Grassroots Support for Israel is What Is Needed, Says Adam Milstein

Many have been speaking out about the growing problem of the harassment, agitation and intimidation that is being wrought by the BDS movement on college campuses. One of those people is Adam Milstein. He says that in order to combat this, there is a need for boots on the ground in college campuses, so to speak.

The demonstrations of the BDS movement are large and well funded. The pro Israel students who try to organize counter demonstrations simply don’t have the grassroots support to do their job. The BDS movement gets support from all sorts of large organizations. Students for Justice in Palestine pays people to stay on college campuses so that they can demonstrate.

The problem is that the pro Israel movement does not have the same grassroots support. There is a large network of supporters, but what is lacking is a large campaign to bring everything together so that something can be done about it on college campuses.

To be perfectly honest, things are already starting to change. A few years ago, at the University of Minnesota, the SSI was born. SSI stands for Students Supporting Israel. Not all of the students were even Jewish. They were just students who were tired of seeing how everyone is attacking Israel and decided to stand up for the Jewish state.

The SSI had one goal. It was to bring together students from all backgrounds to create a grassroots support network for Israel’s right to sovereignty in their own land. Eventually, around one in ten of those on the student government in the University of Minnesota were members of the SSI, so that eventually the first pro Israel resolution was passed by the student government. Eventually SSI started opening up in other college campuses and were able to start countering the SJP demonstrations effectively.


Adam Milstein is a well known philanthropist who donates to American, Jewish and Israeli causes. He founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He was born in Israel and moved to the United States. He believes in three kinds of philanthropy: Active philanthropy, life pact impact, and philanthropic synergy.


EOS Lip Balm Is both Fruity And Organic

There are any number of lip balms available in the market. The Badger Classic Organic lip balms are pretty cool at $2.99 a piece. Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm is a decent buy too at $5.49 a piece, especially if you have very dry lips indeed. Lypsyl Intense Protection is good too at $3.19 a piece, as it is excellent for hydrating the lips.

However the pick of the lot is EOS lip balms that happen to be both fruity and organic. They come in delightful flavors and come fortified with Vitamin E with its antioxidant properties, shea butter and jojoba oil-in other words totally organic. Not just that, these lip balms are 100% natural apart from being dermatologist tested. That apart there is no trace of paraben or petrolatum, as is the case with many lip balms available in the market, which essentially means that you can look forward to using these products without a worry in the world. Instead what you can anticipate is soft, smooth and beautiful lips. Read more here on

EOS Lip Balms comprise of an interesting product line as well. For instance, there is the smooth sphere lip balm in passion fruit flavor that costs $3.29 a piece. Available at the same price are smooth sphere lip balms in Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, and Pomegranate Raspberry flavors. Then there is the visibly smooth spheres range again for $3.29 a piece that comes in Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar flavors. Hop over to this site, for more.

For some nothing compares with the EOS organic smooth stick lip balms. These are also reasonably priced at $3.29 per smooth stick, with the flavors available being Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Sweet Mint. For those who want a little extra from their lip balms, there is shimmer smooth spheres. These come in two versions Sheer Pink and Pearl both priced at $5.49 per piece. Buy here now.

There really are a large number of choices available to anyone looking at buying a good quality lip balm. Among the better and classier ones is certainly the EOS lip balm race for a number of reasons including the fact that these are intrinsically organic and therefore safe.

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A Taste Profile of EOS Organic Smooth Spheres

While EOS, which stands the the Evolution of Smooth, is widely known for its continually expanding line of lip balms, lotions, hand cremes and shave cremes, it originally became popular for the adorable little sphere lip balms. The original line was an organic line that offered all natural ingredients and included luxurious oils like Vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter. I noticed that the EOS Lip Balm has become a staple “afterthought” purchase item that hands in the checkout aisles of stores like Target, Walgreens and Walmart.

However, these stores typically hang only the original lip balm, the pink-orange sphere of summer fruit. There are MANY other wonderful flavors out there and I wanted to take a minute to review each one. While summer fruit is amazing and possibly the best-known flavor of all, the other ones are absolutely extraordinary and worth a try if you are looking to expand your EOS line.

