Lime Crime Releases New Eyeshadow and Lipstick Colors

It was once said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what does this really mean? Simply put, it means that we’re in control of what makes us feel beautiful. While most cosmetics company place women in the same categories, there’s one that encourages them to stand out.

Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere encourages users to experiment with color and define their own beautiful. She created a cosmetic line that offered bright, bold colors that allowed users the opportunity to branch out from the natural look.

Taking lipstick to the next level, Lime Crime launched the Velvetines line. These lipsticks go on wet and dry to Velevet finish within seconds. The launch of this line provides users 24 different shade to choose from. However, just in time for the fall season, the Veleventines line launches new colors.

The Cashmere color is a lovely combination shade of grey and beige (griege if you may). This products adapts to skin tone, thus color will depend on skin. The Pansy, is a bright, bold purple with a cooler blush tone. The Riot still awaits release, but the color is said to be a medium reddish to brown shade. This color will also adapt to your skin tone, so boldness will vary.

The Velvetines Line wasn’t the only line with a new release this season. The Superfoils line also released new shades. The Superfoils line is a wet/dry eyeshadow that can be worn wet or dry. There’s 20 attention grabbing shades of eye colors paired in 10 duos. the new colors include: silvers, golds, hints of pink and gold flakes, and mauve hues.

Helping bring notice to the cosmetics line is beauty Vlogger Celia Leslie. She makes YouTube videos of herself using these products. This draws attention to the line showing others what these products look like. One of her videos show her using the 24 different shades of Velvetine lip colors.

What better way to welcome the fall season, than new lipsticks and eyeshadows. Lime Crime cosmetics keeps us up to date with bright, bold colors for any season.

Get Wen By Chaz Today

It is important to a lot of ladies that their hair is healthy looking. They go to the store, and they try to find different products to use on theirs to make it look better. Many women go to great time and expense in order to find something that will help them keep their hair looking great. It usually fails them, and they have many bottles of unused products that don’t work stashed away in their home. They can throw all of them away now, because they will want to try Wen by Chaz Dean,

Why Should A Woman Try Wen By Chaz?

Many women have problem hair. They might have extremely oily hair, or hair that is almost brittle dry. WEN was created for women to use on all different types of hair. This product works to make all hair look healthy and clean. After using it just a few times, a woman will notice that her hair will look shinier. It will also have a bounce to it, and it will be easier for her to style it. When she uses the Wen by Chaz hair care product repeatedly, she will see fantastic results in the way her hair looks and behaves.

How Does A Woman Use Wen By Chaz?

It can be shipped thru Amazon and is very easy to use because it is all in one bottle. It is a shampoo and a conditioner in one bottle. This was made to save a woman both time and money when it comes to taking care of her hair, and it works very well. She will receive instructions with the product so that she can follow the recommended amount that will give hair the fullest benefits.

Women love Wen by Chaz, and they tell others about it. It continues to grow in popularity with women of all ages. Be sure to follow Wen on Twitter for updates!


Securus Leading By Example With BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is the sheriff of capitalism. They are the ones that enforce the law of public opinion upon unethical companies. You can try it for yourself. The next time that you are treated poorly by a company just threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau. The owner of the company or the manager will probably try to prevent you from walking out the door at that moment. They will do anything to get back into your good graces.

But did you know that the Better Business Bureau can also exalt companies? It is not just a resource for complaints about bad companies. Just look at what the company Securus Technologies did recently.

Securus Tech is a telecommunications mega giant. They have 1.2 million customers and every single one of those customers is locked up in a prison or jail. They get government contracts to be the only provider of telephone services to those particular facilities. They have no competition for those 1.2 million customers and that means they can treat them however they like. But they want the world to know that they are a good company powered by values.

So Securus went ahead and volunteered for the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation. The BBB only accredits companies that show great integrity, a commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, a commitment to customer privacy, and a history of honoring promises. And as described above, this company does not need to go out of its way to show the world just how ethically it runs its business.

