Eric Lefkofsky, Co-founder Of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, recently announced the latest round of investments secured by the healthcare information technology cancer fighting company. The technology data company has secured $ 210 million in investments since it was founded in 2015. Tempus is now worth $ 1.1 billion, making it an official “unicorn” startup company, a feat achieved by few startup companies. Kinship Trust Co., T. Rowe Price Associates, and Revolution Growth are among the latest investors pouring investment funding into the technology driven cancer fighting company. Eric Lefkofsky, details the funding secured is being used mainly to hire new employees. Tempus averages about 30 new employee hires each month, and currently employees about 400 employees. In 2018, during the Round C Series of investments, Tempus received an additional $ 70 million from Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associate.

Tempus uses clinical data sets to identify correlations between historic cancer fighting data, and general healthcare data and creates a customized or personalized cancer fighting plan for each patient. Technology has enabled healthcare professionals to create unique plans for each patients based on that person’s unique healthcare needs. Healthcare is a very personalized service and the care plans should reflect the individual’s needs. Eric Lefkofsky, noted investors are really starting to understand where we are in healthcare and are interested in being a part of what may turn out to be healthcare revolution.

Eric Lefkofsky has lots of experience as a startup founder. Eric Lefkofsy is also cofounder of Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorking and Uptake Technology. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University Of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater Company.

Eric and Liz Lefkofsy founded The Lefkofsy Family Foundation, which is a private charitable organization. Founded in 2006, The Lefkofsy Family Foundation seeks to enhance the lives of people in often neglected or underserved communities in Chicago. The Lefkofsy Family Foundation believes in helping the community by providing educational opportunities, medical research programs, human rights avocation , and medical research.

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Get best loans with Equities First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings is a business organization which offers services to a high number of people who have been kicked out by the commercial banks. Equities First Holdings has introduced a new way of doing business that is far much effective than what the commercial banks are doing . With shares in any publicly traded company, Equities Holdings is the right destination when looking for a loan opportunity. Right now, this is the fastest growing financial institution in the globe. It is serving people with flexible loans which they can repay with ease. The company has opened offices in various parts of the world which include Melbourne in Australia.

The Melbourne office is one of the best performing of all. It is giving out billions of loans and serving hundreds of clients every year.Equities First Holdings is now leading in delivery of services. It is the best institution right now which is offering stock –based loans. With shares in a publicly traded company, a client will walk into their offices ad come out with a solution form their financial needs. With the advantages that come with stock based loans, they have gained traction as one of the best ways for one to get a loan.

Malcolm CasSelle: The Great Mind Behind Wax

OPSkins is the leading centralized marketplace for sales of in-game virtual assets and the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet. Globally, most users make micro-payments making the company a prime candidate regarding market size and user demand for a decentralized protocol. The founders of OPSkins unveiled a new platform for Virtual asset Trading called WAX which is a P2P decentralized platform for virtual exchanges. Using simple blockchain-enabled widget, WAX gives solutions to fragmentation and fraud allowing users to buy and sell efficiently without clicking off their game instantaneously.

WAX is powered by Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm which utilizes “elected” nodes called Guilds; they are selected by users who vote for proposed delegates making WAX architecture democratic and decentralized. Each Guild is ranked by the number of votes it gets and weighted by whichever game it supports. Additionally, WAX Tokens find use in acquiring in-game items and smart contracts for buyers and sellers.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins. He is a co-founder and CEO of Timeline Labs; this company makes tracking of all software companies based on social signals. Earlier, he was the Senior Vice President of Digital Media SeaChange Int’l and a co-founder of PCCW based in Hong Kong, which is currently valued above USD 35 billion. He has made investments in Facebook, Zynga and bitcoin companies; he makes his funds in big data and blocks chain verticals. He graduated from MIT with a bachelor in Computer Science and earned his Masters of the same from Stanford University. Malcolm CasSelle is fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin languages.

Although OPSkins has been successful in mitigating fraud, the use of smart contracts guarantees safe-delivery of the assets. This is good news for the users of centralized marketplaces for virtual assets have suffered from receipt of incomplete assets or delivery issues on the seller’s end. WAX eliminates the need for intermediaries thus solving most fraud problems. Smart contracts ensure elimination of most transaction intermediaries and guarantee that goods delivered. Both blockchain and smart contracts provide market efficiencies that a centralized technology cannot provide for its users. WAX delivers a broad and global marketplace that is optimal for users.

