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Wengie, Coachella, and All Things Beauty

Breaking into internet fame with one million followers and counting, Australian based beauty blogger, Wengie, teaches girls to be beautiful- on the inside and out. What started out as a project quickly turned into a living when Wengie was working on an assignment for a previous company. She needed to learn the basics of various platforms that bloggers use. This sparked her idea to create a blog of her own- and the rest is history.

When asked how it feels to have hit that one million mark she says it just felt normal. Something she had waited for and was excited for but it just happened. She is extremely grateful to her fans and followers who have helped her achieve her internet fame and continue to make blogs that are tailored to their interests. Helping to increase inner beauty is a separate blog she has created for younger girls talking about relationships, bullying, and a variety of other topics that teens go through in today’s world.

Another leader in the fashion world isn’t a blog, a person, but a festival. Coachella coaxes celebrities and “it girls” everywhere out of hiding to display inspirations for the upcoming seasons fashion. Popularly seen at Coachella this year was bold makeup trends. Bright and bold lips, funky eyeshadows, and face jewels all graced the concert as celebrities got together for selfies, photo ops, drinks, and all around fun.

Hair is a frequently changing trend, but this year starts at Coachella boasted their long and luxurious locks. A great way to help inspire your hair to grow is to invest in a boar bristled brush in order to help stimulate the scalp and distribute oils evenly throughout the hair in order to achieve the glossy locks that the starts debuted at Coachella. It may take a little time, but with effort and care you can have the same beautiful, healthy mane that was seen all across Coachella 2016.

Venezuelan Health Care System Attracts World Attention

Amid many economic and social concerns like the region-wide spread of the Zika virus, Venezuela is celebrating a new partnership with the WHO (World Health Organization).
Leaders and representatives including Dr. Velasquez Figueroa, have pinpointed Venezuela as a prime candidate country for receiving collaborative efforts in bolstering institutions like hospitals and oncological centers.

Venezuela is a modernized country with the human and capital resources to assimilate an evolution in their healthcare system. This is why not only the WHO, but the Pan-American Health Organization have tapped Venezuela as a prime recipient of the benefits of international cooperation.

This type of collaborative effort according to a study by Open Corporaters, will result in resource assistance for programs like those fighting the spread of the Zika virus, providing treatment for HIV, starting education programs regarding managing early pregnancy issues, and procuring vaccines and other drugs. This partnership is predicted by to help Venezuela’s hospital system create a path that will markedly increase their performance, and create a highly organized service network for all Venezuelan citizens.

Top Doctors Like Jennifer Walden Are Making Their Mark Helping Others

When you look online at the list of America’s Top Surgeons you will find Jennifer Walden close to the top of the list. She is well known and presents herself well on television and online. Jennifer was born in Austin Texas. In school, Jennifer was all-state in soccer. Her grades were fantastic and earned her a place as Salutatorian. Jennifer Walden went to college where she joined a fraternity. After completing her college education Jennifer went on to complete her Doctorate. She took a job in Manhattan New York as an Eye, Ear, and a Throat surgeon. She worked her way into having a fantastic reputation before choosing to return to her hometown of Texas. Jennifer has twin sons that are enjoying living close to the rest of their family.

Jennifer Walden is not only a top notch surgeon but she also enjoys writing. She has books on Amazon and does several personal appearances on ABC and other shows talking about noninvasive procedures as well as plastic surgery in general. She specializes in surgeries for teenagers and celebrities. Celebrities all over the world seek her out for her expertise and steady hands. Most people are very interested in her non-invasive line of procedures. She deals a lot with laser surgeries and things like Botox.

When asked how to keep yourself looking young, Jennifer will quickly explain that you have to eat right and take care of yourself. She introduces the knowledge of using things like sunscreen outside to reduce the chances of wrinkles. She also explains how drinking the right amount of water, not smoking, and doing exercises will decrease wrinkles. As a media commentator, she offers expertise in things like vaginal rejuvenation. She will debate the false information and help people understand the real reasons why women seek out these surgeries. Jennifer has won several awards in her career. She has received awards from the American W omens Association and The American Society Of Plastic Surgery. She is definitely someone to watch. Her whole career is based on making people look and feel better about themselves. Her new satellite office is open and you can read about her in the American Airlines Magazine when you fly the friendly sky.

