Jason Hope Achievements and His Dedication to Giving Back to the Community

Jason Hope is an investor, philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a futurist who is situated in Scottsdale Arizona. He has a passion for technology and so much dedicated to giving back to the community. Jason studied at Arizona State University where he acquired a degree in finance and also in W.P. Carey School where he earned an MBA. During the beginning of his career, he created a mobile communication company. He now gives his attention to biotechnology, philanthropy and investing in startups.

Even though aging is an avoidable process that happens to everyone and many diseases become more commons as we age, Jason Hope gives a different approach to it. He helps people live longer by reversing or slowing down the aging process. He donates his funds to support innovative organizations in this mission to modify the approach of healthcare so that they can treat and combat the aging effects on people around the world. For several years, Jason Hope has supported SENS Foundation which is a charitable organization. In December 2010 he started by donating $500,000 for its vital work. The organization is dedicated to helping the public acquire the access to technology that prevents aging-related diseases and counteract aging. He announced his initial donations during an event known as Breakthrough Philanthropy at San Francisco’s Fortress of Fine Arts.

With his clear understanding of technology, Jason Hope has earned fame as a futurist. He uses his skills to watch industry and makes sure predictions of technology and where it is heading. He advised the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve airline travel industry. He recommended it because he knew that it would bring safety to the clients, improve customer service, provide fuel efficiency and improve baggage handling. He has hopes that IoT will not only be helpful in the airline industry, but also it will help businesses operate more efficiently around the world. Based on the modern technology trends, Hope believes that the influence of IoT can be a significant player in the future, as the number of devices is growing and becoming more connected. He advises individuals and modern businesses that are searching for a better way of living to take advantage of the technology.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

Infinity Group Australia and Financial Fitness in the Complicated Centralized Australian Economic System

The financial world both in the local and global scale is getting more complicated. It’s not enough that a person has knowledge about basic terms like inflation, savings, interest rate and assets. It’s not enough to know how to save money, knowing that humans are prone to overspending and there’s not much one can do to restrain oneself from being rational with one’s wealth. Today, one has to understand complex concepts like long-term assets, liabilities, net worth and break-even point. These are all important concepts for an individual or company to be financially fit.



Financial fitness is a term that denotes an individual or a company’s ability to be risk-averse, risk-protected and resilient from unpredictable events in one’s financial situations. Whether it’s a personal accident that can drain one’s savings or whether it’s a loan that a company that has to be paid off for the company to continue operations, financial fitness is key to surviving all of these.



In Australia, financial fitness is also important, especially for the people in the Australian Loan market. More and more people are having a hard time with debt reduction and wealth creation. Articles from reputable sources even argue about how most Australian families are living paycheck to paycheck. What also doesn’t help is that financial firms today don’t offer responsive and customer-specific solutions that address the peculiar or unique needs and wants of the clients. This is the reason it may be necessary for such financially unfit Australians to resort to the expertise of financial coaches like Infinity Group Australia.



Infinity Group Australia is expert in debt reduction, wealth creation, retirement solutions, among others. Australians have been facing the challenge of dealing with faceless corporations that burden so much debt on them. Never do these companies seem to help people on how to reduce it. With the unique debt reduction service that Infinity Group offers, it’s now easy for people to find hope in helping pay off their ominous level of debt.



Infinity Group Australia is created to help Australians find a good bearing to make them financially fit, especially in the issue of debt, wealth and retirement. It is the core belief of the company and its founders that unlike financial firms, Infinity Group offers services with care, passion and trust in helping every Australian family get to their financial fitness goals the quickest way possible.



You may also be able to read in various Infinity Group Australia reviews today that its vision to help Australian families has often hit the target. With the company directors’ Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker leading the operations, the company has a proven track record of lowering the debt and expenses of a family to about almost a $100,000. Learn more: https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/


Bumble Founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe, Won’t Bend to Political Pressure

Whitney Wolfe has had a very illustrious career in the technology industry. She was one of the co-founders of the dating app., Tinder, and she was the founder of the dating app, Bumble, that focuses on the empowerment of women. As an entrepreneur who started in the tech industry in 2012, she has a net worth of $250 million, and that’s because she has a talent for marketing her dating apps. Because she was solely responsible for the size of the Tinder user base as a result of her marketing skills, she became vice president of marketing. But she left Tinder in 2014 due to strained working relationships with co-workers.