This should vault the company to the top of the industry. There is competition for those contracts and governments should be wary of who they give those contracts to. It seems that some of these other telecommunications companies do not treat their customers as kindly.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Running Very Successful Practices

The ASAPS is a board that has primarily only had men until Dr. Jennifer Walden became one of the only women on the board and is still serving on the board to this very day. With so much education under her wing, Dr. Walden served as a plastic surgeon in New York City after she was trained by some of the best surgeons in the United States while living in that city. Dr. Jennifer Walden opened a practice in New York City that became highly successful, and she also decided to create a practice in Austin, Texas as well.


Since Dr. Walden’s practices have been very successful, she has been able to enjoy success that many other plastic surgeons don’t have, and she is famous to boot. Many people know the name Dr. Walden when they are searching for a credited plastic surgeon, especially since she has won awards in the past for her work. Dr. Walden has returned home after many years of doing plastic surgery in another state, which is something that is admirable since many surgeons would stick to a big place like New York.


Since Dr. Walden has a practice in Austin, Texas, many have been flocking to her practice, especially since she is the one who will be performing surgery along with other great staff members. Dr. Walden may be a plastic surgeon but is also a published author, and she is one of the few plastic surgeons that have won awards for her work. Between being in different magazines as well as being on accredited television shows, Dr. Walden has become so much more popular over the years.


Dr. Walden also comes from a line of siblings who are very successful, and even though she is currently a mother of two children, she still makes all the time for her practice, which is something she is very proud of. Along with being able to help many people to become beautiful by giving them the surgeries they are looking for, Dr. Walden also gives great advice to others when she makes any television appearance.


Lime Crime Makes it Easy to Transition to Fall


Now that fall is here, you might be looking for ways to change up your look. All summer long, you might have had fun rocking bronzer and swiping bright, beautiful shades of lipstick across your lips. Now that the temperatures are cooling down, however, it might be time to try something different.


Luckily, Lime Crime makes it easy for you to transition into fall. First of all, you might want to start looking for a new lipstick shade. The perfect lipstick makes it easy for you to dress up your leggings and boots but also looks great with costumes and dressier outfits. Lime Crime has both metallic and matte colors, so regardless of what you are looking for, you’ll find it. You can even check out the Halloween section on Lime Crime’s website, where you can find fun Halloween shades of lipstick and more. Lime Crime also has shades like “Pumpkin Spice” and “Wicked.” “Pumpkin Spice” is a lovely orange-type shade that looks fabulous with just about any fall outfit, while “Wicked” is bold, dark and quite perfect for making a dramatic statement with your lips.


You won’t want to stop with your lipstick, however. Instead, consider checking out some of Lime Crime’s eyeshadows, such as the Venus Palettes and the Superfoils. The Venus Palettes provide you with all of the shades that you need to try out a few different looks, while the Superfoils come in bold contrasting colors that you can mix, match and blend. Try “Lucid/Dream” for a fun fall look that you might not have tried yet.

Lime Crime doesn’t just have great products for fall, either. You can enjoy their makeup all year long, and you’re sure to love the fact that Lime Crime’s products are all both vegan and cruelty-free. It’s a brand that you can count on for all of your favorite looks all year long and that you can feel good about using and supporting.  Get real images of what Lime Crime products will look like for you on Instagram.

Medicare Advantage and Contribution of the Obamacare Reforms

Medicare Advantage is a U.S. health insurance program that offers a substitute to the “Original Medicare” benefits, which was launched in 1970s. The program is made up of two parts, A and B. Part A takes care of expenses arising from in-patient services but does not cover those offered by physicians and surgeons. Part B covers services offered by surgeons and physicians as well as outpatient services. Medicare Advantage is provided by commercial insurance companies like InnovaCare Health. The companies receive compensation from the government to offer Part A and B benefits to those who have enrolled to the program. However, the insurance companies cannot process claims through the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

For more than four decades, Medicare beneficiaries have been receiving Medicare benefits via private health plans like HMOs. Each member of a Medicare health plan receives a capitation issued every month to the private health plan one has chosen like InnovaCare. All plans are supposed to reduce out-of-pocket costs for both parts of the Medicare Advantage program to less than $6,700 per year. Reaching the out-of-pocket maximum allows one to receive a 100 percent payment of services offered for the rest of the year, with no maximum limit. Note that once one enrolls to a Medicare Advantage HMO it’s not possible to choose out-of-network specialists or providers without prior permission from the HMO, unless it’s an emergency being addressed.