Understanding Investment Banking and Introducing Martin Lustgarten

Meet Mr. Martin Lustgarten

Mr. Martin Lustgarten is the CEO at Lustgarten, Martin. This is Investment Banking in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He is a professional who is well-informed of financial matters. He is a qualified investment banker who does specialize in valuations. His forte includes acquisitions and mergers.


The Difference of an Investment Bank

Everybody knows what a bank is. Those who work within the finance world do know the difference between a commercial bank and an investment bank. The actual term of investment bank is referring to a specific type of financial institution. There is a difference between the investment bank and the average commercial bank. The big difference is that it will work mainly in higher finance. This is done by assisting a company to access the capital markets. This is done in order to raise money for specific needs. This may include expansion.


What Type of Activities are Incorporated?

There are several common activities that the ordinary investment bank will actually engage in. The following are included:

* asset management accounts

* preferred stock

* issuing bonds

* proprietary trading

* credit default swaps

* gold futures

These are a sample of activities that the investment bank will engage in. If these activities are managed well, they will prove to be very profitable. Those who have experience in finance will have the ability to clearly explain each various activity.


How does the Investment Bank Help?

This is a financial institution that will act as their client’s agent. This bank will help the following:

* individuals

* corporations

* governments

They help by acting as the agent or by underwriting . This is in regards to the issuance of securities. This will be very beneficial with any complicated financial matters. The creation of capital is the desired outcome with these experts helping.


Martin Lustgarten Offers his Numerous Skills

Mr. Martin Lustgarten offers his numerous skills in a variety of areas. He is known to have greatly benefited many of his clients. He does have the ability to provide an accurate and full valuation of an entire business and the assets. This has proven to be most helpful for any company. When looking into a merger or into the purchase with another company, the Skills of Martin Lustgarten will be offered. Check out Lustgarten’s Facebook for more news and information.

George Soros – Progressive Philanthropist, Businessman, and Entrepreneur

As a businessman, investor, and entrepreneur, George Soros is also well-known as a wildly successful on, self-made billionaire in the economic and political realm of society. With dual-citizenship in Hungary and the United States, he is largely involved in the study of and reflection on investment, political and business practices in America as well as Europe as a whole.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary and resided there until the Nazi invasion, which eventually led him to relocate to England. During his stay in England, he earned his education at the London School of Economics, where his journey into the financial, philanthropic industry began. The foundation for Soros on Bloomberg outlook on business and economics was built on principles he learned while attending school there and he believed strongly in protecting the rights of the individual. Open society, forward thinking, and fewer corporate restrictions were among his core beliefs and he would expand upon those in his future endeavors.

Later, George Soros on marketwatch accepted a position on Wall Street in New York, which launched him into working for a variety of other prosperous firms on his road to achievement. He eventually used his earnings and accomplishments to become the chair and founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations. He is known by many in, especially in England, as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of such an impressive profit that he made on a short sale. Based on the list of billionaires on Forbes website on, Soros is ranked 23rd with a current net worth of $24.9 billion, earnings that accrued largely through his hedge funds and international investments.

Soros has also written fourteen unique books on Forbes outlining his philosophies and tactics in various areas of business. Some of the most famous accounts he has written are on the topic of open society, on which he has become an expert through vigorous study and thorough reflection. Beyond novels and books, he frequently generates essays on current political topics outlining his interpretations and suggestions.

George Soros is recognized for his dedication to economic advancement and his superior knowledge of political and financial investment, making him a man to be respected and valued in any business setting. Soros has donated and invested large amounts of money to various political campaigns and has a passion to see change and societal progression around the world.

The Life of George Soros

Wen by Chaz Transforms Fine Hair

In a recent article for Bustle, an author was looking for a solution for her thin, fine hair and decided to try out WEN cleansing conditioner to see if it could transform her fine, thin hair into the lovely locks that we have all surely seen advertised on the many Wen by Chaz infomercials. Lucky for readers, she documented her results and even provided before and after photos so that you can judge for yourself whether Wen by Chaz lives up to the hype. For this head of hair, WEN by Chaz Dean certainly seemed to do the trick. The author said she loved the results she saw for the week that she used Wen cleansing conditioner as her only shampoo or conditioner product. The only cautionary words she had for readers interested in trying Wen by Chaz is that the fabulous results she experienced were only possible on the days that she actually took time to use the Wen by Chaz product. Skipping showers or the hair styling process will not lead to the same fabulous results, so she advises that readers interested in trying Wen by Chaz should be prepared to love the results so much that they need to make time to use it everyday.

