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Lime Crime Releases New Eyeshadow and Lipstick Colors

It was once said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what does this really mean? Simply put, it means that we’re in control of what makes us feel beautiful. While most cosmetics company place women in the same categories, there’s one that encourages them to stand out.

Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere encourages users to experiment with color and define their own beautiful. She created a cosmetic line that offered bright, bold colors that allowed users the opportunity to branch out from the natural look.

Taking lipstick to the next level, Lime Crime launched the Velvetines line. These lipsticks go on wet and dry to Velevet finish within seconds. The launch of this line provides users 24 different shade to choose from. However, just in time for the fall season, the Veleventines line launches new colors.

The Cashmere color is a lovely combination shade of grey and beige (griege if you may). This products adapts to skin tone, thus color will depend on skin. The Pansy, is a bright, bold purple with a cooler blush tone. The Riot still awaits release, but the color is said to be a medium reddish to brown shade. This color will also adapt to your skin tone, so boldness will vary.

The Velvetines Line wasn’t the only line with a new release this season. The Superfoils line also released new shades. The Superfoils line is a wet/dry eyeshadow that can be worn wet or dry. There’s 20 attention grabbing shades of eye colors paired in 10 duos. the new colors include: silvers, golds, hints of pink and gold flakes, and mauve hues.

Helping bring notice to the cosmetics line is beauty Vlogger Celia Leslie. She makes YouTube videos of herself using these products. This draws attention to the line showing others what these products look like. One of her videos show her using the 24 different shades of Velvetine lip colors.

What better way to welcome the fall season, than new lipsticks and eyeshadows. Lime Crime cosmetics keeps us up to date with bright, bold colors for any season.

Get Wen By Chaz Today

It is important to a lot of ladies that their hair is healthy looking. They go to the store, and they try to find different products to use on theirs to make it look better. Many women go to great time and expense in order to find something that will help them keep their hair looking great. It usually fails them, and they have many bottles of unused products that don’t work stashed away in their home. They can throw all of them away now, because they will want to try Wen by Chaz Dean,

Why Should A Woman Try Wen By Chaz?

Many women have problem hair. They might have extremely oily hair, or hair that is almost brittle dry. WEN was created for women to use on all different types of hair. This product works to make all hair look healthy and clean. After using it just a few times, a woman will notice that her hair will look shinier. It will also have a bounce to it, and it will be easier for her to style it. When she uses the Wen by Chaz hair care product repeatedly, she will see fantastic results in the way her hair looks and behaves.

How Does A Woman Use Wen By Chaz?

It can be shipped thru Amazon and is very easy to use because it is all in one bottle. It is a shampoo and a conditioner in one bottle. This was made to save a woman both time and money when it comes to taking care of her hair, and it works very well. She will receive instructions with the product so that she can follow the recommended amount that will give hair the fullest benefits.

Women love Wen by Chaz, and they tell others about it. It continues to grow in popularity with women of all ages. Be sure to follow Wen on Twitter for updates!


Securus Leading By Example With BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is the sheriff of capitalism. They are the ones that enforce the law of public opinion upon unethical companies. You can try it for yourself. The next time that you are treated poorly by a company just threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau. The owner of the company or the manager will probably try to prevent you from walking out the door at that moment. They will do anything to get back into your good graces.

But did you know that the Better Business Bureau can also exalt companies? It is not just a resource for complaints about bad companies. Just look at what the company Securus Technologies did recently. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus Tech is a telecommunications mega giant. They have 1.2 million customers and every single one of those customers is locked up in a prison or jail. They get government contracts to be the only provider of telephone services to those particular facilities. They have no competition for those 1.2 million customers and that means they can treat them however they like. But they want the world to know that they are a good company powered by values.

So Securus went ahead and volunteered for the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation. The BBB only accredits companies that show great integrity, a commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, a commitment to customer privacy, and a history of honoring promises. And as described above, this company does not need to go out of its way to show the world just how ethically it runs its business.

This should vault the company to the top of the industry. There is competition for those contracts and governments should be wary of who they give those contracts to. It seems that some of these other telecommunications companies do not treat their customers as kindly.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Running Very Successful Practices

The ASAPS is a board that has primarily only had men until Dr. Jennifer Walden became one of the only women on the board and is still serving on the board to this very day. With so much education under her wing, Dr. Walden served as a plastic surgeon in New York City after she was trained by some of the best surgeons in the United States while living in that city. Dr. Jennifer Walden opened a practice in New York City that became highly successful, and she also decided to create a practice in Austin, Texas as well.


Since Dr. Walden’s practices have been very successful, she has been able to enjoy success that many other plastic surgeons don’t have, and she is famous to boot. Many people know the name Dr. Walden when they are searching for a credited plastic surgeon, especially since she has won awards in the past for her work. Dr. Walden has returned home after many years of doing plastic surgery in another state, which is something that is admirable since many surgeons would stick to a big place like New York.


Since Dr. Walden has a practice in Austin, Texas, many have been flocking to her practice, especially since she is the one who will be performing surgery along with other great staff members. Dr. Walden may be a plastic surgeon but is also a published author, and she is one of the few plastic surgeons that have won awards for her work. Between being in different magazines as well as being on accredited television shows, Dr. Walden has become so much more popular over the years.


Dr. Walden also comes from a line of siblings who are very successful, and even though she is currently a mother of two children, she still makes all the time for her practice, which is something she is very proud of. Along with being able to help many people to become beautiful by giving them the surgeries they are looking for, Dr. Walden also gives great advice to others when she makes any television appearance.