarding new professionals slowed down by about 40 percent, but it did save Handy enough money to stay alive in their market. While similar companies, like Homejoy, crumbled to the surge in competition, Handy picked up momentum and is now one of the top competitors.

If you are interested in reading more about start up companies and seeing how exactly Handy was able to turn the tides in their market in order to become one of the biggest home service providers in their industry, then you should check out this article from is a valuable source for all news relating to business and technology.