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Doe Deere – Rules To Break In The New Fashion World

There are two basic questions Doe Deere had to answer up front about makeup trends. What kind of rules to break in order to stand out in the crowd and how to do it? Doe Deere is a well-known makeup artist and her blogs and videos depict the work she has done in the fashion industry. Her answers came swiftly for the questions above which are explained in the below information.

1. Not Wearing Too Many Colors And Patterns

If you can’t make up your mind about what to wear when it comes to makeup and outfits, you should at least know that the colors and patterns that you select should go well with one another. How many colors and patterns to choose in the first place? According to Doe Deere, it is okay to choose as many colors as you like as long as they are in harmony. After reviewing the advantages and drawbacks of various colors and patterns, you may want to combine both types into your overall look.

2. Not Wearing Bold Eyes and Lips

Should you wear dark colored lips and eyes instead of the conventional light makeup? This new trends is a smart choice if you are confused. It may also be the best way to make use of your makeup set. However, it is not the best choice when you are planning to use unrelated colors. For example, wearing dark brown lips with black shadows is fine as long as your outfit match with the colors. Similarly, the type of patterns you choose also depends on your experience in makeup.

3. Not Wearing Socks With High Heels and Open-toed shoes

You may remember when in 70s, this trend was a popular one. The effect was about as pleasant as the rest of the new trends. Over the past few years, wearing socks with open toed shows has become the talk of the new fashion world as well. No models have ever complained about wearing socks with their outfits. This look is so cheerful, it makes someone feel good in winter as well. With today’s variety of accessories, you can bring as much creativity into this look as you like, says Doe Deere. This cheerful look also benefits from a combination of accessories like matching purse and hairbands. On the style side, socks previously associated with golden times are now available in fashion stores. In fact, it is not difficult to change your entire look by simply replacing bare foot with socks. If you choose to wear heels, select one that is in contrast with the socks you are wearing. This way you may create an eyesore in the crowd. For more information on these topics, visit Doe Deere’s website.

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Capital Restructuring with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a leading investment group which is heavily focused on providing flexible effective corporate funding solutions for middle market firms. They have a diverse group of funding options available to meet all types of clients providing funding sources and credit providers that fit best. Capital restructuring is a method that a business undergoes to make them more appealing to prospective investors and stake holders. The intricacies of this type of transaction need to be handled delicately to make sure that the rights of all parties are protected. That is where Madison street Capital’s Youtube video ad come in.
There are three methods that Madison Street Capital can provide to clients they are debt restructuring experience, financing relationships, and corporate value expertise. One or more of these options may be just what a client needs in order to improve their financial situation. Even the biggest challenges can be addressed through the experience that this firm provides. Businesses are very similar to people in that their financial situation is continually changing and capital restructuring has to be a flexible process. All they need is an experienced expert behind them in order to make the right decisions and to learn how to create them.

There are many different reasons that a middle market firm might need to investigate capital restructuring, in fact it could be something that they should be doing. The guidance of an experienced firm like Madison Street Capital Marketing can allow complicated transactions like asset divestitures, debt modifications or business expansions to be handled quickly and in a safe financial manner. Capital Restructuring can be one of the primary methods a company can accomplish creating modifications in leadership. Simply contact Madison Street Capital at 1-312-529-7000 to see how they can help assist you in any of your capital restructuring needs. One quick call can allow your middle market business to take significant steps forward.

They have locations across the globe in North America, Asia and Africa Madison Street Capital has been a firm that is growing on  and helping more and more companies achieve financial wellness. They specialize in assisting middle market business owners in meeting their financial challenges. The reputation of the firm is one of success and client satisfaction. It can be difficult for middle market businesses to handle all of the financial challenges in front of them simply and well. They also have significant experience in mergers and acquisitions both domestically and internationally. They have been satisfying clients needs since they opened their doors in 2005.

Title Role in Fit Fabletics Created by Iconic Role Model


Ever hear the name Kate Hudson? Yes of course she is an iconic role model for women of all ages. She is now sharing her title role as actress and dancer to a new line of athletic wear called Fabletics. As a fitness guru herself, Kate Hudson is a perfect role model for her line of fashionable action wear; she symbolizes perfection, attitude, and spunk. Forever thinking of Kate Hudson one envisions that radiant smile of hers that is so Kate.

Fabletics is a trendy spot-on line of mix and match sportswear. The collection is cheery and bright, smart and sassy, but better yet it is made of exceptional high-quality fabrics. For example no see-through, flimsy fabric here, Fabletics is made from strong, durable fabrics specially designed for star quality performances exemplary of yoga, running, and spinning.

