Jason Halpern Takes JMH to a New Level

Jason Halpern: Born to Developer
Jason Halpern: Born to Developer

Jason Halpern is a young and energetic real estate developer born in early 1975. Currently, he is the director of Parametric Dining, LLC and prior to which he was the principal and the managing partner of JMH Development which is a family business. The business has been in existence for over 50 years and handles major building designs and construction projects in New York City. Jason is a visionary man, and since he took control of the family business in 2010, he has been working day and night to take the business to a new level, and for sure his dreams are real and valid.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft
Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Under his control, Halpern has built hundreds of apartments that range from residential to commercial apartments. His experience combined with vision and foresight of a better tomorrow has enabled him and JMH in general to pioneer and develop very innovative properties in the New York. These include both historical and other landmarked buildings. Some of the major projects as at now include the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, the restructuring of the 184 Kent warehouses into 340 luxury apartments and development of a gated community Soundview Pointe in Queens. As an expert in real estate development, Jason endeavors to use his knowledge to benefit the people around him.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard
Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

For such achievements, guiding principles are key. As for Jason and his company, respect for the community in which you develop is the guiding principle. He feels indebted by the needs of the other people and for this reason, he commits his time and resources to the charitable endeavors in his community.

Jason’s Family
Jason’s Family

Jason is the new philanthropist in New York is partnering with the Global Water Non-Profit Charity where JMH donated $20,000 to fund the Ethiopia and Nepal water projects. His passion for making an impact in the human life and historic buildings differentiates him from other developers in the great city of New York.

The Week Long WEN Challenge and the Results With Fine Hair Texture

When it comes to our hair, we all want that beautiful, silky hair that looks camera ready no matter what time of the day. Hair comes in 3 textures which are fine, medium, and coarse. And each one faces its challenges. I feel that fine hair is the most challenging hair texture to have. The reason for this is that if you use the wrong products, it could weigh the hair down. This results in limp, oily looking hair by the end of the day. A young hair dresser decided to try the Sephora endorsed brand and see if all the hype around it was real or not. For a day to day account with WEN, look here.

The first thing this young lady encountered that seemed odd to her was the amount of cleansing shampoo it called for her hair. 16 pumps to be exact, which is the minimum amount she used. She instantly worried it would weigh her hair down but much to her surprise as she was working the product in her hair that it was already beginning to feel thicker. As she finished up, drying, then styling her hair; she loved the end results. Her hair felt and looked healthier. For seven days she used Wen hair and she concluded that if you wash your hair daily with WEN, then this was the product for you. She found that if she skipped her daily routine that her hair became oilier and unmanageable until she washed it.

WEN was created by Chaz Dean. He is an upscale salon owner of Chaz Dean Studios. His passion for hair begins as he ran his photography business. Dean then jumped right into cosmetology courses and landed his first job at an upscale salon. From there he managed that salon, bought the salon, and made it his. He caters to numerous celebrity clients. From there he developed his own hair care line that is affordable to everyone.  Follow him on Twitter.

Check out the WEN Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/

Due To Nationwide Title Clearing It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc, is the leading provider of residential property reports to the mortgage and investment industries. In recent years there have been major problems with property reports containing title defects, an issue that NTC has met head-on with its newly revamped website that now allows property reports to be accessed online. When a title defect occurs it puts a halt to the process of a property being sold until it is resolved and can also lead to wrongful foreclosures in some cases.

There are a number of causes of title defects with the most common one being when an individual or entity lays claim to a property that they don’t own. Another cause is when the wording in the document isn’t in compliance with the real estate standards that are in effect for its county. Sometimes property records are missing signatures like the spouse of a homeowner, or the documents weren’t correctly recorded and/or filed. In other cases, the property shows liens and other encumbrances that should have been removed.

Through its new website, NTC makes it quick and easy for lenders and investors to obtain accurate property records. The four most common property records that are needed and are now accessible online includes Current Owner Reports, Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status Report, and Tax Status (Plus) Reports. These documents are verified with multiple sources to ensure accuracy, including the counties the home is located in.

