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George Soros Influencing Other Investors To Go Bearish

George Soros, commonly known as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” has shocked the world again after going bearish and citing hard economic times in the future. Soros seems to feel negative about the future of the global economy and has also given a negative indication the U.S. economy will recover. He is the current chairman and the sole founder of the Soros Fund Management, which currently has over $24 billion under its management.

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At the end of the first quarter of 2016, Soros doubled his bet against the S&P 500 via a 2.1 million-share put option saying that he is not sure of the strength of the U.S.’s economic recovery plan. George Soros through his firm Soros Fund Management has cut its holding in the U.S. stock market by 37 percent just in the first quarter. This move has been taken by investors and analysts as caution while they invest in East countries like China.

In the first quarter of 2016, Soros bought $264 million worth of shares in Barrick Gold (ABX). The company is one of the world’s largest gold miner. Also, Soros bought 1.1 million options to for a stake in SPDR Gold Trust ETF, a firm that mirrors the price of gold. The price of gold so far has gained close to 21 percent. The rise in price has been attributed by the Brexit referendum where the British citizens voted to leave the European Union.

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Indeed, the price of gold is known to rise when the world economies are volatile, and the good thing is that gold tends to retain its value over time due to its scarcity. Gold had an all-time high of $1900 in August 2011 after the recent 2008 financial crisis. As the price of gold rises so is the price of shares for mining companies. For instance, Barrick’s stock price have gone up by a massive 174% due to the weak jobs report. The company has also done some reorganization that has helped it improves its efficiency in its mining activities. Barrick has improved its internal efficiency, productivity, and reined in its debt.

It is possible that Soros would inspire many investors to be cautious in their investment considering he has made similar bets before and gained considerably. In September 1992 for instance, he placed a bet on the Great Britain Pound that the Bank of England would have to devalue the currency, and he turned out to be right. Soros is reported to have made a profit of $1 billion in that day of speculation. Investors who believe Soros is right in the current situation of the global economy are already taking bearish bets on the stocks.

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Doe Deere Finds Her Work Has Been Copied By Another Artist


The rise of the net has made it easier than ever for people today to copy ideas they see. Such was the recent case for artist Doe Deere. Deere, one of the nation’s leading makeup gurus, put an out an image on Instagram. The image was designed to help introduce the work of a fellow artist to her own many fans. As Doe learned, this image was also seen by another artist. Richard Price, one of the nation’s most respected contemporary artists, took up her image, toyed with it, then created a print of his own from the image she had used. His print was sold in a New York City art fair for a six figure sum. Deere learned that she was not credited by Price, much to her shock, despite being the obvious source of his inspiration for the print that he sold to a customer at the fair.

Her Own Perspective

Deere is very much her own person. She is also very much an artist herself, with an entirely unique viewpoint that is all about being able to show off her love of color and her devotion to all things related to color that are unique and modern. As the founder of Lime Crime, an online retailer devoted to bringing quality products to people, she knows the importance of demonstrating a devotion to many kinds of quality. Her own motto is very much about quality and originality as well as being able to show off an inner artistic sensibility that demands expression. She feels thins inside that she wants to help let out. She also aims to show that it is possible to take the world of artistry and translate that into workable and wearable fashion that can take someone from the boardroom to the ball.

Being Herself

It is this kind of devotion that lets her be who she is each day. She knows that her fans look to her to help them determine what kind of makeup might work at any given moment. She also knows that they rely on her to help them find quality makeup products that will look good on anyone’s skin the entire day. Her own devotion to the process of finding and creating such items is where she has been able to help draw in legions of fans who admire her work and love buying her entirely unique makeup products.

Shared Office Spaces Improving Employee Performance


There is a new trend where companies no longer have to set up traditional offices for their employees. Instead, they could fix their employees in a co-working space. So, what would compel a business to rent a co-working space, rather than provide them with a traditional office? Well, the answer is simple. Shared office space is associated with increased employee performance. This is true according to a recent research conducted by the Harvard Review. They noted that employees who worked in shared office spaces performed better than those subjected to traditional offices, by one point. This is how co-working spaces help to improve performance;

Increased Control

With co-working spaces, employees have more control over their working hours. They can choose to come early and work late. This flexibility allows employees do more than they normally would in traditional offices. Additionally, they do not have to worry about being judged about their choice of working hours.

Void of Unhealthy Competition

One of the demotivating factors of a traditional office is the presence of unhealthy competition. With co-working spaces, however, employees do not have to compete directly with each other. This gives the employees to concentrate on developing and bettering their skills. This way, they are able to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

Sense of Belonging

Co-working spaces provide employees with a sense of belonging. Instead of being a lone worker and being buried in loneliness while working from home, one gets to be part of a larger community. A community, where you can interact with others. This provides motivation for workers. Therefore, achieving a higher performance.