Soon after her departure from Tinder, Whitney Wolfe seized the opportunity to start a new dating app, with investment partner Andrey Andreev. In December 2014, Wolfe started Bumble after relocating to Austin, Texas. Bumble is enjoying a lot of success and popularity with clients due to the company’s principles that are based on kindness and respect. It is a requirement that all members of Bumble treat each other with benevolence and reverence, so all potential clients have to go through a lengthy and thorough identity verification. With the added security safeguards, reporting harassment when it occurs is more straightforward and less stressful for the person who is experiencing it.

With the security precautions that have been put in place, Bumble has an abuse rating that is one of the lowest in the dating app. industry at .005 percent. But recently, Whitney Wolfe, other Bumble executives, and team members have been on the receiving end of some merciless harassment from some Bumble clients who are pro-gun activists, after the dating app. made it a policy to ban the picturing of guns and other firearms in images that are used in member profiles. This policy became implemented by Bumble after the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Along with kindness and respect, Bumble tries to instill empowerment, equality, and accountability in its members, and as far as Bumble is concerned, the presence of guns doesn’t support that attitude. In fact, guns represent the opposite of Bumble’s ideology and attitude because statistics show that most of the women that were killed in domestic abuse situations were due to gun use. Whitney Wolfe has no intention of romanticizing the use of guns with her dating app. and that won’t be changing any time soon.

Along with Bumble, Wolfe introduced Bumble BFF, a service to match women for platonic friendships. Another Bumble service is Bumble Bizz which is for the purpose of helping people find needed career contacts. These services also emphasize kindness and respect between their clients. In her private life, Whitney Wolfe married the Texas oil heir, Michael Herd, but she didn’t meet him on Bumble. They actually met in Aspen, Colorado in 2013, became engaged in 2015 and married in Positano, Italy in September 2017. Although Whitney Wolfe’s expertise is in marketing, she majored in International Studies while going to Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, Texas. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

The Chainsmokers Continue To Evolve And Grow As Musicians

Although the Chainsmokers are known for a very particular style, especially among the younger generations, they have started to change up their music tones this past year. Unlike the usual party go-er music that the Chainsmokers are known for, they started releasing music that is much more serious and rock-like than their previous work. Sometime last year, the Chainsmokers went on a hiatus, taking a breather from all the fame and criticism that constantly flies around. When they finally came back and released a new song to their fans, it was nothing like they were expecting. That being said, “Sick Boy” and the like have done quite well for the Chainsmokers usual audiences and even better overseas where grunge music is more popular.

According to the Chainsmokers, there are high expectations to produce a certain style in the music industry, especially when everyone loves the sound. Unfortunately, this is very limiting to a musicians creativity, forcing them to stick to certain sounds or not try to create anything new at all for fear of upsetting their fans. Like most artists out there, the Chainsmokers realized that their career and lives is in their own control and it didn’t matter what people ultimately thought as long as they were doing what they loved. The Chainsmokers are hard at work creating their latest songs with many collaborations on the way like fans have come to expect from them.

As far as the Chainsmokers are concerned, they have already proved themselves as artists and want to grow more than anything else, regardless of the criticism. This even makes its way into their new music, where they speak about the criticisms they get as well as the more sinister issues facing the world today. More than ever before, the Chainsmokers want to connect with their audiences and allow them to bridge the gap between celebrities and human being. The Chainsmokers have much more coming in the future and a lot of it will have more story and soul put into it, leaving the party music on the back burner in some respects.


Newswatch TV – Businesses Give Their Honest Reviews About It

Newswatch TV is a well known television program that focuses on all sorts of news, but especially on news in the finance industry and news that is related to consumers. Newswatch TV reaches close to a hundred million people when it airs, which is why many businesses know that getting their story or their ad on Newswatch TV will help inform shoppers about the great new products that they have to offer. Here are just some honest reviews that business owners and managers gave after their experiences with Newswatch TV.

Avanca set up an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of ten thousand dollars for a new product that they were hoping to launch. They wanted to encourage themselves to reach that goal, so they said that if they will not reach the mark of ten thousand dollars, they simply will not get any money at all, which is something that you are able to do when you use Indiegogo. In order to spread the word about their campaign, they decided to run a one minute promotional video on the Newswatch TV network.