O2Pur: Selling High-Quality E-cigarettes and Vapes

E-cigarettes and vapes are devices used in smoking. These devices use a capsule filled with juice to produce the smoke, and each juice has a different flavor, resulting in different aromas. E-cigarettes and vapes were first introduced in the market during the early 2000s, and since then, the industry grew tremendously. With the advancement in technology, e-cigarettes and vapes became better. The battery life increased, and the flavor and the smoke it produces became enhanced.

There is also a surging demand for the product, and as of 2014, the industry already made $7 billion in revenue. One of the reasons why so many people are drawn to using e-cigarettes and vapes is because of the influence of social media. The younger population wanted to try out new things, and after seeing cool tricks performed on these devices online, they started to develop curiosity and purchase e-cigarettes and vapes on places like the internet, specialty shops, and even convenience stores.

As of 2018, statistics have shown that there are more than 400 brands of e-cigarettes and vapes in existence. Most of these are made in China and exported all around the globe. China has invested a lot in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of e-cigarettes and vapes around the world. They made one of the largest profits in the market, and they are looking forward to creating more devices that can be used by millions around the world. In the United States, the manufacturers of e-cigarettes and vapes include the tobacco companies. They realized that there is a rising trend in demand for e-cigarettes and vapes these days, and they decided to leave their traditional products in exchange for these high-tech devices.

The industry of e-cigarettes and vapes is booming, and most of the people who benefit from the surging industry are the enthusiasts themselves, who sell these devices to smokers and nonsmokers alike. More than half of the transaction made in the sector of e-cigarettes and vapes are being performed online, and the younger generation is being involved in these transactions because according to them, buying online is easier and more convenient than going outside. For the younger American population, having e-cigarettes and vapes on hand is considered cool, and the peer pressure is evident. The young American population has resorted to buying e-cigarettes and vapes online, for them to escape the society’s judgment when they see them using these devices.

One of the most visited e-cigarette and vape shops online is O2Pur. The company is dedicated to providing the best e-cigarettes and vapes to their clients, and O2Pur is proud to say that they have the best items sold at the lowest price. O2Pur is also displaying on their website why purchasing from them is far more cost-effective than any other methods.

Tony Petrello’s Stunning Success Journey

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Nabors Industries. Mr. Petrello has had one of the most successful careers in the world. His success has been attributed to his consistent hard work, natural gifts, and creative thinking. Tony Petrello has also been active in giving back to the society charity works. Most of his charity works have evolved around assisting children with neurological disorders.

Tony has a remarkable childhood and was a bright student in school. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey and attended public schools. Mr. Petrello was a hard working student with an outgoing attitude. He spoke highly of the subjects he liked. Tony Petrello was an extrovert and had an outstanding sense of humor that made him stand out among his peers.

While in high school, Mr. Petrello was gifted with amazing math abilities and knowledge. He was even familiar for writing down unclear equations and their proofs during his free time. Yale University noticed his incredible math abilities and decided to give him a scholarship and the chance to be mentored by Serge Lang at the University. Serge Lang was an excellent mathematician professor, and author. The life at Yale completely changed the course Petrello’s social life. He met his wife, Cynthia, while studying at the university.

Tony Petrello, surprised many of his colleagues and professors after he decided not to be a mathematician after he graduated from the university. He went ahead and studied law at Harvard Law School. He graduated from the university in the 1970s with a Juris Doctor. He joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in the United States. He specialized in dealing with business law particularly taxation and arbitration. During this period, he became interested in business. In 1986, he entered the business world and became the managing partner of Baker and McKKenzie’s New York offices. He worked for Nabor Industries, a client, during this time.

During his time maintaining Nabors account, Tony Petrello, did an impressive work and he was employed as an executive at Nabors Industries. He began working as the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors in 1991. He was even appointed to sit at the company’s board of directors committee. He was made the president of Nabors in 1992. In 2011 and 2012, he became the CEO of the company and Board of Directors Chairperson respectively. Under his tenure, the company has recorded a tremendous success.

