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Brazilian Dr. Sergio Cortes Thinks There Is A Strong Link Between Zika Virus Cases And Microcephaly

The thought of coming down with Zika virus has people around the world in panic-mode. The tiny Aedes aegypti mosquito is the culprit that is responsible for spreading the virus, and there are an uncountable number of those pesky winged critters in breeding pools all over the world. Africa was the first continent to identify the Zika Virus. The first case was recorded in 1940. Countries in Asia had an outbreak of the Zika virus in the 1950s, but there were no reported cases of Zika in North or South America until 2015. That’s when Brazil’s chief medical man, Dr. Sergio Cortes put out a report about a potential Zika virus epidemic.

The Zika virus is not a life-threating illness for most infected individuals, but the symptoms can be annoying for 3 to 7 days. But Dr. Cortes and his team found another side-effect of the Zika virus that put the world on notice. The Zika virus could potentially cause the disease known as microcephaly in newborn babies. Sergio Cortes and his team believes the Zika virus and microcephaly are related.

Babies born with microcephaly have smaller, odd shaped heads, and there is usually brain damage as well. Infected babies live shorter lives, according to Dr. Cortes. On his official website, Dr. Cortes explains the side-effects of the Zika virus as well as the complications that exist when a baby is born with microcephaly.

Brazil started a very aggressive program to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The chemical Pyriproxyfen developed by a Japanese firm is the larvicide used to alter the genetic structure of the mosquito. Pyriproxyfen is a strong chemical agent, and some doctors believe that chemical rather than the Zika virus is the cause of microcephaly. Dr. Cortes says there is no scientific evidence to support that theory, but Brazil has a research program in place that is studying the effects of the Zika virus as well as the effects of Pyriproxyfen.

Dr. Cortes thinks the presence of the virus in amniotic fluid, and the strong temporal and geographic relationship between the Zika virus cases and microcephaly is growing. The Pyriproxyfen theory has no scientific basis at this point, according to Dr. Cortes.

For information about the Zika Virus and Dr. Cortes visit the Cortes LinkedIn page. Cortes also has a Facebook page that has more information about his work and the Zika virus. And Twitter users around the world follow Dr. Cortes.

George Soros Financial Market Predictions

During an economic forum that was organized by the greatest living financial investors in the world in sri lanka capital city that as attended by George Soros he gave out his prediction on Bloomberg of the financial crisis that will hit the world and the reason why there is a crisis that is very similar to the one that was experienced in the year 2008 that really shook the world. The reason why we wil experience that devastating financial crisis is because of the country of China that is set to recover the lost value that they are having to the rest of the world. The global markets are set to face that crisis as well as the investors of the markets if they will not be able to make a very informed decision during this hard times that the world is about to face that are very similar to those that it faced in the year 2008.

A new growth is what china is very much struggling to achieve in all this moments. They have a very much devalued currency called the Yuan and they want the world to suffer together with it instead of suffering lone for they are failing on their part. Those were the words of the great George soros in Colombo. A positive rates in interest returns is a big challenge that the developing world will be facing and this all in sum will add up to the current situation that will be effected in the 2008 crisis and now is a repeat of the same eight years down the line.

Stocks as well as the global currencies and also the markets in commodities will be under a big fire in the previous new year and week to be specific, with the diminishing and sinking currency of china called the Yuan that is posing a very big concern to the economic well being of the economy of the Chinese and the world at large because they will be affecting the world as well. More than two point five Yuan money was slashed from the board during a trade share in the world of the financial markets in this past week. This is the reason why the economy of china is at its worst and this will be the burden that the entire world will be carrying for china in the crisis that is impending.

China is one of the few and rarest countries in the world that have major problems when it comes to adjusting to the new economic crisis that a country is being hit by. This kind of challenge can be best be distributed to the world and it reminds soros of the 2008 crisis.

The Value of Compliance Officers

Helane Morrison is the type of compliance office that has become a big hit in the corporate industry. She holds the type of degrees and has work experience that given her the ability to access a company from a non-basis point of view. This has made Morrison very valuable to Hall Capital as the compliance officer. She has the skills that are needed to help companies stay out of the hot seat when it comes to violating laws. Kathryn Hall has made a very wise decision to implement Morrison into the corporate structure because she can help this company maintain integrity as she keeps things in order.