Sharing of Ideas

Shared office spaces allows individuals with similar skills come together and interact. This way, they are able to empower and help each other grow their skills. Additionally, due to the fact there individuals with varying skills, one is able to broaden his/her skillset.


Workville shared office space NYC is based on the 21st floor of the luxury office building in Broadway, New York. The company aims developing individuals and companies with luxurious co-working spaces. They have different co-working spots, spread in Union Square, Bryant Park and near major transportation hubs. They have different co-working packages that come at varying prices. With Workville, you can always find a shared office space that suits your need, and at a negotiable price.

Securus Is A Great Video Calling App

Securus is a great video calling app for prisons that has helped me make calls to my cousin in jail. She is pretty far away, and that means that the calls that I make are even more important. We wanted to be able to huddle around the camera to see her, and that is why Securus is so great. I works so well because we are going to be able to get everyone together to actually see her. We wanted to be able to see her when she was away, and now we can check in whenever we want.

I set up the account to make the calls on Securus, and we have been making the calls with our apps on our devices. We are trying to make sure that we can get the help that we need so that we know how she is before she gets out. She is trying to get ready to get out, and she is trying to make sure that she is going to have support for when she gets out. We want to support her, and we want to be sure that she is going to feel good about it when she is ready.

I have been making the most calls to see her, and it is great to see her face on the screen when I place the calls. I have been very lucky to get the help that I need with Securus, and I am very sure of the ways that people are using it. I have been sharing with people the things that I am using to talk to my cousin, and they are all signing up for Securus. Securus has really kept our family together, and we are very happy with the ways that it works on our devices.


Sanjay Shah’s Employment Career And The Creation Of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is Solo Capital’s owner. He formed the business in 2011. Sanjay Shah was raised in the Marylebone area in Central London where his parents settled after emigrating from Kenya in 1960. He enrolled for a course in medicine at the Kings College before realizing that being a doctor was not his calling. He decided to become an accountant. Sanajy Shah’s initial place of work was at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank. He also went on to serve in other banks like Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

He established Solo Capital after leaving his accounting job where he worked for some years. Sanajay Shah worked in several positions as an accountant. However, he did not enjoy his time at the institutions. The daily travels wasted his time. Additionally, he would sit for many hours in the office. He felt wasted and opted to quit the accounting career. Prior to bowing out of the accounting profession, the finance industry experienced a crisis in 2008. The banking institution he was working for was forced to retrench a large number of its employees. Sanjay Shah and many others were retrenched. After going out of work, he decided to move out of employment.

Following the crisis, Sanjay Shah rented a tiny space to serve has is office. The tiny room is where he established a brokerage firm. Presently, the company has expanded into big offices. It also owns several properties and has employed thousands of people. Additionally, Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. He created the organization when he realized his son had the condition. Autism Rocks is a charitable organization that backs autism research. It also creates autism awareness.

About Solo Capital
Solo Capital is a boutique financial services firm. It is based in London and operates internationally. Solo Capital was launched in 2011. The company is also called Solo Capital UK along with Solo Capital Limited. Solo Capital’s focus is on professional sports investment, consulting, as well as proprietary trading. The company is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah owns the parent company of Solo Group Holdings. He also has a lot of other ventures in London, Dubai, and Malta.


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Soros Urges Brits Not To Vote In Favor Of Brexit

Billionaire hedge funding CEO George Soros along with other celebrities, pledged their support for the United Kingdom staying put in the European Union. David and Victoria Beckham were also vocal in their support.

George Soros warned citizens that leaving the 28-nation European Union could have dire consequences. Living standards could plummet along with the British pound, according to Soros. The fight, commonly known as the “Brexit Battle,” could trigger events that would rival 1992’s Black Wednesday.

In an opinion piece with the Guardian newspaper, George Soros says the pound could realistically drop between 15 and 20%. During the British crash, the currency lost its value by 15%.

David Beckham made his thoughts very clear on the issue: “We live in a peaceful and strong society. Our strength comes from standing up as one on this issue.” His wife Victoria echoed his sentiments by saying “I believe in my country, and I support the remain campaign.”

The former Spice Girl, model and designer was embroiled in a conflict with a “leave group” who attempted to use some comments she made nearly 2 decades ago against her.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

British Prime Minister David Cameron rallied the British supporters by saying “Brits don’t quit.” He also warned citizens voting to exit that the vote is irreversible. “If it passes, you have to live with the consequence,” said Cameron.

Soros said individuals involved in the “Brexit” are being duped. During Black Wednesday, Soros was ready. He warned people of what would happen. In the meantime, he pocketed a cool $1.5 billion due to the event.

Britain’s Justice Secretary Michael Grove isn’t buying it. He says the markets and Soros have been wrong before. Grove is a huge supporter of the leave effort. Former Parliament member Johnson also supports the leave initiative. He says he will gladly issue an apology to the British Citizens if the Brexit passes and no recession occurs.

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