NTC, founded in 1992 is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company has other offices in the United States with the most important one being its new offices in Dallas, Texas. This location houses a data center and staff that backs up the Palm Harbor location. If there is an emergency or major disaster this setup allows NTC to seamlessly continue with operations until the problem is resolved. Additionally, this office helps with work overflow that sometimes occurs in Palm Harbor as the company processed property records from 3600 counties across the United States.

The management and staff at NTC believe it is important to give back to the communities in which they operate. To this end, they have partnered with a number of charitable efforts in the greater Tampa Bay area. NTC is a supporter of Feeding Tampa Bay which provides food to more than 700,000 disadvantaged people throughout West Central Florida. The staff at NTC has also been longtime volunteers for the West Central Florida Chapter of Ronald McDonald House which provides a place to stay for the families of children who are being cared for in a children’s hospital. Other charities they support include Southeastern Guide Dogs, Habitat Pinellas, and the Humane Society of Pinellas.


Longtime Michigan Business Couple Dick And Betsy DeVos Talk About $139 Million In Philanthropy

Dick DeVos has found ways to turn profits in every business he’s run thanks to his strong but kind personality. But most importantly he has taken his business leadership and applied it to causes that have been near and dear to his heart. He’s a political activist who’s been involved in the Michigan Republican Party for many years including donating to political candidates and running as one, but his generosity reaches far beyond that. Dick and his wife Betsy have donated a large part of their money to schools and universities as well as organizations like Hudson Institute and Heritage Foundation. But they’ve also included hospitals, churches, family counseling centers, art and museums and energy initiatives as part of their gifts. When Betsy was chosen to become US Secretary of Education, she and Dick revealed their lifetime philanthropy was about $139 million.


Much of Dick’s recent business activity has centered around The Windquest Group, an investment company based in Grand Rapids, MI whose portfolio includes Electratherm, Huron Ventures, The Stowe Company and a recent addition now of Coppercraft Distillery. Prior to and during the founding of this company, Dick was an executive at Amway Corporation, one of the world’s largest direct selling and international distribution companies. This company was founded by Dick’s father Richard DeVos Sr. and Dick served as a manager, vice president and eventually CEO for nearly 30 of his career. He was also on the executive board of the Orlando Magic for a few years when his father bought most of the team’s shares.


Dick and Betsy found their passion for education as parents when they noticed families struggling to send their children to private schools that they had no trouble sending their own children to. So they first decided to try reform by starting scholarships through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation and later being involved with Education Freedom Fund and Children First. They also worked with Michigan’s state government to try and get tax credits and vouchers for private schools but didn’t get the votes needed to do so. They did continue to work at finding ways to make schooling cheaper, and just 7 years ago started their own school with a special aviation curriculum called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick’s political career first hit the national spotlight when he decided to challenge then governor Jennifer Granholm for her governor’s seat. While Dick’s ideas on changing the state’s economic landscape resonated well with many voters prior to election day, his debate performance did not and he came up short at the ballot box. He did continue working with Republican activists in the coming years and 6 years later helped fight union leaders to pass a right-to-work law. One of Dick’s signature philanthropy acts was a donation to healthcare that helped him achieve the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award.


Meet the Star Surgeon in the Lone Star State

From its world renowned football teams to its delicious food, the great state of Texas has no shortage of things to be proud of. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden can also add her name to the list.


Having honed her craft while training with the top doctors in New York City, Dr. Walden then returned to her native Austin to open her surgical clinic. Patients flock from across the country to the clinic where Dr. Walden performs procedures such as labiaplasty, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty.


Dr. Walden aims to achieve both beautiful and natural results for her patients, and the high quality of her work has been recognized by Harper’s Bazaar magazine who named her as one of The Best Beauty Surgeons in America. A number of major news organizations including CBS, ABC, NBC, Vogue, and Fox News have also found Dr. Walden to be an extremely valuable source of information in her field.


Not only has Dr. Jennifer Walden drawn praise from the media, but she is also very well regarded amongst her fellow cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Walden proudly serves as the media spokesperson for both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.