I certainly believe people like that Helane are important because I feel like they play an important part in changing corporate structure. I have seen so many companies that are failing to corruption because there no one that is willing to do the work of governing the company. When most companies fail it is because they do not have someone in place that is keeping up with the laws. Others companies can lose ground with customers when customer complaints are not addressed. A compliance officer like Morrison has all of this down to a science. She is able to address many issues.

Morrison has been able to build up a resume that has really impressed me. She was the first woman in the SEC to ever be appointed to Regional Director. Helane had a huge degree of success during her time at the SEC which led to hear success in her current career path. I see that she has a law degree, and at one time she was working as a lawyer. I don’t think that there is anyone that is better suited than a lawyer to work in the position as a compliance officer.

If I was an investor with Hall Capital I would certainly feel a lot better about my investments if a compliancy officer like Helane Morrison was in place. She is doing a great job with this company, and I think that more large firms need to have this type of internal resource in place. I know that there is some controversy behind having a compliance officer on the inside because there is a vested interest as an employee. There have been compliance offers that have failed to investigate internally and follow the rules because they were tied into the friendship bonds of other executives that were breaking the law. I believe the only way that a person in this role can be effective in the role is by being impartial to all departments and all decisions. 

Learn more about Helane’s career and life by taking a look at her Bloomberg profile or reading the following article about her breaking the glass ceiling of the corporate compliance world >>

Camo is Showing Off Wedding Style

Recently, offered information on the modern-day camo wedding dress. The modern bride will want to look stunning on her wedding day. A wedding is the perfect time to enjoy a wedding dress that looks pretty and has a unique style of its own. The camo wedding dress is the current bridal trend that is taking off within the fashion industry.

A Trend With Sub-Trends
This camo bridal trend is one that also includes several sub-trends within the original trend itself. These sub-trends include the following:
* some unexpected colors within the traditional white dress
* some added bold prints made by Jon Urbana and his studio
* added creativity in the camo wedding dress itself
* beach wedding dresses
* sex appeal
* backless
* the shortened camo
These are sub-trends that leave room for creative style for every bride.

The Modern Bride Has Variety
The modern wedding dress offers much variety for every bride. There is a dress that will match the personality of every bride and groom.

Dr. Sergio Cortez Tours Flooded Region with Evaluation Team

Secretary Sergio Cortes is in a really serious uphill battle to stop a possible pandemic. If he is to succeed he will need to continue diminishing the numbers of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dr. Cortes of Linked In will have a chance at accomplishing this incredibly difficult task with the help of 200,000 troops. It is clear that he is using a very smart approach and he understands that by both training the local residents and a by going after the insect, that he will best be able to get a hold of this growing perilous situation.

The Health Sec., Dr. Cortes explains to Extra.Globo that together with the Brazilian Health Ministry they have constructed 7 emergency shelters with the intention of helping the local residents due to the flooding from the torrential rains that have contributed greatly to this emerging health crisis. Each of the seven emergency shelters are also going to contain 12 dengue hydration stations that will be used to help treat infected locals. There will also be the space and supplies to be able to treat up to 300 people per emergency shelter.

Health Sec. Cortes stresses on twitter that people cannot become contagious and do not have the ability to stream and spread the Zika virus to each other. So the process of transmitting the virus depends upon the Aedes aegypti mosquito first biting an infected person and then in turn becoming a transmitter of the virus. So if a person bitten by a mosquito then the person most likely not get infected. This unfortunately is not true the case of the unborn. It seems that there has been a connection that has recently been established between almost 4000 birth affects in Brazil and the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The data clearly shows that based on the numbers and locations of the infections that somehow pregnant mothers bitten by infected mosquitoes who catch the Zika virus somehow pass it on to their unborn children in the form of microcephaly . This is a very nasty disease that makes the children not fully developed and many are born with very small heads and brains. The Brazilian government and the government of Ecuador have recently asked that all women in their respective countries refrain from becoming pregnant for at least the next two years.
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