In the thirty day period that they had set for their goal, Avanca raised over four hundred and fifty six thousand dollars, which is twenty nine times more than what they wanted to reach. Avanca said that without Newswatch TV, it is doubtful they would ever have reached their goal.

Another success story was seen by Saygus, which wanted to raise one million dollars and ended up raising three hundred thousand dollars more than their goal, all thanks to Newswatch TV and its network of over ninety million viewers. SteelSeries also saw great results with their Newswatch TV campaigns.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart- pushing the boundaries as the Chainsmokers.

Music duo The Chainsmokers- composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart- began as DJs but have pushed themselves past that label and are now becoming a musical force.


Both began DJing while young and getting some shows in the New York City area. Initially they were introduced by a mutual friend and Pall’s manager and had an instant rapport. Taggart moved from his native Maine to New York and they began making music immediately. They share both a musical sense as well as a drive to keep pushing themselves forward musically.


Having willfully stepped outside of “traditional” DJing and branching into other genres the duo have kept in step with each other creatively. Pall speaks repeatedly about their process together, how they conceptualize songs and even whole albums before beginning any sort of planning process. They discuss ideas and themes together to see if they are in sync and if there really is enough feeling and meaning to them to make it into material.


They also share a desire to explore more meaningful content than what most would expect from a dance or electronic DJ duo. Taggart describes some at the time unreleased songs the duo has written as crossing several lines, between “indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop.” Both talk about how their hits at the time of the interview (May 2016) were actually music they had made a couple of years ago. The process of holding on to newer songs while the public has time to work through their current material has left them with a lengthy back catalog of unreleased material.

Much time at the end of the interview is given over to their live shows and the other ways they have broken some of the norms for DJs. They discuss working with singer Halsey as a dream and describe how they decided to have Taggart perform vocals on a song. They compare these events and an ever changing live show as a way for them to embrace their role as not only DJs but as musicians and how doing so helps them attract a broad audience of multiple age groups.




OSI food solutions vividly believe that their employees are the reason for their success in the industry. They strive to develop and provide a stimulating, rewarding opportunity, as well as challenging environments. The company has been providing quality food products for more than ten decades, and it is highly reputed for its pioneering innovations, commitment, and dedication thanks to the workforce diversity and inclusivity. The company believes that each person is capable of making a difference, and it employs staffs who share the same mindset and also seek innovative ideas and possess passion. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

The company meets all of the diverse ideas from its employees with great enthusiasm and also provides a platform for them to learn and expand to their maximum potential. Individuals wishing to have a career with OSI Food Solutions should be thriving in the entrepreneurial field and can participate in a team setting and deliver unmatched services as well as ideas to its clients.

Everybody has the right to equal treatment with respect and dignity. OSI Food Solutions makes this policy its pillar in the provision of EEO (equal employment opportunities) to everyone regardless of gender, religion, age, gender identity, national origin, race, pregnancy, color, sexual orientation, disability, protected veteran status, or any characteristic protected by local, state, or federal law. It takes part in the E-verify program, and all the candidates are considered for employment according to the business needs, qualifications and merits.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions received a luxurious Globe of Honor Award for the exemplary control of risks in the environment from the British Safety Council. It was presented during a luncheon in Draper’s Hall on November 25, 2016, in London. 17 other global companies were awarded in that year with a Globe of Honor, where to qualify to be a nominee, an organization had to gain the full five stars in an environmental control audit done by British Safety Council.

The BSC Chief Executive, Mike Robinson, handed the award to OSI’s Environmental Manager(Kelly Grimwood) in Europe. Kelly’s acceptance speech talked about leadership being the crucial factor in the achievement of excellence. Legislation for compliance as well as inspiring people leads to excellence. OSI Food Solution’s plant location has been active in Scunthorpe in the United Kingdom since 1989. It is known for producing pork and beef products for the food service providers industry. Apart from 2016, the organization has also been awarded the 2013 and 2015 Globe of Honor.