The one thing the co-founder of Fabletics wants to promote is the fervent passion for living each day to the one-hundred percent mark. Kate Hudson wants to inspire all women to the zenith of their capabilities by offering clothes that makes one feel exceptionally jazzed. By presenting exercises clothes styled and designed to channel the principle habits favorable to health and well-being. Hence to make the line truly her own, every thirty days she highlights her choice garments. Kate Hudson wants everyone to know her involvement in the fitness branding of Fabletics’ is authentic.

Kate, herself a mom of two emphasizes the fact that the pieces are agreeably affordable. These clothes can fit into every woman’s budget, from auditioning starlets to mother on the go. Frankly the collection and assortment of tops, leggings, and cover-ups are so versatile the garments are ideal for everyday outer wear for example trips to the grocery store or lunch with the kids in the park.

The 2016 spring and summer collection offers separates that come in patterned or floral prints. The vibe is on fashion. Every leading lady want to be noticed and Fabletic is power for the course, offering the coolest styles in hip designs, nothing dreary on this play list of gym clothes.

So if you want to grab the title role in fashion, do what Kate Hudson does and put on a three-piece ensemble from Fabletics. And perform that part of role model for all to see expressing yourself enthusiastically saying to the world life begins with me. The 2016 spring and summer collection can be viewed at the Clothes Maiden: The Collection

Doe Deere Reveals Fashion Secrets

Doe Deere is the glamorous CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere is one busy executive that stands out in a crowd with her wild pastel colored hair and unique way of dressing. Many wonder about Doe Deere. What is her secret to looking great and attaining such wonderful success with her makeup line. Well, the self proclaimed unicorn queen explained it all in a recent article. Her firm belief is that people should not listen to someone that is out of touch with the mainstream world. Indeed, most people behind those fashion magazines are out of touch with everyday people. Instead, Deere believes that people should do their own thing. In other words, ignore fashion rules and dress the way that you feel.

Resisting Tradition
Clearly, Doe Deere is one woman that resists tradition. This is evident in her makeup line and the way that she likes to dress. Her rules for makeup and wardrobe are worth noting. Let’s take a look at a few of her top ideas.

  • Avoid Bold Colors – Doe Deere loves breaking this rule. Wear bold eye shadows with super vivid lip colors. Finish it off with a vibrant cheek color. Deere believes anything goes.
  • Avoid Too Many Colors – Once again, Doe Deere believes this fashion and beauty rule is ridiculous. The more colors, the more fun. Just make sure that the colors are within the same family or that they do not clash.
  • Don’t Mix Patterns – Doe Deere loves patterns. Patterns on patterns is definitely her thing. Deere finds this look very glamorous.
  • Neutrals – Doe is all about wild hair colors and believes that you don’t have to wear neutral clothing or subdue your makeup because of the vibrant color.
  • Age Appropriate – Deere believes it is silly to dress a certain way because of your age. Instead, dress the way that you feel at the moment.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere is also a great inspiration to young women all over the world that would like to start a business or to simply succeed in life. Deere achieved success on her own terms. She always followed her intuition. Her intuition was the main force that guided her to success. Doe Deere was born in Russia, but the future CEO of Lime Crime grew up in New York City. Living in New York gave her the background and inspiration to follow her dream.

Doe Deere allowed her personal philosophy about makeup guide her to successfully creating Lime Crime. Deere’s belief was that cosmetics were a creative tool. Makeup is actually a form of self expression. Clearly, this is very evident in her very unique line of makeup and the fashion secrets that she reveals to her followers. Doe Deere started out small and turned her cosmetic dream into a major success. She firmly supports women entrepreneurs and would like them to follow their dreams too.

Reliable Communications Provided by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides leading technological solutions in the justice system. It has been declared that they have deployed tens of thousands of state of the art intelligent communication devices around the United States and Mexico. It is stated that the company has the intention of making the criminal and civil justice system better and safer for everyone involved. Securus Technologies have even gone as far as to facilitate inmate education with their technological communication capabilities. This is a result of the fact that the justice system is growing towards finding beneficial ways to impact the rest of society. This includes the fair and developmental integration and treatment of inmates in a variety of locations. Securus is attempting to evolve with the progressive advanced technology landscape in order to provide the best services possible. 

Securus Technologies is known for providing intelligent devices. These include a wide array of sophisticated and secure communication technologies. Tablets designed for inmates come with a variety of practical uses. Another example of a provided practical means of communication and enrichment is the video visitation kiosk. This allows great face to face engagement through advanced technology. For inmate’s loved ones to access the technology, they simply need to download the app from either the App Store of from Google Play and connect it to Securus’ service to schedule a visit.