First, Summer Fruit itself. The pinkish orange sphere is packed with a balm that is tropical and flirty and has a scent as bold and delicious as the taste, hop over this site.

Passion Fruit comes in a light purple sphere and is bright and fruity while also a bit rich in taste. The smell of this one is a favorite, as it is not a typical scent found in beauty products of perfumes.

Blueberry Acai is a fun and peppy flavor that tastes exactly as you’d imagine a smoothie that mixed blueberries with acai berries would taste.

Sweet Mint comes in a light mint color sphere and it is a fun combination that mixes a mint taste with a sweetness that subdues that mint, see more products here on


Raspberry Pomegranate is one of the richest flavors, combining luxurious pomegranate with the fruity raspberry in a taste that is almost wine-like.

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Honeysuckle Honeydew comes in a soft green shell and is very subtle, tasting identical to the flavors it is named after.

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Human Rights and Migrants Rights Issues and the Increasing Significance of Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

People often discuss various human, civil, and migrant rights issues around the world due to they get some reminders in the form news reports, images, and more. For instance, Alan Kurdi who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015 was a big pain for compassionate minds.

Around the world, people see such news and sympathize towards refugees. It should be noted many of those migrant issues are created by some groups of people ranging from business to political groups. The migrant rights issues have more significance as it also causes civil and human rights issues.

Why are migrant rights issues happening? It should be noted that the refugees or migrants are forced to leave their home and locality due to they face some danger to their lives. The people migrate to escape from horrific violence, extreme poverty, discrimination, or persecution. Though it is visible across the world, Central America, Syria, and Africa experience the most widespread movement. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The refugees face discrimination, hostility, and exploitation in the host country depending on the political and social conditions of the destination. Considering the fact that a significant proportion of the migrants are children and women, the sufferings reach a higher level. The groups which are working to exploit those souls, adding fuel to the fire.

To alleviate the struggles of the migrants, various groups and non-profit organizations are working tirelessly with legal assistance and support for life. They provide food, shelter, legal support, assistance against exploitation, funds, and more. While some of these groups are locally set up to address issues in a particular region, others are large organizations with a network around the world and organized strategies to handle human and migrant rights issues. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Some of those organizations are Migrant, United Nations Human Rights, Migrants’ Rights Network, World Wide Movement for Human Rights, Migrants Rights International, and more. All of these organizations campaign through media, raise funds to assist migrants, sign petitions, expose various exploitations, and more.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is another significant initiative set up by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey using the settlement amount they received for their alleged arrest by Maricopa County Sheriff. Both Lacey and Larkin are senior journalists and co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey received a settlement amount worth $3.75 million after challenging their alleged arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on October 18, 2007. They were arrested by the Sherriff at midnight from their homes for reporting a grand jury procedure of demanding reporters’ notes that featured Sherriff.

Alarmingly, the jury was even asking the identity of the people who read those news articles. Lacey and Larkin and challenged the jury in United States Court of Appeals and acquitted of the charges with the settlement amount.

Considering their long years of fights for human, civil, and migrant rights issues, both the journalists decided to dedicate the amount to the violation issues. The fund supports the groups that promote human, civil, and migrant rights along with civic participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona.

Arthur Becker’s Inspiring Words for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Madison Partners LLC is currently the focal point of Arthur Becker’s investment enterprise. Becker has been a longtime investor in the technology field and he has found huge levels of success. Becker got his start back in ’03 by becoming the CEO of Zinio. Since then he has been establishing himself and broadening his horizons. Becker is looking to become one of the next big investors in New York and with such an ambitious goal; he has a lot to share. Becker has always been open about his story and he was willing to sit down and share what he knows. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

Arthur Becker’s story is as simple as it is impressive. Becker went from being a top flight technological investor into broadening his horizons to focus on real estate and even, to a degree, medicine. Madison Partners LLC was inspired, according to Arthur Becker, by a very interesting source. Becker says, “I would have to say that my inspiration has come from working closely with the Vera Wang fashion company, where I learned a great deal about design and fashion.” Becker, of course, has been in a high profile relationship with Vera Wang and he has been instrumental in helping get that design company off of the ground.