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The different acquisition made by OSI Group and the impact

There are so many companies in the world that deal with the food supply, but from the moment OSI Group was launched there have been able to maintain the value they add and becoming the largest in the food supply. The services that will be offered by the company is they are good at dealing with the organizations that deal with food, and it has been ranked in private owned company that as the largest. It has increased in the number of employees and facilities that they have because now they have 16 facilities in the 17countries and they have employed 20,000 people. They provide both brands in the restaurant services and retail services. They have one capability that has helped the company over the years, and that is producing the product to their clients that will add value.

OSI Group ensure that no matter what they do the needs f the client will come first, as soon as the challenges come up when they are working with any client they will try to solve it before it gets out of hand. With offering those services, it has been the main reason that they were listed in American’s Top 100 Food Companies. The primary functions that they will provide are that meat processing industry and food industry. Recently, it came to them that they can acquire other firms and with that, it would help in the gaining of profit. They had to come up with the necessary means of gaining Baho Food and Flagship Europe.

They went ahead to buy the warehouse in Chicago that was owned by Tyson, and he led the company in the processing of meat. Because of the cases of inefficiency, it led to the closing of the warehouse in 2015. All the companies will gain a lot in the acquisition like they will not have to deal with lacking any need and they will have direct access to the resources. For OSI Group they have the needed access when it comes to supplying chain. Having the required access to supply chain has helped the company in making sure that the customers get products that are of the best price, the foods will be safe, and they will fit the needs of the clients. Boha and Flagship they offer services in food production. Mainly the production of meat in the market in the form of retail. That is the reason why OSI Group acquired them.

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Yummy For Your Lips Blueberry Acai EOS Lip Balm Review

Eos has many lip balms that smell good enough to eat especially their blueberry acai flavored. Lots of great reviews expressed the many benefits and impacts that this Robin blue egg-shaped lip balm holds. According to “Beatle babe” review on YouTube, this lip balm is a favorite compared to the others she has used. Starting with its smell, which plays a large part in being one of the favorites, this blueberry muffin with a hint of vanilla wafts through your nostrils as soon as the top is twisted off.


Not only will the smell draw you in, but the health benefits will keep you coming for more. 100% natural and organic ingredients give the lips that healthy feeling and that smooth appealing. Its Jojoba oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, and acai berry all have benefits that will keep lips moist, healthy, and smooth with a hint of shine, check Amazon for more.. The glossiness of this lip balm doesn’t have any waxiness or cakey feel to it, leaving it moist and smooth each time it’s applied. This blueberry acai lip balm packs a powerful punch, it’s no wonder why it’s so many peoples favorite.

Its natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E, along with the acai berry are used to promote healthy looking lips that are petroleum and paraben free with loads of antioxidants for moist, smooth, and soft lips. This 100% natural lip balm is a work of art for the lips that gets you feeling good, inside and out.

The RealReal, taking over the fashion industry through high-quality luxury consignments

The announcement that the Real Real’s next round of private financing is the last before the company becomes an IPO has become music to our ears because the company often goes on and secures another investment before making the IPO move. However, according to a recent financing move made by the Real Real’s CEO, Julie Wainwright, this time the case might be different. According to various Recode secret sources, Mrs. Wainwright recently made a $100 fundraising pitch to various prominent investors for a new funding project.

Even though the motive behind the fundraising is not yet clear because the RealReal’s CEO Mrs. Wainwright is yet to release a public announcement stating the reasons, already there are various speculations making rounds online. For instance, some people think that the RealReal is making the pitch so it can use the money and fuel itself to an appealing level for public investors and buyers.

Alternatively, it could be also pitching this fundraiser because it has realized that the market in which it operates in is much broader than it initially thought. In respect to that if it successfully manages to raise the money, then the company in conjunction with the participating investors will be able to successfully expand their horizons by investing in more growth.

About the RealReal

The RealReal is a household name in the world of fashion and specializes in second-hand luxury consignments. As mentioned, it operates under the consignment model in which sellers send second-hand luxury clothes from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci to it and in return it markets and sells them at a certain price. After this, the proceeds are often divided at a rate of 50 to 60% between the RealReal and the individual.

It was established in 2011 by Julie Wainwright and initially, it was a women’s luxury fashion company but business seems to be doing quite well because since then it has ventured into other areas of fashion such as jewelry, menswear, home décor, and art.