The “S-Phones” are provided with the added benefit of granting reliable inmate communication as well. Securus Technologies has a primary focus on ethics and integrity. As a result, the standard for their products is set very high in order to uphold these values. This is strongly apparent when utilizing what they have to offer. These devices and services provided by Securus come with a high level of security and reliability (BBB proven). For more information, visit:

Young women entrepreneurs finding a home in QNET

Since its inception in 1998, QNET has always been a home to healthy, successful and happy people, from all walks of life. This direct selling company founded by Vijay Eswaran is based in Hong Kong. It sells weight management, energy, personal care, nutrition, luxury, fashion and home care products. The products are promoted in its website.

Members of QNET have been aided in raising their life quality. This is by providing products that add value, business opportunities and income earning avenues and compensating their people very well. The staff here are the most valuable asset, are treated very well and are also compensated handsomely, to give them life of prosperity. This has been made possible with a ten stream earnings strategy (Glassdoor).

One of its greatest contributions in the betterment of the community is its involvement in growing and developing women leaders.  QNET encourages women to join their great team of direct sellers. This, will enable them have freedom to work and get earnings according to their schedules. For women, QNET also offers a very wide range of products, in beauty, health, and wellness. The products include QNET’s Couleurs make-up, skin care products, and the Swiss –made luxury lady watches. The company’s partnering with Martina Hingis; former professional tennis player in September 2015 shows how it is determined to better women. Martina was announced as the brand ambassador of Qnets products and the brands representative in India. The company understands well that for any society’s growth, women are allowed control of resources, and they must have equal rights and opportunities, as leaders, family breadwinners and builders of peace.

#RYTHM #QNET ❤️❤️❤️

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Internationally, QNET has extensively worked to help the needy like the homeless and the destitute. The company also encourages its employees and independent representative to participate in helping the needy. Through its We Care CSR initiative in India, the company supports these underprivileged members of the society in areas of health, natural disasters and more. The company is also a member of organizations that look into the betterment of healthy food and production of healthy and safe supplements across the globe.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

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This multibillion –dollar industry of direct selling has been able to create a growing and resilient network marketing profession. It allows businesses and individuals to connect and work together- in person, by phone, online or through catalogue sales. QNET’s products are distributed all over the world.

WEN Haircare Stands Up To The Challenge


After watching the popular infomercials by the WEN haircare line, one woman decided to give the brand a chance and see what difference it could make for her fine and thin hair. The WEN line approaches haircare differently than most products. Chaz Dean is the founder of the line, and a well known Los Angeles stylist who has a famous client list. After seeing so many people suffering from severe hair damage due to the harsh chemicals in regular hair products along with the heat used to style hair, he decided it was time to find a way to keep hair healthy and give it great body.
The Wen line contains no sulfates, making it a new type of shampoo. After wetting hair, apply the shampoo by running it through the hair, it will not lather, and after a short setting period, it is rinsed out. There are numerous products available in his line, all of which clean and condition hair, leaving it silky soft and smooth as well as much healthier than when using a haircare line full of harsh chemicals that can dry and dull hair.
Emily McClure decided to give the WEN line a try on her hair and share her experience. She used the fig version of the cleansing conditioner, and began her experiment after a long day causing greasy, frizzy, and unruly hair. During her first use she immediately noticed that her hair felt thicker and there was no hair falling out in the shower. After she dried her hair, the difference was obvious. In just one use her hair was shiny, bouncy, and looked fuller. 
As the week went on she noticed that her hair retained a shiny, fuller, and bouncy state that was quite unexpected. Even after blow-drying and heat styling, her hair still looked healthy and had a great sheen. After the week ended, she concluded that for fine, thin, and limp hair, the product made a drastic difference. Even friends noticed and commented on how shiny her hair appeared. 
Overall, Emily found her experience to be a positive one. As promised on the amazon informercial, the product made her hair healthier and full of body. It was no disappointment and didn’t affect her normal routine of blowing out and heat styling.

Doe Deere Fashion Rule Breaker!

Doe Deere is a phenomenon hailed by the misfits of the fashion world as a unicorn queen. Her love of beauty and fashion led her to create one of the most successful beauty companies in today’s history, the infamous “Lime Crime” Cosmetics. A company founded on the rules of self-expression and freedom. A cosmetic company that honors imperfections and has a line full of fully pigmented, vibrant line of cruelty-free products with a worldwide following.