Madison Partners, to hear Becker tell it, was the first company that he chose to privately invest within. Becker cites his previous experience in technology investment as the primary gear in getting his real estate firm off of the ground. Becker says, “My name was already out there. However, if you are looking to start your own business, having a great marketing team can help get your name out there.” Arthur Becker advises future entrepreneurs to focus when they pursue their venture. Becker says, “Use your previous experience and go with it.”

Right now Arthur Becker is focusing his investments on a few properties scattered around New York. There is a trio of townhouses being developed in Soho along with a luxury condo being built in Tribeca. These investment properties are going to serve as a springboard for more ambitious work for Madison Partners, LLC.

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EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balms: The True Revolutionary

The original EOS smooth sphere lip balms are compact and easy to apply. Keep them in your car, purse, gym bag or desk. You can never have enough. They come in a variety of flavors to suite your mood. EOS lip balms are long lasting and all natural, refer to The original smooth sphere lip balms come in the following flavors: Vanilla Bean, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Medicated Tangerine. Additional article here. The easy grip shape of the sphere makes for an easy and precise application of the lip balm. The flavoring of the lip balm is also 100% natural. Conditioning and nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil keep your lips smooth. And bees wax act as a natural protectant and barrier from the elements for your lips. All of these flavors also contain broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. These lip balms smooth on clear so they can be paired with your favorite lip color without interfering with the color. EOS lip products are free of parabens and petroleum. They are also not tested on animals. These are also great for those with gluten sensitivity since they are free of gluten. They also do not contain any phthalates. If you are interested in purchasing the original EOS smooth sphere lip balms, here is the link:

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Evolution of Lip Balm

Seven years ago, the experience of buying lip balm changed dramatically. Instead of heading to the pharmacy and looking through what felt like tubes of medicine, a new, more trendy, replacement for the traditional lip balm was born. This new invention was sold in circular and interestingly colored containers. They also came in distinct flavors, such as strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, and watermelon wonderland. The name, EOS, which is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth was great for marketing and easily fit on the small product packaging, see for details.


The Popular EOS Lip Balm

The EOS lip balm craze caught on quickly. They began to occupy shelf space at large, big name retailers such as Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Celebrities also began to use these trendy new lip balms. In the company’s early days, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian were all seen using the brand.


Currently, the EOS brand is worth $250 million, and projects to have a $2 billion net worth by 2020. Further, they have taken the title of the second best selling lip balm in the entire country, only behind the famous brand Burt’s Bees. EOS lip balm has outperformed long-time brands such as Chapstick and Blistex. EOS currently sells approximately 1 million units per week. They have been regarded as single-handedly driving growth in the oral care industry.


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IDLife and Logan Stout Pair their Company with Wearable Technology

Healthcare companies are an important part of a developed country because they are part of the reason the expectancy of life keeps driving people to ages in the 90ties 80ties.

One of these healthcare firms is the IDLife, which has been growing very fast compared to other companies in the same field.

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (GRMN), which is a leading company in the technological field, having already helped further the development of several innovative systems and gadgets, has partnered with IDLife in April of 2017, and their partnership has great promises for the patients of IDLife.

With the assistance of Garmin, the company of specialists that takes care of children, elder people and women, will be able to further their therapies with the extended technology of Garmin International.

The Garmin wearable device data will be paired with the IDWellness smartphone app, and customers will be able to use that feature to keep track of their health and help the doctors directly monitor their behavior without having to do extended exams. Because it is crucial to analyze the patient’s health even when they are away from the attention of the professionals, the ability to combine that portable technology with IDLife’s software will prevent health complications from getting out of control much more frequently.

Garmin and IDLife have a goal in common, and that is to help the patients that the group of physicians treats every day to lead a healthier life on their own with the technology that is now available. Wearable devices, which are modern technology that even possibly uses the Internet of Things phenomenon, will allow IDLife to get a much better treatment schedule.

Logan Stout, the CEO, and founder of the healthcare corporation was directly responsible for the partnership, and the idea began when he saw the potential to further the assistance that IDLife could provide if paired with portable technology.