However, it has not been all sunshine and rainbow for the RealReal as it had quite a rough start. For instance, most luxury clothing companies often considered it the enemy as it would make sales out of their second-hand products.

Fortunately, times have changed and now most of them are now embracing its concept as it helps them increase their sales. It does so by boosting the value of second-hand products which in turn encourages shoppers to see even more value in buying them firsthand.

Today the company is quite successful and has generated over $173 million in revenue since its inception. It is also trusted by hundreds of its customers for selling original products. It ensures that all the products it receives for selling or original by carrying out a thorough authentication process before accepting them as part of its inventory. It has both a physical and an online shop in New York and boasts quite a state of the art physical store whose interior was designed by the famous Courtney Applebaum.

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Tony Petrello: Modern Day Robinhood.

Tony Petrello: Modern day Robinhood.

Anthony G. Petrello is the chief in charge of Nabors Industries Ltd. tony was also unanimously elected as the Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Nabor Industries. He has developed a flawless record over the past years has set a bar in which all his employees have to meet. The firm has placed immense trust of its leadership on his shoulders. He leadership expertise has enabled him to steer the company for almost three decades. He has an impeccable educational background that aids him in his responsibilities. He is a Juris Doctor Degree ivy league educated scholar from Harvard. On top of that, he holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale.

Tony Petrello is the actual embodiment of Philanthropy. He has based many of his principles on giving back to the community. He has instilled the giving back culture into Nabor Industries under his watchful eye. After the onslaught of the dreadful Hurricane Harvey an in the wake of the destruction it left behind in the areas of Houston, Texas, Tony marshaled his employees to offer relief help to the affected people. Under the banner of Nabor Industry, Tony Petrello led his employees to every part of Texas where they were needed. He rewarded his employees by giving them incentives like paid time off, and also the matched the funds contributed by the employee’s dollar for dollar and called it the Nabors Disaster Relief Funds.

Carena Petrello, Tony’s daughter, was born and diagnosed with leukomalacia (PVL). This directed the Portello’s interests towards childhood neurological disorders. The couple hence saw the need for improvement in the medical sector with regards to the diseases and have taken to donating significantly to foundations and organizations that are aimed at battling these particular ailments. These donations include a seven million dollar donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital which was the foundation for the world-class Research Centre. This facility is the first ever in the world dedicated entirely to serving children.

Tony Petrello is a Yale alumnus and is very passionate about education. In honor of his late Professor and mentor, Tony donated a generous amount to the Yale endowment fund. This prompted other Yale alumni to chip in. He, in turn, decided to match their contributions and contributed again. He has on many occasions proved beyond a doubt to be a modern day Robin hood giving back to his community.

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OSI Group Expansion Activities

The food production world can be an ideal department for the people who are looking for a profitable venture. There are many people in many parts of the world who have invested in the hospitality department. Some of these have made it in the complicated department while others have ended up with losses. OSI Group is one of the most sought after food production companies that are in the world currently. This institution was introduced to consumers very many years ago. The founder of this company never thought that the small meat store he started decades ago was going to change the whole world. The businessman was looking forward to starting a meat store that was going to offer customers in Aurora some of the best meat products. The businessman trained his sons about the business and the strategies they should use so that they can survive the market for a long time.

With the foundation laid by the founder of the successful meat processing company, the OSI Group has managed to conquer the international market easily. The company has gone ahead to hire competent professionals to assist in the meat processing activities it has been carrying out. The twenty thousand individuals who work with OSI Group are experts in the industry, and they have the knowledge concerning meat processing and packaging. These professionals take their time to learn about the needs of the customers and the items they need to increase.

The company has survived complicated activities that have been taking place over the years because of the wise decisions the company has been making.Last year, OSI Group announced some great news. The company was in a celebratory mood because of the kind of growth it has been getting from the Spain branch. The Spain office was opened several years ago, and it has been doing so well in the area. The company has not been forced to double the amount of chicken meat it has been producing. According to the large organization, the double production will go a long way in meeting the demands of the customers in Spain and other countries who depend on the Spain branch. OSI Group says that the new production will change so many things in the company. The institution will increase the people working in food plant and at the same time expand the working area so that it can cater for the double chicken for the consumers.

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