Read more: Dr. Richard Shinto, M.D.

The healthcare reform
The federal was government spending a lot to cater for Medicare Advantage, a program they through would help to improve the quality of healthcare through competition. Due to these inefficiencies, the government introduced the 2010 healthcare reform, popularly known as Obamacare, which would help to reduce federal remittances to the Medicare Program. The reform also increased the bonus payments and plans allowed to receive the bonus, all in a bid to reach more people.

Embracing Medical Advantage Through InnovaCare
InnovaCare provide managed health services and operates through Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. The company is headed by Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, who works as their president, and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. They specialize in connecting individual health providers with physicians, payers and patients to create a network that serve the interests of their members according to Penelope Kokkinides.

The Medicare Advantage plans offered by InnovaCare provide comprehensive benefits that help to build emotional and mental well-being. Every benefit provided to members is in line with their principles of transferring benefits and satisfaction.

Doe Deere’s Whimsical Look On Life Helped Her Create Unique Lime Crime Makeup

It might sound so cliche, but Doe Deere would advise anyone out there trying to create a business, to believe in the dream and remain young at heart.

Today, Lime Crime has become one of the world’s hottest makeup brands, thanks to its founder/CEO Doe Deere and her wonderful child-like imagination. She’s been branded the “Unicorn Queen,” for her whimsical look on life and the notion that all things are possible. Even her makeup line reflects a fantastical world of color and freedom. Lime Crime palettes are like no others, with strong, highly pigmented cosmetics that reach far beyond the normal color spectrum.

Three key locations shaped the personality and business mind of young Doe Deere. She was born in Russia and recalls playing with bright colors and experimenting with makeup as a child. At 17, she moved to New York City, taking her creative vibe with her and dabbling in a band, sewing clothes and opening an Ebay store and so forth. These days, Doe Deere operates her company out of Los Angeles.

Unable to find bold and beautiful makeup, even in a metropolis the size of NYC, Doe Deere decided to establish her own cosmetics company. In 2008, Lime Crime was born out of Doe Deere’s desire for modern makeup.

Gone were the boring beige cosmetics that everyone’s mother and grandmother were brought up on. Lime Crime was unusual in so many ways, including liquid to matte lipsticks in bizarre shades like Squash, Moonstone(Grey), Raven, Cement, Teacup(Blue), Metallic Gold, etc. Doe Deere wasn’t sure anyone would understand her brand, but the world took notice, and fans began sprinkling her social media sites with Lime Crime makeup selfies. Young women and men, too, were becoming obsessed with these weird makeup shades with glittery eye shadows and razor sharp eyeliners.

Doe Deere understood the value in e-commerce and the internet, gladly engaging her fans and inspiring each other in the world of modern makeup. Today, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is sizzling hot with 2.4 million followers and growing like wildfire. The brand’s Instagram page is one of the most beautiful and colorful sites to stare it. It’s breathtaking, because the Lime Crime color palette is something pop culture has never seen before.

Doe Deere is proud of the message her brand is giving to young people everywhere, and that is simply, to be yourself. She finds her cosmetics are empowering with their bold, nervy colors and offer a great dose of self-esteem to those who dare to wear them. Putting on Cement gray lipstick for example, isn’t typical, but the stunning shade turns heads, and many are attracted to the newness of her makeup palettes.

Doe Deere’s About Us page sums it up ideally: “I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!

Lime Crime is also sold in popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Naimie’s Beauty Center and Vorana Cosmetics(Mexico).

