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Doe Deere, a Cosmetics Business Woman

Doe Deere is a talented business women in the world of cosmetics. She is the generator and CEO of the makeup line Lime Crime. The cosmetic line comes in hot, bright colors.
Doe’s products are not tested on animals. She credits her fans as unicorns. It takes an unique person to wear bright colors on their faces.

Doe Deere thought up the name for her business in 2004. She liked the name Lime Crime because it has her favorite color in the name. She kicked off the makeup line in 2008.
Doe started with only thirteen eye shadows and ten lipsticks in the makeup line, and then the cosmetic business took off from there. The brand now has taken on a different meaning of color expression and color metamorphosis. Doe tries on every new product she makes to see if it fits what the brand represents and if it does she brings it to the customer.

Doe thought she would be prosperous with selling her cosmetics on the internet even when people told her that she wouldn’t be. She developed a way for people to see what the lipstick would look like on the lips and not what it looks like on paper. Doe also defeated some of the naysayers by putting out youtube videos and blogs about how to make cosmetics. For the future of her cosmetic line, Doe wants to multiply her lipstick line to more exciting unique colors. She thinks of doing a more subtle look of colors in the future like a two tone effect.

Doe has been featured in Self Made Magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. She had given talks about being a entrepreneur at the PHAMExpo and at the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. Her brand Lime Crime had also featured in a magazine called Nylon Magazine. Doe loves to give advice on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. One advice she gives to any woman who wants to be an entrepreneur is to listen to intuition.

By giving appreciation to her workers has helped her amplify her business to what it is today. Knowing her brand and her customers has also helped her make her business into a great one.

Doe Deere was born in 1981 as Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk, Russia. She was raised in New York City. Doe later went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design. Before having the Lime Crime company, she had a clothing line. She presently lives in Los Angeles.

Looking Good and Being Authentic on YouTube

While it is nice to look good, it is also good for one to be him or herself. For one thing, a suit and tie is good for a man and a dress is good for a woman. However, even though looking good is enough, one can get bored with one’s self if he or she is generic. Also, if one just looks good, it is not enough. For some people, it is important to have style. So they look to sources of information like YouTube in order to get information on style. It is important to know the difference between style and trend.

One person that has a style is Wendy Huang, a YouTube celebrity who offers advice on make up and beauty. She is an example of someone who has style. One thing about style is that a lot of it is suited to the individual. In other words, what may look good on one person might not look good on another person. Wengie understands the difference between trends and styles and understands that style often changes at a much slower pace than trends. Wengie has style because she has taken the time to find a look that she is satisfied with.

There are many aspects that make up Wengie’s style. Her Twitter shows that her style is very unique. She not only has style in fashion, but in make up as well. She dyed her hair a different and unique color and has given it a lot of volume. This brings out a look to her that is very appealing to many of her viewers. She not only gives advice on how one could find her own style, but she also gives advice on inner beauty. She talks about her experiences on dealing with people and how to build one’s own self esteem.

One thing that Wengie and other famous YouTube users know about fashion and beauty is that it is very important for one to have a look that he or she is satisfied with. It doesn’t matter all that much what other people think about their fashion choices as long as they are satisfied with their own choices in clothing. Many YouTube celebrities understand the importance of presentation. They use this knowledge in order to bring forth great levels of success. While some people can complain that it all depends on appearance, some of the most successful YouTube users understand the industry and use it to their advantage.

I Have Dr. Jennifer Walden To Thank For My Beautiful Body

I used to have a daily regimen where I would look in the mirror and criticized several parts of my body. I had to talk to my psychologist about some of the things I was doing to myself, and he simply told me that I needed to love myself more. I didn’t know how to love myself and not see all the faults that my body had. I chose to do something about how I felt about myself, and my first thought was to have surgery. I wanted plastic surgery to fix the parts of my body that were giving me problems, and the biggest reason they were problematic is because I felt that my body looked wrong.

My breasts were just too small, my thighs were too thick, my butt wasn’t big enough, and my stomach was a bit pudgy. I could possibly rant all day about the things I felt were wrong with my body, but instead, I decided to contact a plastic surgeon. I wanted to get Dr. Jennifer Walden because of everything I’d heard about her, and I know that she’s the best at every type of surgery she performs. When I went for my initial consultation, I was asked about my frame of mind and why I was doing the procedures.

I appreciate the doctor trying to encourage me to love myself, but I was determined to get the surgeries I needed to fix the problems that I felt I had. I let the doctor know that I wanted bigger breasts, a bigger butt, a smaller waist, and a slimmer body size. I was told that fat transfer could possibly fix some the issues that I had, but the doctor said that they I wasn’t very big in size, so giving my body to a certain look shouldn’t be very difficult at all.

Even though I met with a different doctor then Dr. Walden, I told them that I would not accept anyone else perform my surgery except Dr. Walden herself. I met with Dr. Walden on the day before my surgery, and we had a talk before I came back in to have the surgeries performed. I did have some recovery time after having these different procedures performed on the same day, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I almost look like a porn star, and the only thing I feel I need to do from here is to tone up and gain some more muscle. Dr. Jennifer Walden has made me look beautiful.