Wen by Chaz has been on the sephora market for quite a few years now as a cleansing conditioner with a 5-in-1 formula for fantastic hair results. Not only does this hair care product work as a shampoo and conditioner, it also functions as a detangler, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. By combining these five products in one bottle, Wen users save money and protect their hair from over processing. Wen by Chaz has been shown to add moisture and volume to all different types of hair.




Dick Devos Take Time To Help Support Educaation

The DeVos family has an extensive notable history in philanthropy. the Devos family amassed their wealth from direct Marketing sales. Dick Devos has a current net worth of around five billion dollars and earned him the title of one of the wealthiest in the United States. Richard and Betsy’s son Richard Dick DeVos jr. has also joined the family business and has served as CEO of Amway from the seventies until the early 2000s. Dick is also quite active in conservative politics like his parents, which included a campaign for governor of Michigan in 2006 but he lost to the Democratic incumbent. The Devos’s have been large contributors to charity and run the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation based out of Michigan where they are originally from. Their contributions to education and education reform are some of their most notable philanthropy accomplishments. The Devos’s have had considerable influence on 13 states and including the District of Columbia having active voucher programs in 2016. The Devos family use the considerable funds they have access to to influence voters and lawmakers mindsets. They seem to favor religious charities and faith-based schools and organizations. Dick DeVos puts considerable funding into conservative Republicans political campaigns.

Recently Dick has given his financial support to school choice as he and his wife Betsy are both passionate about matters of education. He believes there should be freedom in where one decides to go to school and it should not be based on financial backing or location.

Dick DeVos graduated Forest Hills Public Schools and later graduated from Northwood University. He became vice president of Amway in 1984. DeVos then became president and CEO of the Orlando Magic in 1991 before leaving to create his own business. He co-chairs Grand Action which crucial in the revival of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos serves as board member of RDV Coast well as well as Willow Creek Association, and the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and several other organizations. Dick is also a two-time national champion sailor as well as a licensed pilot for both jet aircraft and helicopters.


Dick DeVos has been married to his wife Bety for over 30 years. They have 4 children and two grandchildren. Together they have created a fulfilling home life and successful careers. They have made a great impact with there extensive philanthropy.

Being On Wikipedia’s Platform

Wikipedia is a constantly growing online encyclopedia of evergreen information on tons of topics. Wikipedia is a very professional website that can help educate you on every single topic imaginable. In fact, the app is always up to date and constantly stays strong. It is definitely one of the best places to be online. The most interesting thing about this site is the fact that they want to take their knowledge and work to the next level. They want to help provide users with a new opportunity to have an audio play out and read the words out to people who are blind or can’t read.

This new feature is going to be funded, and it is vital that this opensource project is properly funded in order for it to flourish into reality. The truth is that this site relies on the work of volunteers alone. In other words, nobody ever takes the time to ever think about the fact that Wikipedia does not ask for anything unless they need to. With the help of their volunteers and their writers, they want to help make their site easily accessible and easier to access with the help of an audio player software for every blind person or anybody struggling with reading to use.
Being on Wikipedia can be quite lifechanging and powerful for your brand. The truth is that Wikipedia is always changing and improving themselves, and being on this site can help transform your business for the better in all kinds of ways when you make a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is the place to be for your company and brand. The reason why is simply because they can help give you different ways of growth. It helps not just with gaining more authority, but it helps with rankings and also reaching higher attention via Google.

Get Your Wiki is a great Wikipedia editing service to work with because they have some of the most talented Wiki writers for hire who work on Wikipedia themselves. Before your article about your brand gets shown to the world, a list of writers and Wikipedia editors must first go through your article to see if it reaches the standards of their system. Oftentimes, traditional writing practices will not work on Wikipedia. The key is to be patient and to post content that you can be proud of, but this company can write content for you for a reasonable price, while also guaranteeing that your content is approved by Wikipedia. They also offer monitoring services and will update a Wikipedia page any time there is new information or provide Wikipedia revisions if there is inaccurate information on the page.