Follow Doe on Twitter @doedeere

Online Reputation Management Provides More Business Revenue

Online reputation management, also known as ORM, refers to the process of monitoring the information or content that appears on Google or any search engine when someone Googles your name or content. Online reputation management ensures the promotion of positive content in search engines. Online reputation management improves your brand name or image by providing positive content through countering, eliminating and weakening harmful elements by defeating it with positive elements to enhance credibility and win clients. Since your reputation is essential, unflattering news, images, blog posts and comments will automatically ruin the image of your products and services. With online reputation management, such occurrences are eliminated to provide a positive image presentation.

The idea of online reputation management was previously generated to expand public relations outside media relations. Studies conducted by have identified online reputation management as the core driving force for over 100 Fortune 500 corporate firms in the 21st century. Following the rapid growth of the internet and social media platforms, online reputation management has become a basic need for the community shifting focus on electronic devices including review sites, top brands, and social media.

A good example of the need for online reputation management is the 2011 controversy of the Taco Bell restaurant and its affiliates when public accusations arose from their low-quality beef. According to reports, their beef contained 35 percent of real meat. On January 21, 2011, the allegations were followed by a lawsuit by a firm called Beasley Allen. However, the suit was withdrawn after reaching no verdict or settlement. According to the initial agreement by the public against Taco Bell, failure to come to an agreement would lead to a voluntary withdrawal of the case.

Most enterprises have adopted wrong ways to improve their reputation falsely. According to a research study by a state University of California, Berkeley, most sellers practice online reputation management on eBay through leveraging services and products at a throwaway price. In return, the sellers receive positive feedback to grow the system. To find out more, visit

Online reputation management shapes the public perception of persons or firms by influencing online contents about that organization. Online reputation management aims at controlling the status of an individual or brand on social media, addressing elements, which may damage it through employing client’s feedback to offer solutions.


Is Smart Lighting Right for You?

If you have never heard of smart lighting before, you are missing out on a technology that can truly transform the electricity that is in your home. Your electric bill might be through the roof right now simply because you are using lighting that is not energy efficient and is on almost all of the time. What smart lighting does for you is give you back the control that you need when it comes to the electricity that is in your house. One of the ways that it is able to do this is by controlling whether or not light fixtures are on depending on the current light situation in any particular room of the home. For example, if the room is getting a lot of natural light from an outside Source such as a window, the fixture will not turn itself on and this can save you a lot of money because you are not lighting a room that is already well lit.

When you also choose Gooee Smart Lighting, you will find that this allows you to keep control of the lights in your home from a smartphone or tablet device even when you are miles and miles away from your house. This allows you to turn lights on when you are at work or turn them off if you see that they are on. Many people have been choosing this option for themselves because of the fact that it truly works and give them back the power to lessen the amount that they spend on the electricity bill each month.

Devco Knows How To Take Down A New Building And Let A Casino Rise

Devco is a company that offers loans and loan services to cities in New Jersey, and it has provided a lot of options for cities that have old developments that are not of any use to the city anymore. The are many more people who can get jobs if there is a large hotel or casino built, and Devco pays for it with their loans. The loans have been reported by the Press of Atlantic City, and the loans have been shown to do a lot of work for the cities that will produce results.
Every result involves the building of one or two properties that DEVCO can help the city plan. The city is told how the plans will work, and the city is given calculations about how much money they will make when they have built a new building. They will learn a lot from the people who help them with these items, and they will get instant results from the people who plan for Devco. The city can go ahead to be sure that they have gotten the chance to build the right thing, and they learn a lot in the process.

Someone who is trying to be sure that they have the best building projects going in their city needs to remember that they have Devco’s help when they get their loan. They can make some tax money back using the buildings, and they can use that money to pay back their loans. The city stays in the clear, and the city looks completely different. It makes it very easy for the city to help its people, and it gives the city the resources that are needed to care for the people who have been living in places that are just not developed the right way.