Always at the cutting edge of the industry, Dr. Walden is a respected consultant to some of the nation’s leading breast implant and aesthetic companies and has developed her own surgical instruments for breast surgery in conjunction with Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments.


Dr. Walden’s skills and achievements have made her one of the most renowned surgeons in the nation, and the state of Texas can be proud to call this star surgeon one of their own.


Why Hire An Online Reputation Management Business firm?

Are you wondering why online reputation management is a necessity in today’s business environment? Want to know how to build a good online image?

There are lots of reasons to engage the services of a competent online reputation management enterprise. These days, you will find it difficult to operate successfully if you don’t have a system that monitors or manages your online reputation for you.

People make a buying decision based on what they read online about companies and service providers. If your company has bad press or derogatory remarks, customers will not want to buy from your business.

Whether you are a business owner or a corporate executive, a reliable online reputation monitoring and management system can benefit you immensely.

Online reputation management solutions are not just for addressing negative online assessments – they can certainly help your organization gain exposure and build a fantastic online reputation that really helps you grow.

There are highly reputable online credibility management companies out there. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, these companies have a wonderful team that provides top quality services to clients. They want all their efforts to help their client’s brand and their organization and that’s exactly why they always start by making an evaluation of what the client needs and what result to be anticipated.

If you are dealing with a credibility and reputation issue, the professionals at a reliable company have the skills and industry resources to render impressive service and resolve the matters suitably.

They have expertise in search engine optimization and digital distributing, and can properly resolve or suppress negative content while promoting positive information in search results.

Regardless of whether your organization needs authoritative web-pages or high-quality blogs, a distinguished online reputation management establishment will know how to create unique, original, professional-grade content that will present your establishment in a positive light.

A good online reputation monitoring and management firm can assist you in addressing reputation issues so you can run a successful business. When you consult with them, they will conduct in-depth examination and research, to determine effective method for your online credibility and reputation needs.


UKV PLC Offers Unmatched Elegance All Things Wine

Situated in the UK, UKV PLC Wines is a small independent wine company that specializes in sourcing and selling the world’s finest wine.

As an independent company, UKV is not limited or associated with a single supply chain. The company works closely with a large network of merchants, brokers, and traders to acquire the rarest, vintage, and sought after wine. UKV PLC Wines Company recognizes the different consumer needs in the market. Hence, they supply wine for both consumptions as well as investment. Additionally, the company also offers a brokerage service for clients who wish to invest in grade wine that is held in a UK regulated bond.

UKV has positioned itself as a trendsetter and market leader by stocking some of the world’s most luxurious, vintage grade wine and champagne. The company sources its wine from top European vineyards in Spain, Italy, and France. UKV has a small, but dedicated team of wine consultants who work with clients in assisting them to make the best selection in the finest wine and champagne. The wine experts at UKV PLC have a vast knowledge and experience in the wine industry. They are best suited to guide and offer advice to any customer.

As a modern and innovative company, UKV showcases its products and services to its potential customers via various social online platforms. Through its social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, UKV strives to inform, educate, and reach out to its potential audience. The company strives to stay ahead of the competition by posting regular updates on the latest wine and champagne in the market. It also offers essential advice on wine selection. Additionally, the Company strives to keep up with the current trends by engaging wine lovers and enthusiasts on various online communities. UKV’s outstanding customer delivery service and thorough knowledge of the market makes it undoubtedly one of the market leaders in the wine industry.

Planning a Successful Event


Anyone who has planned an event knows that it can be stressful. Professionals know this as well and have offered some tricks of the trade. The main idea they keep coming back to is to be organized and stay relaxed. The rest will fall into place.


To start the planning process, begin by deciding when the event will be and what the theme will be. These two decisions will determine how the rest of the planning process goes. Make lists to keep yourself organized. Write down everything you will need to do and everything that you will need to remember.


Invitations for the event will be needed. It has become common to use electronic invites, but do not be afraid to mail out invites to guests. These set a different tone for the event and allow people to have a paper reminder of the upcoming event.