Having graduated from the The University of Dallas, Logan Stout is an experienced entrepreneur who has started and run many businesses in a variety of areas of expertise. He was the CEO and founder of Dallas Patriots Inc. as well as the Co-Creator and President of the Premier Business Group, just targeting a few of his start-ups.




The Talents And Drive Of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

The position of executive recruiter has become more difficult. As the Baby Boomers continue to retire an entirely new generation is ready to take over. The business world is controlled by the Gen-Xers yet it is the Millennial generation who will be leading the world for the next thirty years. Work does not have the same importance for the Millennials as it did for the Baby Boomers. There are a lot of individuals in their twenties and thirties who have the belief the only thing college accomplished was to put them in serious debt. New strategies are required by the executive recruiters to motivate the Millennials.


The lead recruiter for the Deutsche Bank is Julie Zuckerberg. She is a modern day recruiter and understands how Millennials must be dealt with so they can be hired. Her work and educational history is impressive and began at the City University of New York where she focused on philosophy. As an executive recruiter within the banking industry psychological and philosophical discipline is required. The reason Ms. Zuckerberg is an excellent recruiter is because she possesses both skills. Her skills did not happen instantly. She had to learn the right way to speak with people in the current workforce. She learned the desires and talents of bank employees and when she has a new position to fill this is where she looks first. Ms. Zuckerberg believes making lateral moves and promoting from the inside builds company appreciation, morals and confidence. Social media sites are important to her since she finds possible new employees from individuals who perform the same job in the industry of banking. She believes results, performance and productivity are produced quicker when trained individuals are present. She gets the employees involved in the process and they identify the probable individuals faster. This way she has details and information about the person before the interview. Whenever a position becomes available she talks to the employees because she thinks not using their information is a major miscalculation.


There are numerous strategies used by Julie Zuckerberg to find new talent in the current business world. She keeps her relationships with executive search firms, recruiters and placement offices close. She also remains active in numerous professional organizations. The employment package offered by Deutsche is excellent so this does give her an advantage when looking for the right talent. Deutsche has also built a reputation as an excellent employer which leads to employee retention. One of her biggest challenges is keeping the Millennials satisfied with an entry level position. She accomplishes this by interacting with them and making certain they remain happy and motivated. Ms. Zuckerberg is usually recruiting, even when she is off the clock. Despite this she still makes the time to enjoy the outdoors, good food and art exhibits. Two of her favorite interests are running and photography. She is an extremely well rounded individual. She also does an incredible job in the banking industry despite the higher levels of stress involved.

Popular flavors of the EOS lip balm Sphere

Evolution of smooth– the company’s acronym- wanted to make a product that tailored to the everyday experience. The company used consumer research from women who complained about their lip balm tubes becoming lost in their bags or rolling off surfaces. This is where EOS began to rethink the format from the ground up. They took the issues and developed a product that engaged all five senses. This had been done by paying attention to the soft round packaging, eye catching colors, the smells, and even to the sound the sphere made when it is closed.

Many people love the feel of how smooth it goes on. The EOS lip balm doesn’t leave a heavy waxy film on top of the lips but feels light and crisp. Plus! It is easy to keep track of and the flavors are of a wide range!

Sweet Mint

Sweet Mint is exactly how the name suggests. It is sweet and easy on the nose with it’s soft mint smell and taste. Most people notice a feeling of their lips being plump. If the smell of candy canes is what you enjoy this should be right up your alley with it’s light texture, smell, and taste.

Strawberry Sorbet

This lip balm has a delightful and feminine smell of strawberries. The sweet flavor is really enjoyable because it is light and sweet. It has the a delightful smell of strawberries that doesn’t make it overwhelming.  Check for more.

Honeysuckle honeydew

When first applying this flavor to your lips you get a pleasant smell of melon. The taste is very flavorful with a lick of the lips. Not only is the smell and taste absolutely refreshing but it is light on the lips with its smooth moisturizing feel. Follow EOS on

Vanilla Mint

This one is like vanilla ice cream but it’s a vanilla mint ice cream. The warmth of the smell would be perfect for those who love the smell of baked goods but also that refreshing healing sensation of mint.  Useful link here on

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