Born in Russia and raised in the Empire State, New York City, she believes in inspiring people through success and positive reinforcement. She believes in uplifting people and driving them to success with an “out of the box” approach. At the end of the day she embodies authenticity and empowers others to do the same. It is the reason that she is successful as a young entrepreneur.

As a rule breaker she does so in beauty and fashion as well. Her favorite looks are often in your face, colorful and fun. She swears by wearing bold eyes and bold lips together. It’s one of the rules she breaks daily. She embodies the aura of a unicorn with her attire. She believes in layering patterns and colors. She is never afraid of being too bold or garish. She has perfected these looks, as all of her ensembles come together to form a perfect rainbow aesthetic.

She is never worried about her toes getting cold with open toe shoes. She throws on her favorite patterned socks or tights and rocks the look to perfection. Her hair is always colorful. Nothing about Doe is ever neutral. Most fashion guru’s warn against wearing bright colors with brightly colored hair. Doe doesn’t care to listen because it’s all about happiness and fun. Who wants to live in a world made up of so many fashion rules? Her only feedback is to make sure you pay attention to how the colors interact with each other to pull off the look.

She swears that she will never dress her age and dresses in what makes her feel comfortable and happy. She thinks you should do the same too. It doesn’t matter your age, wear what brings you joy! As for “occasion-specific” clothing, she doesn’t agree with that either. Doe Deere states “Just because you have an evening gown in your closet, it doesn’t mean it has to be put away into storage until you have a fancy dinner to wear it to. Heck, it can work just perfect for a day of grocery shopping if you put a sweater over it.”

It’s incredibly easy to see why she has a cult-like following! She spreads joy wherever she goes.

The Premium Dog Food Revolution


Humanity stands on the edge of revolutionary technology. No, the technology does not fit in your pocket and it has nothing to do with processors or electronics at all. In fact it is not for direct benefit of the human species at all. This revolution is currently putting better food in the bellies of mans best friends, resulting in fuller, better lives for our canine brethren.

The Bigger Companies Have Taken Notice

One of the first companies to provide premium dog food made with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, with lamb and chicken. The result of this new method is food that is fit for owner and pet alike. Blue Apron’s sales are nearing 1 Billion and the bigger companies are taking notice.

Purina purchased Merrick Pet Café, the first certified producer of dry and wet organic dog food to go along with their already popular Beneful line.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food has made a name for itself in the market by using the finest ingredients to provide all dogs with first class nutrition. Beneful weighs is as one of the most affordable premium dog food options and is available in most local supermarkets.

If Its Good Enough for Him its Good Enough for ME

The trend that is coming along with this dog food renaissance can be described as “I will only feed my pet things that I would eat”. Brands like Freshpet are one of the innovators in refrigerated pet food, and can easily be mistaken for human food. It seems that for every new human diet there is a pet counterpart.

What Is the Outlook for High-End Pet Food?

Even though these high end pet food companies have posted soaring sales Wall St. is still skeptical. Proponents of these revolutionary products state that health conscious families will pass their healthy habits down to their pets, and that mindset will keep the premium pet food market alive and well for a long time.



The Evolution of Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery entails restructuring or altering the natural look of the body. Many people undergo plastic surgery to look younger, more beautiful or just to revitalize their bodily features. Most clients visit these practitioners for nose reshaping, eyelid operation, lip jobs and face-lifts. This practice has existed for a long time. The modern form of it however emerged after the Second World War whereby soldiers whose faces were disfigured during the war underwent reconstruction.

Plastic Surgery in Texas

Texas is renowned for having the best plastic surgeons who have built a name for themselves in the field. Many qualified practitioners carry out their practices in the city. They offer breast, face and body procedures. Some of them have cut a niche for themselves in the field. One of these is Doctor Jennifer Walden whose treatment center has a long waiting list and executes an assortment of procedures including labiaplasty.

Clients often access information about the specialists and their clinics through online journals and magazines, social media and referrals by friends and family members.

Dr. Walden in Brief

She is the foremost female plastic surgeon in Texas and one of the most sought after in the US. Dr. Walden has had an outstanding career as the owner and lead consultant at Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center where she leads a team of highly qualified aestheticians. She is widely experienced having practiced in the field for over 12 years.

Dr. Walden graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA degree in biology. Later, she received her masters from the medical branch of the same university before embarking on her profession. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and holds practicing licenses from the states of Texas, New York and Florida.

As a reward for her outstanding career, she has received wide recognition such as being named one of the best American beauty surgeons by Harper Bazaar Magazine. She has also been featured on the cover of American Airlines after being picked by her peers. She is also acknowledged as a Texas Super Doctor.