The day of the event may be a hectic day. Starting preparing early enough that you allow yourself time to get ready and be fresh for the start of the event. Set things up so they are as simple as possible to access during the event.


Set up food and drink stations around the venue. These are convenient for guests to help themselves to and takes some the of pressure off of you. Finger foods are easily prepared and go over well with guests. Offer a variety of drinks for guests. It can even be fun to create a special drink for this event. Those can be taken up a notch by serving them in special glasses.


The plates and utensils used will add to the event. They can be kept simple as well. It is amazing what a colored napkin and creatively placed silverware can do to a place setting.


For those who are unsure about planning an event, there are event planning companies out there. Twenty Three Layers is an elite company with a long list of satisfied customers. They have planned countless events and use every bit of their attention to detail to make sure each event is different and unique.

Jim Hunt’s Main Aim in Setting Up VTA Publications

Jim Hunt believes that an entrepreneur’s biggest motivation to selling services and products is the focus on the client’s problems. Jim Hunt is an experienced financial advisor and chief executive officer of VTA Publications. Jim applies his vast knowledge in the stock market by educating the public on intelligent trading tendencies through his YouTube channel. Jim has a sharpened eye in reading, predicting and translating trades. He has a large fan base of average investors who greatly benefit from his favorite informational videos that break down complex market dynamics into easily understood lessons on streetwisenews.com.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications produces non-fiction works for distant learning students undertaking courses in particular genres and organizes events that host specific types of shows. Jim Hunt VTA Publications which began operating in 2012, aims to provide evolutionary information to clients in the financial and economic fields. It sources the information from famous characters in the same fields so as to maintain high quality and authenticity of materials which are made available in simple digital and print formats to clients. VTA’s seminars and events focus on the same topics on vtapublications.co.

Jim Hunt began VTA Publications after exposure to how big banking operations. He stated that the aim of starting the firm was to provide the average investor with intelligent information that would propel their business’ growth at http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/latest-articles/. Jim brings his ideas to life by first taking an inventory of what the consumer wants. He then extensively researches on the specifics of the problems and the solutions to skillfully create an appropriate and excellent solution. Jim Hunt attributes the articulation of his solutions to the time of day when he is most relaxed.

He explains that the mood allows the ideas to surface on its own, through the filter of the analysis he previously studied. Jim spends his day focusing on vital business issues in the morning, right after going through a daily workout routine that keeps his spirit up. He takes a light lunch to maintain high productivity during the day and ensures that he spends quality time with his family by always checking in for dinner. Jim values high discipline at the workplace, strict goals and deadlines that ensure he meets the overall goal of the business.

Bruno Fagali: A Lawyer, Whose Thirst For Learning, Pushes Him To Be A Success

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer who has been working in the field of law for an extremely extended period. After attaining some law degrees, Bruno ventured out into the world of corporate litigation and worked extremely hard to make a name for himself.

Bruno Fagali is currently employed as the business integrity manager of ‘new / sb’ a Brazilian advertising agency. At the company, Bruno Fagali supervises all the legal formalities of the company in addition to taking care of the legal matters and policies within the organization.

Bruno Fagali holds an incredibly important emphasis on educating himself and prides itself in achieving various degrees from prestigious institutions. He attained a master’s from the University of Sao Paulo in the discipline of State Law especially dealing with Anticorruption. He has done specialized courses in numerous fields of the law ranging from Administrative Law to Public Law. He has completed numerous courses dealing with litigation and electoral law.

Currently, the agency that Bruno Fagali works under handles a lot of clients having some form of connection to the Brazilian government. Right from the central bank of Brazil to the secretariat of communication, the new / sb needs to have all its legalities in place when dealing with such high profile clients. Bruno Fagali is not only tasked with ensuring that the company does not face any legal hiccups along the way, but also with helping the client with their contracts.

When new / sb decided to take a new direction with the firm, along with a complete image overhaul, the company set down a new set of transparent values that it wanted its employees and clients to follow. In light of this, Bruno Fagali has helped the company to put these new guidelines in place and ensure the smooth functioning of the entire company.

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