About OSI food solutions: www.bundesverband-systemgastronomie.de/osi-food-solutions.html

Jeunesse Global Product Nutritional Products

Jeunesse Global is a company that not only relies on cosmetic technology to make its amazing products but also engages in network marketing, a strategy that has helped in the worldwide distribution of their products. The company was founded in 2009 by a duo: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

The company focuses on the production of nutritional products and skin care/cosmetics. Of all their lines, Luminesce is the chief anti-aging cosmetic that has put the company in the spotlight. In fact, most of their clients claim that it is one of the most effective skin care product you will find in the market. The main ingredient featured in this product is APT-200, which allows it to achieve the luminosity you are looking for. It also helps in making the skin firmer, getting rid of the sagging parts. It removes wrinkles and any fine lines, creating a smooth, radiant, and younger looking skin.

For those looking to recapture their energy and stay young, Jeunesse also offers Zen Bodi. This project promotes wellness in the healthiest way, with one of the benefits that people enjoy being weight loss. This plan features three different food plans alongside other activities that will help in appetite management, fat burning through increased metabolism, and muscle growth.

To participate in the Zen Project 8, you will start with the Zen Transform Package, followed by Zen Awaken Package and later Zen Commit Package. For this project to be effective in giving you long lasting weight loss outcomes, you need to get all the three packages and stick to the required consumption steps.

If you prefer to use Zen Bodi nutritional products, you will get Zen Prime, which is ideal for overall body cleansing. It features natural ingredients that will help you get rid of toxicities and enhance metabolism, which helps to burn and remove fats from the body. Zen Shape, on the other hand, features an African Mango seed extract, which has been scientifically found to enhance the weight loss process. This will help you gain that tiny waist and maintain the right calorie count.


How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Rates Among Emergency Physicians

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency physician. He has worked at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare for almost the past six years. He graduated in 2004 from Florida State University with a degree in religious studies. He then attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine, graduating in 2009 with his doctor of medicine degree. His residency was completed in 2012 at LSU Health Sciences Center where he was an emergency medicine resident.

He is now a board certified physician emergency medicine. This means that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is highly qualified in this field of medicine. He demonstrated that he has the knowledge and skills it takes to ably perform as an emergency physician. His position entails handling cases that are both in urgent need of care and are potentially very dangerous to the patient. He regularly sees cases including lacerations, gunshot wounds, cardiac distress, fractures, and other emergency conditions. He is trained to make urgent decisions regarding the medical care of his patients and how to stabilize them before they are transferred out of the emergency department an into the right department for longer-term care.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been rated by prior patients on doctor.webmd.com. When it comes to explaining conditions and treatments he is rated five out of five starts. For the category of providing follow up as needed he is rated four and half out of five stars. Finally, for his ability to take the time to answer all of his patient’s questions he is rated four and a half out of five stars. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital’s ratings on this site are also above average, such as for scheduling flexibility and having a courteous staff.

Many of his patients are on Medicare and/or Medicaid. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel also accepts two other plans broadly used in the Tallahassee region which are Aetna Signature Administrators PPO and First Health PPO.


Peter Briger Investment Rules

Investing is an area that many people struggle with. Working with a professional investment company is an excellent strategy for people who want to increase financial returns. Peter Briger is one of the leaders of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is a company that specializes in providing alternative investment options for customers. Over the past few years, the company has experienced a high growth rate.As the stock market continues to climb, some people are worried about an impending crash. Investing in alternative investments can protect from the impact of a recession.

Early Career

Peter Briger started working in the financial industry after graduating from college. He enjoyed teaching people the basics of personal finance. He was always good at math, and he relished interacting with clients for his work. Both of these skills are essential for success in financial planning.When Peter received an opportunity to work with Fortress Investment Group, it was an opportunity that he could not turn down.

Online Writing

Peter Briger likes to write online content related to investing. The vast majority of people cannot deal with a financial emergency. Peter teaches people how to save and invest for the future. He is also contemplating writing a book on the subject of personal finance.

Investing Recommendations

Although investing is not complicated, some people struggle to follow basic investing principles. Peter teaches clients to automate their investments as much as possible. By making investments automatic, most people will notice a substantial improvement in their financial returns.Peter Briger is excited about the future of Fortress Investment Group. The company continues to add clients from all over the world. Anyone who needs financial advice should consider working with the investments planners who work there. Not only will the company offer investing recommendations, but clients can also learn about budgeting and saving.